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= one of the better nights I've had in a while.

Things are really kind of unhinged right now, lots of stuff up in the air, lots of packing to do and administrative and logistical crap going on, both here in Austin and at my parents' in MN. But theoretically, by this summer I might actually get to have (nearly) all my books in one place, unpacked and organized and everything. I've been living out of boxes to one extent or another for years upon years; the idea that I get to settle into one house for the foreseeable future sounds like almost unimaginable luxury to me.

I have lots of feelings about all of that and everything that comes with it, but I also have a lot of feelings about hockey these days. SO MANY FEELINGS. This is partially a product of the time of year (ahhhhhhh the playoffs are coming; I need to figure out what my bets are going to be for [ profile] sixteenwins!), but I think it's also a product of my unfortunate tendency to develop affection easily and without much input from my brain. And, okay, it's also a product of the way I've been following hockey -- I watch whatever our cable package (which doesn't include Center Ice or NHL Network) lets me watch, so that's NBC, NBCSN (formerly Versus), and Fox Sports Southwest (though sometimes they decide to show basketball instead of hockey in the Austin market, argh). So that's a really odd mix of games. And then I obsess over my fantasy hockey team, which also causes me to care about more teams and players rather than fewer.

So now I love basically everyone and all teams to one extent or another -- to varying degrees, yes, but in some cases I still end up all torn up because TOO MANY CONFLICTING THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS.

Like, when did I fall in like with the Colorado Avalanche? I don't remember that happening, but apparently it did. They're just so... scrappy and enthusiastic. Landeskog and O'Reilly have been clicking for awhile and I love them both, and then Downie came over from the Bolts (which I was initially kind of upset about, because the Stamkos/Downie bromance is pretty adorable) and just kind of fit right in, in his angry-puppy way, and together they are REALLY fun to watch. And that's not even touching the joy that is Duchene and Stastny when they're on, or Jamie McGinn blossoming astonishingly fast since getting traded from the Sharks, or Shane O'Brien really finding a place for himself, or Mueller coming back after over a year of concussion complications, or bb d-man Stefan Elliott getting a chance at the big club and making the most of it, or Varlamov finally finding his game and J-S Giguere being all awesome and veteran-y, or or or.

And I can't even let myself talk about the Stars right now. I'm too afraid of jinxing them. Also I would go on forever and I should really sleep instead.

And obviously I still love the Hawks and am desperately worried about Tazer and am so proud of them for persevering without him. And somewhere along the line I became fond of the Ducks, and the Minnesotan in me is pleased whenever the Wild win(s) (plus there's a corner of my heart reserved for Cal Clutterbuck's silent-picture-star mustache and hair; there's something almost steampunk about it, I feel), and it is almost impossible to resist the Oilers (EBS! ♥_♥), and I've always liked the Preds even though I know I shouldn't b/c of that whole Central Division thing (WEBER/SUTER! ♥_♥), and I can't help but respect the Coyotes, and even the teams in the West that I kind of dislike, all of them have players I feel annoyingly strong affection and/or respect for, and sometimes I find myself feeling an odd sort of pride in them, too, because it seems I have essentially become a kind of Western Conference fangirl. Because it is SO STRONG as a whole, and so challenged in terms of the number of non-traditional markets, and sometimes it feels oddly overlooked despite being so strong, and just. It pleases me.

I mean, I love a lot of Eastern Conference players and teams, too. I do. I am overflowing with affection. But there doesn't seem to be as much conflict within my Eastern Conference feelings. The hierarchy is relatively simple, and the emotions quite straightforward. Whereas my Western Conference feelings... they are complicated and fierce, a big jumble of everything.

It is nearly dawn, so I stop this entry here. I have a lot of feelings about many other things, too, both fannish and non-fannish, but they are just going to have to wait.
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