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1. I still have not made my Yuletide wrap-up post, because I am terrible.

2. I'll probably be spending the next week and a half cleaning the apartment in preparation for a parental visit, oh god. Of course, they are visiting over NHL All-Star Weekend, because parents are inconvenient like that. Hopefully my DVR will deign to actually record everything, and maybe even let me watch it.

3. I have too many thoughts and opinions and feelings about hockey. Also too many thoughts about the NFL playoffs, which is to say, any thoughts at all, but I guess that's what I get for buying Sports Illustrated at the airport and reading it on the plane. My high school self would be appalled (she was kind of the Anti-Jock, and proud of it... oh, how the mighty judgmental hath fallen).

4. Speaking of falling, I seem to have accidentally developed a thing for the NY Rangers. It was already happening earlier this season, but 24/7 was the last nail in that coffin. I'm into way too many teams and players as it is, but I seem to just keep adding more.

5. Which brings me to the true, and truly frivolous point of this post -- I suddenly realized today that being into hockey has irreparably warped my sense of attractiveness. I mean, I knew that to an extent already, because, well, Kaner. This is a new level for me, though. Because finding the gap in someone's teeth endearing, sure, that's fine, that's not completely out of the ordinary, I feel. But seeing a picture of someone playing with his false tooth (like, having removed it, holding it on his tongue, and grinning wildly) and still finding him ridiculously hot? *facepalm* There's no going back from this. I might be stuck in this fandom forever. (Though! I'm still multi-fannish! I am! I just have hockey on the brain the most, these days.)

P.S. [ profile] raggedy_edge is running the Sex Is Not the Enemy ficathon again -- go forth and sign up! My prompt is this this lovely photo, feel free to suggest things I could write for it. :) Also, [ profile] pass_shoot_porn is happening again (24 hours to write 500+ words of hockey RPF, essentially), because [ profile] cathybites is awesome; signups for this round are here. AND! The wonderful [ profile] oxoniensis has announced the dates for Porn Battle XIII: Lucky Thirteen! Time to start thinking of prompts. :D
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posted by [identity profile] at 08:49am on 16/01/2012
4. I watched 24/7 and I know with a bit of a push I could get into the Rangers. I'm really resisting though. Unless there's awesome fic. I can't resist awesome fic.

5. Right? This is my problem with Ladi Smid on the Oilers. I find him utterly adorable even though he's missing basically all his front teeth.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 01:30am on 17/01/2012
I am really really hoping for lots of awesome Rangers fic to magically appear.

Missing teeth = commitment to the game! Totally endearing. *nods*
posted by [identity profile] at 04:21pm on 16/01/2012
Oh, cool, I love the SINTE ficathon! YAY.

3. I feel your pain. I've developed feelings about baseball. Baseball. Honestly.

5. Basically this, yes. I had absolutely no opinion on Claude Giroux whatsoever until I saw he was missing one of his front teeth and then I was like ♥_♥!!!
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:03am on 17/01/2012
Yay! It's a great ficathon. :)

Baseball? That's so... summery! But at least you'll have something to do during the offseason... Football doesn't even help much with that!

Giroux's missing tooth is appealing, I have to agree. Gives his face some character and interest.
posted by [identity profile] at 02:10am on 17/01/2012
Well, feelings about baseball may be overstating things a bit. I feelings about Brett Lawrie, generally of the helloooooooo sir variety. But it's branching out into the actual sport. By the time summer hits, I might even know what I'm talking about.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:52am on 17/01/2012
*googles* Well, those are some very nice guns on Mr. Lawrie, there! I can see the draw, I give you that.
posted by [identity profile] at 06:46pm on 16/01/2012
I don't have parents visiting, but I really, REALLY need to clean my apartment. I'm like "ugh, self, you're the worst roommate ever"

Also, the Rangers seem so adorable! And I'm like "ugh!" because the last thing I need is to get into another team, you know? Because it's bad enough I follow the Habs and sort of the Canes. DNW yet another, but they seem like such nice dudes!

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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:09am on 17/01/2012
Why is it so hard to get motivated to clean? I know it'll be satisfying once I've done it, and yet, and yet.

The Rangers are SO adorable, they just seem like really decent, fairly down-to-earth guys who genuinely have fun together and care about each other... plus, some of them are exceedingly hot, which always helps. Right now I'm trying to convince myself that I can become attached to some of the players without actually following the team wholesale, but probably I am just in denial.
posted by [identity profile] at 08:12pm on 16/01/2012
being into hockey has irreparably warped my sense of attractiveness ahaha yes, it's not just you! Though now I'm really curious who's so attractive when playing with his false tooth :D
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:45am on 17/01/2012
Glad it's not just me! :)

Ryan O'Reilly, who's been seriously tearing it up for the Avs this season. There's this gallery on the Avs website of O'Reilly playing recess games with kids this past October (his beard has become more epic in the meantime, and therefore he is even hotter now, imo); the one with him playing with his tooth is #15 (out of 18), though I think my favorite photo of the set might #4. But there are a lot of good ones.
posted by [identity profile] at 04:26am on 17/01/2012
He looks like he's having so much fun! What a cutie.

I kinda think it's not fair how hockey players are always having pictures with kids, because how can they *not* look attractive when they're being adorable with small children? (though really, it's only unfair when 26 is trying to make me like Bruins :P)

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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 04:51am on 17/01/2012
He's freaking adorable, and has quickly become my favorite Avalanche player. Not that I meant to have a favorite Avalanche player, but oh well. *g*

I'm pretty convinced it's some kind of evil plot, all the pictures of hockey players with kids. What the goal of the plot is (besides making us love them), I don't know, but I'm sure it's somehow evil. And also awesome. :D
posted by [identity profile] at 03:39am on 17/01/2012
The link to the picture is broken. :-(
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 06:46am on 06/02/2012
I uploaded it to photobucket, let's see if this is any better: