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Sadly, I think the DVR is winning. I do not think it approves of my recent obsession with hockey.

Two days ago, it inexplicably recorded only half of the Wild @ Stars game. Possibly it got fed up on behalf of MN or something, because it quit when the score had just reached 2 to 0 in favor of the Stars. But it wasn't even recording anything else!

And then today, it had only one task, record the Blackhawks @ Capitals game. But no, apparently that was too strenuous for it. It didn't even bother to provide an explanation, though at least it didn't just pretend that I never set it to record, which honestly, I wouldn't put past it at this point.

All I wanted to do was watch my teams play. Is that so much to ask? :(

I do find it kind of amusing that my DVR is judging me.

(Frivolity = me, yes.)
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posted by [identity profile] at 12:02am on 14/03/2011
I checked mine the other day and I was all, "78% full, WTF? Oh yeah, I have, like, nine Caps games I haven't deleted. Plus all the afterwards programs because I hate missing any bit of the game that spills over afterward."

Given the Hawks/Caps game today went into overtime-- and man, that was a coronary of a game-- it probably would've cut off anyway.

Also, I was kinda stoked to know someone else on my flist was watching hockey. My roommate keeps yelling at me for yelling during games.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 12:54am on 14/03/2011
I feel your pain. I've recently started just tacking on an extra half-hour to all of them (unless I'm watching on Versus, which usually has a post-game directly afterwards that I record anyway), because so many of them have been going into overtime, and it is so unsatisfying to lose that last part of the game! I think the only reason our DVR isn't that full yet is because we only got it a few weeks ago.

The Hawks are probably my number one favorite team, but I like the Caps quite a bit, too, so I was pleased to see that they managed to collectively generate 3 points today. :)

Yay! :D *waves hockey banner* And I'm pretty sure yelling during games is required! Or at least heavily encouraged!
posted by [identity profile] at 01:22am on 14/03/2011
Though now, I'm weirdly paranoid about deleting some of the games. Man, I do not need to get hockey-level superstitious. Damn good thing I can't grow a beard. (As it is, uh, writing fic about it makes me feel vaguely like I'm jinxing things!)

Yeah, Caps are mine, obviously, but I can't really hate any team; there's always at least one or two guys on every team that you can't help but love. Or be weirdly fascinated by, anyway. (I mean, Toews makes some of the most hilarious this-are-serious-hockey facial expressions ever.) Actually, one of my favorite bits of the game today was when Kopecky boarded Wideman-- but then helped him up. I like my hard hits and fights, but that was encouraging, especially given all the recent hit controversy. Oh, and the clip they showed of them at WRAMC.

I know, right? Just add beer and some kind of team shirt. I hope my neighbors can't hear me; there were a lot of alternating "FUCK!"s and "WOO!"s today.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 06:36am on 14/03/2011
Yeah, I have a sneaking suspicion that if I ever get around to writing hockey fic, it'll all be set either in the past or very, very AU, or possibly in the medium-to-far future. Just to be safe.

That is pretty much exactly how I feel -- the more I find out about various teams, the more I am sure that I will become fond of at least a couple of players. And in general I prefer to avoid hating things if possible, so it works out. (Basically all of Tazer's expressions are hilarious. It is part of his... charm is not quite the right word. Je ne sais quoi, perhaps.)

re: Kopecky helping Wideman up after boarding him -- I love that kind of thing! I was super amused when Timmy Thomas and Carey Price had that quasi-fight and pretty much hauled themselves back upright and giggled about it in the middle of the ice afterward. God, I love goalies. (And also that the Blackhawks visited WRAMC. Awesome.)

Really, if your neighbors heard that, they'd just assume you're a sports fan. Universal language!