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so... many... feelings... (and a Hockey RPF rec!)

Holy shit, apparently the rapidly developing bromance (which I talked about a bit a couple of weeks back) between Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn is so visible from outer space that there's even an entire story about it linked on the front page sidebar of Given how little the Stars tend to get covered in the national media, that's kind of seriously astonishing.

The article is here, and includes quotes from both about how they've been developing chemistry both on and off the ice. But I think my favorite part of the article might actually be the quote from their veteran linemate, Erik Cole, joking about how they bicker on the bench, paired with the quote from head coach Lindy Ruff about how they've got great communication, and "on ice, they're looking for each other a lot of the time."

Everyone involved has been saying stuff like this for most of the preseason, including this amazing quote from Jamie Benn: "Chemistry is going to be a big part of our game on and off the ice. We're pretty much living together, we're in the same building and he's over every night."

I also like this one from GM Jim Nill: "He and Jamie Benn are really almost connected at the hip on and off the ice. They have a strong friendship going and they've been dynamic on the ice." Sure, the team brass has got to be pleased that the chemistry they'd hoped for seems to actually have clicked, so it's not that surprising the GM has noticed all this happening, but I kind of love that it seems like no one involved with the team can stop talking about it.

Even before the trade I had more Tyler Seguin feelings than I really wanted to admit to myself, but now that they've collided with my Dallas Stars and Jamie Benn feelings... it turns out that's almost too many feelings to be able to write about them. But the good news is, it doesn't matter if I manage to beat those feelings into submission long enough to shape a fic out of them or not, for [ profile] hapakitsune has provided:

settle down, it'll all be clear (2002 words) by hapakitsune
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin
Additional Tags: Power Dynamics, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
Summary: It just felt right, going up to Tyler's place instead of his own.

Bookmarker's Notes: A perfect balance of hot and sweet, with really lovely, deft characterization -- somehow intense and understated and full of nearly-unspoken context all at once, which is exactly, exactly right for the pairing.

Seriously, I loved this fic SO MUCH. I've been falling down on the job lately in terms of reccing (or even commenting, sometimes, which I feel bad about, but well, I'm kind of in a mental state where either things happen or they don't and I don't seem to have much direct control over it), but with all the Benn/Seguin feelings I've been having, I just had to call this one out. It made me so happy! I bet you will enjoy it, too.

A few pictures for reference, because why not:

Jamie Benn:

 photo jb_smile_zpsc6ccd441.jpg

 photo jb_smile_animated_zps6b9f7e72.gif

 photo jb_bnw_zps624b62d6.jpeg

Tyler Seguin:

 photo ts_snow_zpscb0373b4.gif

 photo ts_shirt_zpscdf60148.gif

 photo ts_glasses_zps7a72d720.jpg

Throwing out the first pitch at a Texas Rangers game together:

 photo ts_jb_pitch_zpsbde68553.jpg

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Am I out of line in saying Jamie Benn kinda resembles Bam Margera? /squints

Also just finished reading that fic. Wow. o_o I can't brain anymore.
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I dunno, I think it might just be the long hair in the last pic.

I think that fic pinged a desire for needy!Tyler that I never knew I had.

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<3 <3 for the pic of Tyler + glasses + Marshall.

(This ( is the picture that led me to hockeyplayerswithpets, which is one of the few Tumblrs I read on a regular basis. I saw the photo on some otherwise unrelated website, and I was like "awww, adorable puppy watching over adorable boy napping...waitaminit, that adorable boy looks familiar...". :)

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Man, I have so many feelings about how seguin left boston and how the msm basically ran him out of here on a rail (and that one of the local radio stations goes around and interviews teenage girls who didn't realize he'd been traded -_-) but i think above all i just want him to do well and be happy in dallas.

because I <3 loui eriksson. And I want Stars fans to be happy? idk.

That fic was unreal. o_o