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Stressed out and anti-social, that's me. But rather than rant about all the shit that's been happening, I am attempting to celebrate the positive.

1. There have been a lot of good things said re: the travesty of The Last Airbender movie. This has already been linked to all over the place, but I don't care, I feel the need to say it again: These Are My Colors by [ profile] ssj10. Relatedly, the extremely white, extremely Texan friends of my SO have been making me proud on this subject -- the expression of absolute horror and disbelief on the face of the one I talked to yesterday as soon as I mentioned that the three heroic leads were all cast white...! And more than one of them has told me that he (all guys in this case -- my SO's group of friends is kind of a sausage-fest... I blame Community for my use of that phrase) would probably have unwittingly gone to see it if I hadn't said something. So hooray for awareness. And hooray for standing up.

2. Wife. I can only hope that the world becomes more like the last part of [ profile] thefourthvine's incredibly poignant story.

3. I can only hope that the world becomes more like this, too. Christianity and I have had a very rocky relationship, because growing up an agnostic (and, as I eventually figured out, bisexual) in a sea of Lutherans and Evangelicals and Baptists was profoundly irritating. I have mixed feelings about organized religion in general, it's just that with Christianity, it was personal. It has taken me many, many, many of the years since high school to come to terms with and really understand and respect the positive sides of faith and spirituality and religion. It took me even longer to fully feel forgiveness for and acceptance of Christianity in particular, because I had such a hard time trying to evaluate the balance of good and bad that it did in the world. But I think -- I hope, and I'll keep working on it -- that reading this was the last nail in the coffin of my subconscious intolerance. A couple of years into college, an Evangelical friend of mine from high school who had persistently attempted to convert me actually -- sincerely and explicitly and without excuses -- apologized for his self-righteous, judgmental actions. A few years later, well, I'm pretty sure faith saved the life of a really dear friend of mine. And now, seeing this full-fledged movement of acceptance and apology and reconciliation... It brought me to tears. Maybe I can finally let all of those old feelings and kneejerk reactions go. Maybe I can remember, at the most emotional level, that some Christians =/= all Christians. And maybe, hopefully, I'll keep having reasons to feel this way.

4. I finally acquired tickets for American Idiot on Broadway! :D Still within the original planned run, even, so hopefully that means STARK! *dances* Speaking of dancing...

5. ALEX FUCKING WONG. Alex made me proud, and he and Twitch made me laugh and laugh, and god, that hip hop routine was just amazing. His solo was killer, too, and I thought it was sweet that he picked Edward Villella as his inspiration even though it seems like the guy is being kind of pissy about Alex choosing to take a break from the Miami City Ballet to go on the show. Between "Outta Your Mind" this week and "Hallelujah" two weeks back, I kind of seriously adore Alex now. Actually, I think almost everyone did better this week than last week (which seemed a little lackluster to me). Alex was amazing, Ashley was absolutely gorgeous, I thought Billy was fantastic despite the judges' comments, Jose was still unbelievably charming, Robert was great (though I felt like he could've lived in the performance a little more), Adechike was actually really good this week as he found his personality and figured out how to express it through dance, and despite the judges' comments I thought Lauren did a really good job as well, though she, too, needed to live fully in the performance a little more. Kent... I had issues with both his performance and his dancing this week, and sadly I think Melinda proved that they should've kept Cristina last week, even if it was super harsh for Mia and Adam to just say so like that. But I am not going to go into detail because this is meant to be a happiness post! I'm pleased that we get to keep everyone else another week! And seriously, 7/9 dances being various levels of awesome is really good. And, seriously, Alex. It wouldn't surprise me if it got taken down soon, but here's a link to his performance with Twitch that currently works: watch this, for lo, it is hilarious and brilliant!
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