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When everything happens all at once, all the good and all the bad and all the stress and all the related failure to keep up with all the things and just, ARGH.

On a mostly unrelated note, I'm doing something I had hoped to avoid ever doing, but hopefully it's only temporary -- locking some of my fic on AO3 to registered users only. (Out of curiosity, anyone know how to edit works that are in a closed collection? Is it just me having this problem?) (Apparently it's a bug, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon enough.) It'll still all be publicly posted here (and possibly I'll even start cross-posting to Dreamwidth like I've been meaning to do for forever) unless shit really hits the fan, because LJ has the "minimize in search engine results" options and AO3 does not. (Apparently I was wrong about that! Woot! Which makes it much more likely that I'll unlock it again later, once the attention-on-Hockey-RPF storm has hopefully blown past.) I allow anonymous comments (screened at first, but I'll unscreen them unless asked not to) and don't log IP addresses or use My Guests or anything like that, so you can comment anonymously without fear if you like. Feel free to ping me if you want pdfs or whatnot.

Also I think I have an AO3 invite kicking around, if anyone wants it.

Not-so-brief fannish update, because why not:

~ Wrote 100+ words every day for [ profile] mini_wrimo (producing 5539 words total), yet am still not done with the [ profile] sixteenwins fic. But it's getting there! The end is (at least sort of) in sight!
~ Still in canon-review mode for Yuletide, but I did jot down a little text for it to start getting comfortable with the voice, and I'm not in panic mode quuuuuuuuuite yet.
~ Currently most-read fandoms: Hockey RPF, Diving/Swimming RPF, Teen Wolf, Avengers.

~ Really enjoyed season 2 of Grimm, am thoroughly enjoying Elementary for its character interactions, have been feeling dubious about the writing in the first couple episodes of this season of Leverage, watched a chunk of the first season of Once Upon a Time recently and found myself intrigued.
~ Also watching and enjoying to various degrees: Castle, Go On, New Girl, The Amazing Race, The Voice, Project Runway, The Next Iron Chef (Spike/Marcel!!), Top Chef: Seattle. And Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars was better than I expected.
~ Semi-hopelessly behind on: Alphas, Arrow, Bones, Chicago Fire, Doctor Who, Eureka, The Walking Dead. Also still have the last two episodes of the previous season of Suits, the rest of Political Animals, and a chunk of the Summer Olympics still on the DVR to watch at some point.
~ Eagerly awaiting the return of: Justified, Teen Wolf, White Collar, Game of Thrones, Grimm. I also hope that So You Think You Can Dance does come back next year. And, okay, also The Glee Project and The Great Food Truck Race.

~ The only movie I've managed to see lately was Wreck-It Ralph (which was adorable). Looper, Skyfall, Dark Knight Returns, The Amazing Spider-Man, all of those are in the queue and I'll get to them someday. Am looking forward to the next Star Trek movie and The Hobbit.
~ I am completely in love with The Lizzie Bennet Diaries.
~ In videogame-land, have been mostly playing Puzzlequest on the PS3 lately. Am near the end on Psychonauts and will get back to it sooner or later. Did a group playthrough of Grim Fandago a couple weeks back, which was super fun (the keyboard-controlled gameplay was a bit wonky and dated, but the graphics and storyline held up really well!). And someday I'm going to finish Persona 3 on the PSP. Someday!

~ Let's not talk about the hockey lockout, because ughhhhhhhh, but I did go see the OKC Barons when they were in town playing the Texas Stars the night before Thanksgiving! A very run-and-gun game, super fun to watch; the Barons beat the Stars 6-4. We got great last minute seats -- second row! -- and the crowd was really loud and into it. It was highly entertaining getting to see Hall-Eberle-RNH in action (and boy, was it a lot of action), horrifically ugly matching mustaches and all, and I get why Schultz got all that hype. I discovered that it is embarrassingly easy for me to spot Eberle on the ice no matter what... it's something about the nape of his neck, I think. /o\ I've also started to grow rather fond of Cody Eakin's compact, super-determined stride. Also I have a lot of... thoughts about how the Stars defense has settled into stable veteran-rookie d-pairs. :D
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