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Dear Yuletide Writer )

Obnoxious Jerks - Stephen Manes )

Athena (A.M.Works) )

American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong )

Kitchen Confidential )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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1. Respond to all the comments from last year, gosh darn it. It is a travesty that it's taken me this long.
2. Finish the damn fic I've been working on (off and on) for months.
3. Repost both last year's Yuletide fics and the fs_exchange fics from earlier this year, as I don't think I've posted them here yet.
4. Write Dear Yuletide Author letter and put together requests & offers and sign up for Yuletide.
5. Consolidate all bingo cards into a single post for easier reference (and add the last one I picked up) and note all the dates involved.

I also feel like I owe the world a ton of comments and feedback and rec posts. And I have half a mind to make a few Yuletide fandom appreciation posts...
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 10:38pm on 20/10/2010 under
Nominations are over, and I ended up with these six:

Athena (comic) -- same request as last year, any with Athena/Kallie mentioned.
Kitchen Confidential -- Teddy-centric, but I wanted to add a few characters (Becky, Ramon, Donna, Reese).
Poppy Z Brite - Drawing Blood -- I'm pretty sure I was the only one to nominate this, I went with Eddy & the two protagonists for the character list.
RPF - Chinese history and literature -- I was the first to nominate this (for the Tang dynasty poet Yu Xuanji, a female poet who wrote really interesting autobiographical poetry), but someone else added more characters, which is awesome!
RPF - Figure Skating -- I wanted to add Bryce Davison & Jessica Dube to the character list just in case I decide to request Scott Moir/Bryce Davison((/Jessica Dube)(/Tessa Virtue)), though there are other pairings I'd consider, too.
Stephen Manes - The Obnoxious Jerks -- Frank/Leslie/Joe, same as last year.

Runners-up and other thoughts about nominations )

I think I'm almost set on the request front, too, unless I have a drastic sea change before they occur. This year, I'm going to try writing my Dear Author letter beforehand so I can include the links in the requests.

1. Athena (comic) -- any w/ mention of Athena/Kallie (conveniently, I can use last year's request and letter)
2. Stephen Manes - The Obnoxious Jerks -- Frank/Joe/Leslie (again, I can use last year's request and letter)
3. American Idiot (musical) -- EITHER Tunny/Extraordinary Girl/Will (or something else involving Tunny) OR Heather/Whatsername) -- I'm having a really hard time deciding, though I'm very, very tempted to go with Tunny/Extraordinary Girl/Will and mention my desire for post-show kidfic now that Will is back in touch with his child. I just feel a little strange requesting kidfic.
4. Kitchen Confidential -- Teddy -- this is the only one that might get switched out, but upon review of the most likely alternatives (see the nominations and first and second runners-up above) I realized this was the one I most wanted someone else to write instead of me just writing it, so it's probably the right choice. But feel free to campaign for something else in comments! :)

I was briefly tempted to go with all threesomes in nominations and requests, because there are so many of them I'd want, but in the end I decided to prioritize variety over theme. It would've been amusing, though!
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24 recs in 21 fandoms, including the two wonderful fics I was lucky enough to receive as gifts, already gushed about here. Most of this text is taken from my bookmarks on AO3 -- go there to check out tags, both mine and that of the authors. I'll note that I've been trying to avoid reclists and just reading things as the whim takes me, but it was difficult to completely avoid looking at the comment and hit counters (and I still haven't decided if I want to quit looking at them entirely or not); in addition, I opted to not include (yet) any of the several wonderful stories I betaed, for the sake of fairness and anonymity. Also, this is truly a random selection -- there are so many more fics I really, really want to read in a huge number of fandoms (including lots of the fandoms included below), I just didn't have time to read most of them. But out of what I did manage to read (an experience that was overall highly enjoyable, even beyond what's on this list), here are some of the stories that stood out (crossovers at the end):

24 recs in 21 fandoms (including crossovers): Anne of Green Gables - Montgomery, Betsy-Tacy - Lovelace, Delilah - Dresden Dolls (song), Harold and Kumar movies, Hunger Games trilogy - Collins, Merlin RPF, Monkey Island, Ocean's Eleven (2001), Project Runway (US) RPF, Romeo and Juliet - Shakespeare, Runaways, Secret Garden - Burnett, Sound of Music (1965), Big Bang Theory/Leverage, Hard Core Logo/Leverage, Leverage/White Collar, and Transamerica/Friday Night Lights/Sons of Anarchy )

6 crossovers (all but one involving Leverage). 11 fics marked General Audiences, 7 Teen and Up Audiences, 1 Mature, 2 Explicit, 2 Not Rated. Lots of slash and gen and het all over the place; several fics with no clear pairing, several with one or more, one threesome (I'm sure if I had gotten around to reading Real Genius before writing this up there would be more!), and one foursome. Length ranging from 285 words to 7315. The only fandom represented more than twice is Leverage (probably because I usually only allowed myself to read one fic in a fandom at a time), and that one only in crossovers.

Enjoy! And happy new year! :)
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1. I am woefully behind on everything in my life, including reading LJ. Hopefully someday I'll catch up, but it won't be this week. Please feel free to point me at interesting things you've posted that I might otherwise miss! I'm behind on reading Yuletide stories, too. Busy being social, mostly, but also feeling just a little awkward about the whole thing this year. The politics of being in fandom keeps clouding my thought processes. But I might rally before the reveal! We will see.

2. Speaking of Yuletide stories, I'll write a prompt ficlet for anyone who manages to guess one of the ones I wrote without having inside knowledge of that particular story. I kind of doubt any of them are obvious, but I guess you never know. :)

3. Incidentally, I'm curious. Is there a reasonable rundown somewhere of why people dislike OTW/AO3? Preferably as fair and balanced as possible, but I'm interested in all the perspectives. I don't want huge flaming discussion (please don't link to communities), but it feels like something I perhaps ought to have a deeper understanding of.

4. Sherlock Holmes was spoilers! Non-spoilery: Highly enjoyable. )

5. Besides Sherlock Holmes, I've been jotting down some other notes for next year's Yuletide fandoms. I am inclined to keep The Obnoxious Jerks, Athena, and Mysterious Skin, and I'm thinking about resurrecting A Tale of Time City and Initial D. There's a lot of other stuff discussed previously, but the things that keep occurring to me lately: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants really needs more Carmen-centric fic, the Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix needs more Sabriel-centric fic, and I'm highly tempted to nominate the School Daze series by Jerry Spinelli, which just might be even more obscure than The Obnoxious Jerks, for all the more people probably know the name Spinelli than Manes. Castle will probably be too big next year for Yuletide, which is good in a lot of ways, but I feel like there needs to be way more Ryan/Esposito (slash or gen, either way!) fic out there. I'm not against the Castles and Beckett (and more Beckett/Parish wouldn't go amiss), I like them a lot, but I think my love of Poke from Generation Kill has sort of adhered itself to Esposito, too -- I just have a thing for Jon Huertas now, no way around it. I am also still kind of attached to the weird cross-season Project Runway pairing I've been considering; it's one of those things I kind of doubt will ever occur to anyone else, so I should probably just write it or request it. *ponders*
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 06:05am on 25/12/2009 under , ,
I don't know how I keep being lucky enough to receive more than one Yuletide fic, but at least this year I wrote more than one? I was trying to pay back some karma, you know? But my gift fics are both so fucking wonderful, I'm not sure that plan worked!

It's fascinating, the two fics are actually from the same fandom, and a tiny one at that -- "Delilah," the Dresden Dolls song. I mean, talk about your small canon! But they somehow manage to be incredibly different, while still both fitting the song perfectly.

Never Met A More Impossible Girl is a snapshot of Amanda and Delilah's friendship after years and years of what we hear in the song, honest and brutal and smart and resigned and tired and emotional. The rhythm of the text is gorgeous, and the second-person pov voice shockingly convincing. These two women and their relationship feel real. ~1000 words of personal history and steadfast love and suppressed despair. Beautifully done.

Have The Night, The Morning Too, meanwhile, runs with the idea that part of Amanda's bitterness is intertwined with her own feelings for Delilah. This fic takes a perfectly-paced arc from Mandy and Delilah's first meeting to... well. A resolution. And it evokes all the feelings in between so palpably, I found myself with tears spilling out of my eyes at the end, but it crept up on me so slowly I hadn't even noticed tearing up. It doesn't shy away from the painful truths (neither of these fics do, which is something I adore about both of them), yet feels hopeful at the core. And I love these characters, they feel so real, and like people I would be friends with. 4k+ words of friendship and miscommunication and love and desire. I don't have the words to explain how brilliant this is, how warm and absorbing and true. It just is.

Everyone should read these two fics (and give the authors feedback!), especially anyone interested in the complexities of female friendship. Such wonderfully drawn relationships! I love them both so much. So much. My heart is just aching with love.

In other news, at least one of my recipients seems to love her story, so I'm happy! Even if that's the only comment I get this year, it is enough.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 01:12am on 09/11/2009 under , ,
I only have two filters, one for yuletide and one that was for mini-nano. Between being behind on packing and my computer dying a slow and exceedingly annoying death, I have totally failed at [ profile] wrisomifu, so I don't know that the nano filter will be used this year. However, we're definitely getting to the time where the Yuletide one will be. So if you would like to be on my Yuletide filter (and aren't already, or if you just want to make sure), please let me know. Thanks!
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Dear Yuletide Writer )

Stephen Manes - The Obnoxious Jerks )

Athena (comic) )

Mysterious Skin (movie) )

Delilah - Dresden Dolls (song) )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:54am on 19/10/2009 under
Delilah - Dresden Dolls (song)
Diana Wynne Jones - Tale of Time City
RPF - Classical history and literature
Stephen Manes - The Obnoxious Jerks

Though I did have to add Lysander again. I'm confused about why he didn't make it through last time, I know I added him. He's kind of a key figure in the Peloponnesian War! So it's a good thing I switched out Mysterious Skin instead of that one, especially because Mysterious Skin is still on the list. Yay!

Athena (comic)
How To Deal (movie)

And I did in fact switch out Castle for Athena (this great little two-volume manga-esque comic by Dean Hsieh about Athena after she's "retired" by the next generation of gods and sent to live in the mildly dystopian in a cyberpunk kinda way, nearish-future Pan Athens; she promptly joins a band). I found my copy and whipped through it today and it made me so happy. I love this super-modern imagining of these amazing mythological characters, I love the world-building, and most of all I love the relationships between the characters. And I figured out that it's still possible to buy the entire series for something like twenty bucks directly from the author, so it's more available than I thought. Woot!

I'm waffling about How To Deal because it has so very many flaws as a movie. But the characters have enormous potential, and what is fanfic for if not to rehabilitate characters from mediocre sources? (Among other things, of course.)

So this is just about final. I'll probably check it again Tuesday afternoon to make sure all the other fandoms I'd hoped would be nominated made it; it's still possible I'll switch back to Mysterious skin from How to Deal... But hopefully I won't have to!
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 01:04am on 15/10/2009 under
Okay! After dithering for a couple of days, I've finally submitted a first pass at Yuletide nominations:

Castle (2009 tv) [Because I wanted to make sure the ensemble characters I wanted would be there (which they were); this is the one I'm most sure someone else will nominate and therefore it's the first to go if I want to squeeze something else in. Esposito/Ryan slash (or gen).]

Delilah - Dresden Dolls (song) [I'm not sure "Him" is the right moniker for the guy in this, but boyfriend and ex-boyfriend were both dicey, and I didn't want to just say The Guy, so. This would be Delilah/Amanda girlslash (or gen).]

Diana Wynne Jones - Tale of Time City [Same as last year; Jonathan/Vivian post-book het (or gen).]

Mysterious Skin (book or movie) [Neil, Brian, Eric, and Wendy -- post-movie Brian getting integrated into their circle, could be gen or slash or het, I'm pretty much up for any and all pairings (especially non-monogamous and/or including more than two people) here except probably Wendy with the two explicitly gay boys.]

RPF - Classical history and literature [Because I had to add Perikles, Thucydides, Lysander, and Cyrus the Younger to go with Alkibiades if I want a Peloponnesian War fic. Which I might! Slash or gen.]

Stephen Manes - The Obnoxious Jerks [Because I really, really, really want Frank/Leslie/Joe. Hopefully slash & het all at once (or could go gen, but probably not)! Yay threesomes.]

I'm most likely to replace Castle with Athena (comic) (which would almost certainly be girlslash, but possibly not), but I have to dig my copy out of boxes to confirm which characters I want to include.

Other possibilities:
RPF - Project Runway US [My pairing is cross-season based on the All-Stars show, so it's a little spoilery, but anyway, slashy.]
Kitchen Confidential [Teddy/Seth, both characters already listed; it's possible this one might not be nominated, so it's probably next in line behind Athena (and tied with Project Runway).]
Eureka (Fargo/Zane(/Jo)) [I was pretty sure other people would nominate Eureka and these characters were already all listed, so.]
Gosford Park [Elsie/Mary, ditto.]
Glee (tv) [Finn/Puck. The likelihoood that this isn't going to be nominated and these two added (if again, not necessarily with this configuration in mind) is incredibly small.]

Anyway, I have jury duty tomorrow, so I should have plenty of time to contemplate. :)
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 02:56am on 12/10/2009 under
There's a Brainstorming Post up, hooray! My thread is here, but it's all reproduced below, complete with my somewhat incoherent notes of what I might request and how popular or neglected the fandoms are. Whee?

yuletide nomination brainstorming -- sometimes my secret completist nature is problematic )
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If you're going to put all of the special features on disc 2 (out of three) of the season 1 dvd set, for christ's sake label them if they're spoilery! I really did not need to know the face and name of that guy the main character has been searching for just because I watched half a minute of one of the special features. Grah!

In other news, I seem to have having trouble with follow through, especially for things that I'm excited about. I loved Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and promptly bought the sequel, but I somehow can't bring myself to actually pick it up and read it. I really want to move to a different city but somehow I can't bring myself to pack. And I've been lying in wait for the Yuletide brainstorming post to go up, but now that it has I seem to be avoiding concentrating on putting together an updated list. Grr. I really think grad school broke me.
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The Virgin Suicides is my usual ultimate example of this; Air crafts something delicate and shimmery and beautiful that wends its way deep through Sofia Coppola's wistful (not quite the right word, but frankly I have no idea if the right word even exists in English) narrative and helps the whole film become like a heart-stoppingly gorgeous insect trapped in pulsing, glowing amber.

But I think Mysterious Skin gives it a run for its money with the dreamy, shoegazey soundtrack Robin Guthrie (of the Cocteau Twins) and Harold Budd put together, which includes generous dollops of Slowdive. For whatever reason, this is exactly the right kind of music to layer onto something so fucking painful it's reluctantly, staggeringly beautiful (beauty is the wrong word, completely wrong, it's like the flipside of it, the horrific & the distressing), such that you can't look away, you can't ignore it, you'll remember.

Let's just say I desperately want some futurefic, something more than the one story in the Yuletide archive.

Speaking of Yuletide! The current fandoms I'm most likely to nominate, with some thoughts & statistics (embarrassingly, this is even the condensed list -- see more extensive brainstorming here):

this list got rather long )
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aka: Listen, Don't Say Shit Like That To Him, People Can Hear You

Project Runway Season 3 )

Rose Red )

It's a Boy Girl Thing )

10 Things I Hate About You (the movie, and a little bit about the new tv series) )

Random thoughts that seem to belong here despite being neither netflixian nor yuletidian:

Ritter Sport chocolate bars are delicious. I especially like the whole hazelnut bar and the butter biscuit bar. According to their website they have a king-size bar that's biscuit & hazelnut, I wonder if anyone around here is selling them. I mostly see the std size bars in stores. Which is probably good because that might be too much chocolate even for me. Anyway, they are amazing. Cheaper than a lot of the other European import chocolate, really solid and filling, and just darn yummy.

Also, I am kind of in love with Green Day's video for "21 Guns." I adore its almost-but-not-quite black & white sepia-toned look, and something about it reminds me strongly of a different song -- in a good way! --something older, a classic, but I can't quite figure out what. At first I thought it was Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," but there might be something even closer. *ponders* This happens to me a lot.

I also think the song would make for a great Glee number. :)
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1. PATRICK. I'm not sure I've ever loved a Fall Out Boy video more than I love the one for What a Catch, Donnie. I have to admit, the song wasn't my immediate favorites off the album, it's a little too pop-R&Bish for my natural tendencies. However, after seeing them do it in concert, after hearing Patrick sing it in concert, then I understood. It's amazing because he's amazing, and this video elaborates on that brilliantly. I am spoilers? ) Basically I love everything about this video. And Patrick. It's kind of painful just how much one of my types Patrick is.

2. I owe an apology to all fans of The Middleman, I should've watched this show weeks or months ago and I definitely should have voted for Wendy Watson over Faith in Home Team 2009: Round One (incidentally, Round Two is going until Monday -- some very close races in this one!). I mean, I love Faith, but she's no Wendy Watson! Even if they did spend an entire episode mild spoilers for the general theme of the episode, but mostly just wittering about pronunciation )

3. How I Met Your Mother, you're supposed to be a comedy. cut for very mild, almost non-existent spoilers, purely emotional and actually pretty much orthogonal to the actual content of the episode ) (I love this show.)

4. I have started to re-read The Obnoxious Jerks by Stephen Manes, one of my favorite YA novels from when I was younger. I think I just might have to nominate it for Yuletide this year -- I'm thinking the obvious threesome, for anyone who's read the book. :) Possibly also The Middleman from point 2 above and The Umbrella Academy from point 5 below. I might also be tempted by some HIMYM (point 3 above -- I have an inexplicable craving for Lily/Marshall/Ted) and Heathers (point 7 below)... gah, too many choices!

5. Finally read The Umbrella Academy: Dallas. I meant to try to read it before Gerard's panel at Comic-con, but while I did manage to acquire the issues I was missing beforehand (and bought wayyyyyyyy too much at the Dark Horse booth, whee!), I forgot to bring the other ones, so in the end I had to wait. Someday, I'll be prepared enough to ask him the serious spoilers for both UA series ) I liked Dallas a lot, possibly even more than I liked the first series. I feel like we really got to know the characters and their relationships with each other in a little more depth, and I really like them, so flawed and so awesome. I'm looking forward to both series three and Killjoys.

6. My main thought about He's Just Not That Into You is that it was trying to be Love Actually and pretty much failed. I enjoyed it anyway in places, primarily because it has some actors in it I really like, including the guy from Kitchen Confidential and the guy from Entourage. I like the girl from Big Love, too, and while I have mixed feelings about Scarlett Johansson in general I have to admit she's hot. Also Drew Barrymore being adorable as usual (I'm not the only one who wants to see that movie Diablo Cody wrote about roller derby, right?) and Jennifer Connolly being vulnerable and Jennifer Aniston and what's his name, Chasing Amy guy, being actually cute and sympathetic. So yeah. Not what it could've been, but fun.

7. I made my housemate watch Heathers because she'd inexplicably never seen it. I always forget how fucking hot Christian Slater is in it until I see it again. And it's so '80s, but in this vicious, surreal way. I should really buy my own copy, because there's really nothing like Heathers. brief slightly spoilery thoughts about the ending )

8. Eureka is not a perfect show by a long shot, but I do enjoy what I've seen so far. But man, when Zane showed up in season 2, he upped the hotness quotient by a good 30%. Adorable, life-loving, morally-neutral geniuses are hard to resist. (It's possible he's one of my other types... I have either several or none, it's not exactly clear which.) (I like Stark and Fargo and Jo and Allison, too. Eureka is full of super-hot and/or super-cute and/or super-snarky geniuses.)
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Title: A Christmas Ghost Story
Fandom: Here is Greenwood
Pairing: None (as gen as the source)
Rating: G
Words: ~3100
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Warnings: None? Manga-style silliness, perhaps.
Summary: Hasukawa, Shun, Shinobu, and Mitsuru have a typical encounter over Christmas at an onsen owned by Shun's family. Well, typical for them, anyway.
Notes: Originally written for [ profile] fourthage in the Yuletide 2008 fic exchange, first posted here. I owe an enormous debt of gratitude to elsane and farwing for their speedy, brilliant beta work. Thank you both, so much -- this would have made much less sense without you. All remaining mistakes are, of course, my own. Feedback and constructive criticism of all kinds is welcome and cherished!


A Christmas Ghost Story )
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 05:03am on 02/01/2009 under
Of the ~110 fandoms I offered (by my tally: 43 books, 38 movies, 10 musicals/plays, 8 comics/graphic novels, 5 myth/fairy tales, 4 television shows, 2 history rpf, 1 manga/anime, 1 game, 1 song), ONE was a manga/anime fandom. Guess which one I ended up getting as my assignment?

The Yuletide story I wrote this year was A Christmas Ghost Story in the Here is Greenwood fandom, for [ profile] fourthage. I had a supremely good time writing it, not to mention reading the manga and re-watching the anime beforehand. The amusing thing about the title is that it's exactly the sort of title that some of the storylines in the manga have, so in the end I just couldn't resist.

I would also like to formally thank my two wonderful authors, now that I know who they are!

[ profile] redwireskyline wrote me the two fantastic Brick stories: Sleep/No Sleep and Half-Second. I really do love them, thank you again. ♥

And [ profile] in_the_blue wrote the awesome Like a New Emotion for the fandom Emma Bull -- War for the Oaks, one of my favorite books of all time. It made me so happy, thank you! :)
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 06:09am on 31/12/2008 under ,
I haven't had much time to read, and the reading I've done has been almost completely random. I've been deliberately avoiding reading any reclists before writing this up, though I'll be going back to those in January, I'm sure. There are several fandoms with many stories that I'm really excited about reading, but somehow haven't yet touched, and I've read very few fandoms in their entirety -- for some of the fandoms represented here, the fic I'm reccing is the only one I've actually read. And in some cases that means it's one of the four fics I betaed. But in any case, of the stories I have read, here are some of the ones I've enjoyed most:

Aliens, Askewniverse, Being Human, The Big Bang Theory, The Breakfast Club, Burn Notice, Chuck, Diana Wynne Jones -- Archer's Goon, Guarding Tess, Heathers, Into the Woods, Lois McMaster Bujold -- Vorkosigan series, Love Actually, The Princess Bride, Maud Hart Lovelace -- Betsy-Tacy stories, Mythology -- Greek and Roman, Psych, RPF -- Misc Actors, Shakespeare -- Romeo and Juliet, and Tanith Lee -- The Silver Metal Lover )

25 recs in 20 fandoms. Not bad, considering! Subject line paraphrased from something Angela says during season 2 of Bones: "We build our lives out of chaos, and hope, and love."
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 09:03pm on 25/12/2008 under ,
Yuletide always makes me feel overwhelmed and incredibly lucky. This year (again!), I received three wonderful stories. The two from my yuletide author (Sleep/No Sleep and Half-Second, probably best read in that order) were both Brick, The Brain/Brendan, and the atmosphere, dialogue, fraught intensity, emotional center, and Brain perspective all really, really worked for me. ♥ The other is a fantastic little War for the Oaks scenelet, Like a New Emotion -- all about healing through music and companionship, featuring Eddi, the Phouka, and Hedge. So much love!

Even better, my recipient seems to have liked my story, which is always a huge relief. It's totally possible no one else will read it, but you know, I don't mind. Though if you happen to guess it before the reveal (and didn't already know of it), I will be happy to write you a prompt ficlet in any fandom I'm even moderately familiar with.

I have a million yuletide story tabs open, and I have no idea how many I'm going to get to before the reveal, but hopefully I'm manage at least a small rec post... We'll see!
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 09:34am on 24/12/2008 under , ,
Out of curiosity, has anyone ever heard of a fic challenge based around Nancy Drew mysteries? The classic ones, 30s-70s. I recently found the bunch that I had while growing up, and the blurbs make me think that it could actually be really fun, like the romance novel challenges only with mysteries. It think it might work for many casefile-ish fandoms, though of the fandoms I'm most familiar with, Psych and Veronica Mars would probably make the most sense. But multifandom might be the way to go.

Just a stray thought.

In other news, I just stayed up all night peering into the yuletide irc room and betaing one fic. Well, and poking at the internet a little. It was fun. I think this means I'm pretty unlikely to write any of the stocking stuffers I've been contemplating, though.
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