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Well, at least the first draft. Which may or may not require someone fluent in French for some of the dialogue, unless I dispense with that idea. And which definitely requires a beta or two to send it to when I'm done. Ack.

1. Make posts for Children's Book Week. There are so many Children's and YA books I'd like to gush about!

2. Make posts regarding the recent conversation about sexual violence and rape culture (thanks, [ profile] thexpuzzler for the latter link) that's been happening lately. I'd been meaning to make a post about harassment even before this, but for now I'll just say this: safe spaces are important, and support is important, and I am incredibly impressed by and grateful to the many, many, many smart, brave, wonderful women who have addressed this issue and talked about their own experiences.

3. Make posts about television shows or movies or plays I've been watching.

4. Make posts about figure skaters. (Oh, how I wish I could gush about figure skaters.)

5. Watch nearly as many figure skating related videos as I would like to, unless they are [ profile] holiday_on_ice research.

6. And they must be research for the first story, not the one that I accidentally started planning out and writing for a different prompt. I'm not allowed to write that story until the first one is done, damn it.

7. Write any other stories. Really, no.

8. See as much of my family and friends as I would like to... I still haven't called most people to even tell them I'm in town, argh. I still have a couple of weeks, though, so hopefully there will be plenty of time after I finish the fic.

9. Play games. No card games with my family, no board games with my friends, no poking at my tabletop rpg characters, no Sims, nothing.

10. Read other people's stories. Well, at least not more than a tiny handful. I am bad at cutting things out entirely, but cutting down should be possible...

I also really need to stop reading other people's posts about figure skaters or fandoms not related to the story I'm supposed to be writing, but it is very difficult. So I'm not making it a rule. But I should probably buckle down and concentrate! It's much easier to daydream about the story than it is to write it, though. At least I'm above the word count minimum? /o\
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posted by [identity profile] at 11:21am on 12/05/2010
I wish you the best of luck not doing anything of these things!

But hey, if you need a beta? I am available. Just saying. (Not fluent in French, though I do know the basics.)
athenejen: iAthena (Default)
posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 07:01pm on 12/05/2010
Ooh. That would be awesome, thank you! :D The story should be done in the next couple of days... Hmm. I should probably message you about the pairing, just so you are aware of what you might be getting into.
ext_35702: (Default)
posted by [identity profile] at 01:57pm on 12/05/2010
I look forward to your post on the YA lit, if you ever get around to it. Good luck with your story.
athenejen: iAthena (Default)
posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 07:02pm on 12/05/2010
Thank you! :) I hope I do get around to it.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:52pm on 12/05/2010
Yay! I look forward to reading your YA lit posts; there's a ton of good stuff out there that I know I should be reading. (Just bought The True Meaning Of Smekday, which [ profile] jadelennox requests for Yuletide so I know it must be good. :))

I'd be glad to informally beta your fic, although I don't necessarily have the experience to be the only beta. My French is okay and even tolerably colloquial in spots, although not fluent.
athenejen: iAthena (Default)
posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 07:04pm on 12/05/2010
I've been meaning to read The True Meaning of Smekday! It looks really fun.

Thank you so much for the beta offer! I am almost certainly going to take you up on it. It sounds like your French is at the very least better than mine (hooray for colloquial), so that part will be especially helpful. :)
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 07:06pm on 12/05/2010
Well, this post is just the ideal... I have no idea if I can manage to follow my own guidelines. I can try, though!

Thanks! Hopefully they'll happen sooner rather than later. :)