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1. This line from the most recent ~weekly shiplist my favorite comic book shop sends out: "Also, MARVEL has a new "permanent" title: ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN/WOLVERINE. Honestly, we have no idea who to give this one to, so let us know if you want it." This was especially funny given that the email started out by listing all the complicated shenanigans involving the Avengers titles name changes and what they were gong to do about subscriptions, detailing exactly who, subscribed to what old title(s), would get what new title(s) by default.

2. Mixing and betaing for [ profile] bandombigbang has forced me to realize that I can, indeed, still read and enjoy MCR fic, at least sometimes. Yay! I expect that my bandom consumption will still stay a bit deflated, though.

3. I am totally in love with figure skating fandom right now. If there were more fic for me to devour I would probably be even more solidly in the fandom, but even just all of the resources and squee over at [ profile] ontd_skating is absolutely delighting me. Hell, I even signed up for the [ profile] holiday_on_ice fic exchange. My signup was embarrassingly long-winded as usual, but I enjoyed thinking about prompts and such so much that my brain seems to be stuck in plot bunny mode. It would not surprise me if a figure skating plot bunny post materializes sometime in the near future.

4. I am still in war mode. That sounds strange. I mean, I'm still riding my recent wave of interest in wartime settings and military things that was sparked by Generation Kill and fed by my Yuletide assignment (god, I still have to write up that Yuletide wrapup post, oops), and enjoying it immensely. I'm in the middle of watching Band of Brothers, and while I'm reserving judgment on The Pacific as a whole until they show the rest, I am definitely enjoying watching it. The guy who plays the poet is damn easy on the eyes, and the appearance of a couple of Wonderfalls actors made me so happy! Actually, speaking of Wonderfalls, I saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (so adorable!) this past week and fell in love with Lee Pace all over again. And I didn't even realize going in that it was set on the eve of the British getting into WWII! It went well with Connie Willis's new novel, Blackout, which is about time-traveling historians studying the British home front. It was a hands-down amazing read (I devoured it so fast), with the single flaw of actually being only the first half of the story. Luckily the second part will be out in the fall. But I want it now! In the meantime I'll be getting my war fix through the rest of The Pacific and Band of Brothers, and probably re-watching GK and reading more of the book. Hmm. Maybe I'll finally watch Full Metal Jacket to get in some Vietnam. I wonder if I could find something good for the Korean War. Huh. Come to think of it, you could say my interest was actually sparked by that Japanese history class I took in 2008 and all of the fantastic end of WWII and postwar stuff we read and discussed, and then maybe fed by Waltz with Bashir, which is a freaking amazing film, also from 2008, about memory and the 1982 war between Israel and Lebanon. So yeah, I've been on something of a war kick for awhile. So if anyone has any recs for war-related stuff, please hit me with 'em. Any war in any time period, any medium, and any aspect of war. I'm interested in it all!

5. I have added a new reality tv show to my roster of tv shows, bringing the number I follow up to... 2 and a half. I had half a mind to follow Idol after falling for Adam and Kris and Allison toward the end of last year's season, but I'm too lazy to watch it live or commandeer my SO's housemate's dvr, and they don't seem to post full episodes online, so fuck 'em. But that's the half, because at least I tried. I'm keeping up with Project Runway, give or take, and now I seem to be watching Dancing with the Stars. Damn you, figure skating fandom, damn you! It is fun, though. If Netflix had either Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, I'd probably be mainlining old seasons as I type this. It's just... Project Runway and shows of that nature are the perfect mind candy for when I'm interested in characters and talent and ambition and creativity and sometimes beauty without actually having enough brainpower to concentrate on a storyline per se. I think the next on my list is going to be Top Chef. I do love food, after all, and the one ep I saw last year (also the first and only Top Chef ep I've seen) was pretty neat. I did spend one year watching The Amazing Race with an old housemate of mine, but I think it has about an equal chance to annoy me as to entertain me, so it's in the second tier. Plus, I guess I'm just more interested in watching people singing and dancing and making beautiful (and/or delicious or otherwise awesome) things than watching people run around and do arbitrary challenges.

Wow. This list is kind of all over the place. It's sort of... shallow shallow shallow WAR shallow. I guess that pretty much covers my life right now, though. Incredibly fluffy in general, but with these rather prominent (but not usually overwhelming) depressing and difficult bits. But still, hard to complain about mostly fluffy.
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Well, shit. What is going on with My Chemical Romance? They split with Brian last year, which seemed inexplicable and upsetting enough, and now this. I am having a very hard time processing that Bob is no longer part of the band. Certainly it doesn't help that there's been basically no explanation, just a frigid little corporate-speak statement.

I have no idea if it's better or worse that I stumbled upon the news while listening to The Black Parade. Now I'm no longer making a mix cd, no longer writing up a roleplaying character, no longer thinking about playing the Sims. I'm just trying not to cry while listening to Famous Last Words; I Don't Love You already got to me -- it's not even one of my favorite songs on the album, but of all news to read while listening to it... Maybe it's foolish to care so much (first world problems, yadda yadda), but I am okay with being foolish about music, and I am even more okay with being foolish about attachment.

Selfishly, I realize that I should have tried a LOT harder to make it to that second LA show last summer. I guess I'll never get to see them live in this incarnation after all (which I suspect very strongly is the incarnation I will forever love best).

We'll see what happens, I guess. But for now, I think I'm going to let myself have a bit of a wallow.

*listens to The Black Parade again* *and again* *and again*
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LJ has apparently lost the entry I started last week that's a little bit about how I'm back home and in the midst of packing and planning and packing-planning and a lot about many things that make me happy with a chaser of my top ten potential [ profile] yuletide nominations.

But right now, I just have to say that during my (inadvertent) nap this afternoon I had my worst dream involving bandom personages yet -- the other two are here and here, featuring Pete Wentz and Bob Bryar respectively.

about the dream )

Ugh. I hope my next one, if it exists, is at least a little bit less annoying.
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1. PATRICK. I'm not sure I've ever loved a Fall Out Boy video more than I love the one for What a Catch, Donnie. I have to admit, the song wasn't my immediate favorites off the album, it's a little too pop-R&Bish for my natural tendencies. However, after seeing them do it in concert, after hearing Patrick sing it in concert, then I understood. It's amazing because he's amazing, and this video elaborates on that brilliantly. I am spoilers? ) Basically I love everything about this video. And Patrick. It's kind of painful just how much one of my types Patrick is.

2. I owe an apology to all fans of The Middleman, I should've watched this show weeks or months ago and I definitely should have voted for Wendy Watson over Faith in Home Team 2009: Round One (incidentally, Round Two is going until Monday -- some very close races in this one!). I mean, I love Faith, but she's no Wendy Watson! Even if they did spend an entire episode mild spoilers for the general theme of the episode, but mostly just wittering about pronunciation )

3. How I Met Your Mother, you're supposed to be a comedy. cut for very mild, almost non-existent spoilers, purely emotional and actually pretty much orthogonal to the actual content of the episode ) (I love this show.)

4. I have started to re-read The Obnoxious Jerks by Stephen Manes, one of my favorite YA novels from when I was younger. I think I just might have to nominate it for Yuletide this year -- I'm thinking the obvious threesome, for anyone who's read the book. :) Possibly also The Middleman from point 2 above and The Umbrella Academy from point 5 below. I might also be tempted by some HIMYM (point 3 above -- I have an inexplicable craving for Lily/Marshall/Ted) and Heathers (point 7 below)... gah, too many choices!

5. Finally read The Umbrella Academy: Dallas. I meant to try to read it before Gerard's panel at Comic-con, but while I did manage to acquire the issues I was missing beforehand (and bought wayyyyyyyy too much at the Dark Horse booth, whee!), I forgot to bring the other ones, so in the end I had to wait. Someday, I'll be prepared enough to ask him the serious spoilers for both UA series ) I liked Dallas a lot, possibly even more than I liked the first series. I feel like we really got to know the characters and their relationships with each other in a little more depth, and I really like them, so flawed and so awesome. I'm looking forward to both series three and Killjoys.

6. My main thought about He's Just Not That Into You is that it was trying to be Love Actually and pretty much failed. I enjoyed it anyway in places, primarily because it has some actors in it I really like, including the guy from Kitchen Confidential and the guy from Entourage. I like the girl from Big Love, too, and while I have mixed feelings about Scarlett Johansson in general I have to admit she's hot. Also Drew Barrymore being adorable as usual (I'm not the only one who wants to see that movie Diablo Cody wrote about roller derby, right?) and Jennifer Connolly being vulnerable and Jennifer Aniston and what's his name, Chasing Amy guy, being actually cute and sympathetic. So yeah. Not what it could've been, but fun.

7. I made my housemate watch Heathers because she'd inexplicably never seen it. I always forget how fucking hot Christian Slater is in it until I see it again. And it's so '80s, but in this vicious, surreal way. I should really buy my own copy, because there's really nothing like Heathers. brief slightly spoilery thoughts about the ending )

8. Eureka is not a perfect show by a long shot, but I do enjoy what I've seen so far. But man, when Zane showed up in season 2, he upped the hotness quotient by a good 30%. Adorable, life-loving, morally-neutral geniuses are hard to resist. (It's possible he's one of my other types... I have either several or none, it's not exactly clear which.) (I like Stark and Fargo and Jo and Allison, too. Eureka is full of super-hot and/or super-cute and/or super-snarky geniuses.)
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In four different media forms. :)

1. The three new My Chemical Romance songs that we currently know of. [ profile] fleurdeliser has a wonderfully convenient round-up here and the amazing [ profile] rossetti has the whole concert here. talk talk talk )

2. Fruits Basket (aka Furuba), a manga by Natsuki Takaya. which is adorable )

3. The tragic love story of Billy Talent and Joe Dick, of Hard Core Logo. I love Billy the most (Callum Keith Rennie is fiiiii-ine), but I also have a soft spot for Joe and his drama and John and his bipolar philosophical ramblings. And I really, really, really want the soundtrack.

4. The proliferation of Leverage fic. I should probably try to put together a reclist in the near future rather than listing things off randomly here, but for now, check out the most recent [ profile] polyfandomrecs list, here. Leverage just makes me incredibly happy.
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 12:30am on 18/07/2009 under ,
I have finally posted my Top Ten list for the [ profile] polyfandomrecs 2009 summer reccing challenge. I'm pretty pleased with the list, which I good considering the insane amount of time I spent on it. It was agonizing trying to choose just ten of the many, many, many bandom fics that include non-monogamy I adore, especially as I wanted a reasonable balance of pretty much everything -- types of non-monogamy, bands and character combinations involved, authors, story and atmosphere and tone. Who knows how well I succeeded, but if you want to see for yourself, here it is. :)
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It is 3:30 am here in California and I am trying to decide what task to work on tonight.

1. [ profile] polyfandomrecs Top Ten challenge reclist, full of bandom non-monogamy fics. Still a lot of work and reading and writing to be done for this, but I am very excited about it. Process is much like how I spend days poring over my music collection to make the perfect mix. Sometimes being vaguely obsessive can be a bit problematic. It's due on the 17th! So I really should keep plugging away.

2. Going through the Comic-con programming schedule and making a huge list of what I want to go to. I am so excited! But that's not 'til the 23rd, so I probably shouldn't give in to my curiosity just yet. But, but... Comic-con! Hard to resist!

3. [ profile] lissa_bear asked me questions! I should answer them! Except I have to cliff one of Bob, Patrick, and Christian Kane, and I just can't decide! My life, so hard.

4. Figure out what I'm sending my recipient for this gift exchange thingy I'm doing off the bpal forum. Fun! And time-sensitive! But will probably go in fits and starts.

5. Peruse the Generation Kill Porn Skirmish and think about writing one. The actual writing will probably want to wait until my copy of the book gets here, though -- hooray for used books. I'm sad that I'm so broke that I can't buy the tv series itself, though. But I have to save all my money for moving and Comic-con, so.

6. Make some kind of introductory post. Hello, new friends. :)

7. Try to fix my sleep schedule by going to bed right now. Ahahahaha.
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Because slowly, I have come to realize that if ever I think that some other bandom person might be my favorite, I stumble across something like this (Patrick Stump singing and playing the blues; there are four little clips of him -- beginning, end, and two interspersed), and I realize that though FOB is only my second favorite of the bandom bands (MCR being the first, if that's not obvious; I can tell my high school self would've adored them, so that pretty much means I have to adore them, that's just how it works), even Bob Bryar (drummers are fucking hot -- see also: Brian Viglione) cannot overcome Patrick Stump's insane talent and adorability. Seriously, so hot.
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Okay. Apparently there's one thing that can make me pause Burn Notice -- [ profile] scribblinlenore celebrating her birthday by writing the prompt I suggested (Pete/Patrick (or Pete/any, or Patrick/any), substitute)! And doing an absolutely amazing job with it; seriously, this is so hot and sweet and snarkily amusing, I'd say if you have any interest at all in either Pete/Patrick or jealousy, possessiveness, pegging, first times, and/or suppressed longing, read it right now. Right now.

No substitute for the real thing, but that doesn't keep anyone from trying by [ profile] scribblinlenore. Pete/Patrick, Pete/ofc, NC-17, 2700 words. The thing about Lenore's writing is that her character voices are brilliant, full of smart, well-turned phrases that are somehow also down-to-earth and spot-on true. Her Patrick and Pete especially hold a place in my heart, and the grumpy Patrick pov voice in this is a classic. I love this fic so, so much, and recommend it to anyone who likes porn, even people with less than no interest in bandom. Really. Read this fic. You won't be sorry.
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At some point I will hopefully get my act together and make a real reclist again. Possibly even one about [ profile] bandombigbang. But for now, if you have even the slightest interest in werewolves, vampires, urban fantasy, band dynamics, and/or My Chemical Romance, run, do not walk, to read Clouds Across the Moon by [ profile] rue_quercus and [ profile] carleton97. I was one of the betas for this and love it madly madly madly. NC-17, Bob/Frank, past Bob/Quinn, and lots of Brian and the rest of MCR being both awesome and incidentally also supernatural creatures. Misunderstandings, scorching hot sex, nearly a millennium of time, instincts and friendships and angst and support and a very satisfying narrative arc. Seriously, I love this story so much. So much!
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[ profile] bandombigbang is not just a bonanza of fic, it's also a wonderful source of mixes. This year, I got my act together in time to make one! I chose The Shape I Found You In (by redbrickrose, though I didn't know that at the time) from the list of summaries (back then it was titled something different that inspired the mix title) because I really loved the line It's an exhausting thing, sometimes, being loved by Ryan Ross. It's even more exhausting when you love him back. This, despite not so much being a Panic person (I mean, I like them as characters and all, they're just not my first choice out of bandom, or even really my second). But I am a sucker for the "best friends turned lovers" storyline, and the summary made me quite sure this would be a fantastic version. And it was! Reading (and re-reading, and re-reading) the whole draft was an absolute delight -- it has an intense feel to it that I can't explain properly, but it's wonderful. So go read! Possibly while listening to my mix, even. ;)

Here's the tracklist -- includes Morphine, Tom McRae, Wilco, James, Belle & Sebastian, The Airborne Toxic Event, War Tapes, Jeff Buckley, M. Ward, Midtown, Joan Jett, Ghost of an American Airman, Moby, Yoav, The Arcade Fire, Bonnie Prince Billy, Future Bible Heroes, The Magnetic Fields, and Explosions in the Sky. )

Enjoy! All feedback extremely welcome, but not required. :)
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1. Iron & Wine thrumming beauty and calm at me. The transition between The Creek Drank the Cradle and Our Endless Numbered Days when I listen to them back to back is especially soothing.

2. The opening of [ profile] bandombigbang posting! I am eagerly awaiting the fics I betaed and mixed for, but in the meantime, I have started perusing, though only bit by bit, because I'm distracted by resume-revising and the pure, gen, multi-band future-fic delightfulness that is [ profile] tigs's Snapshots From a Possible Future, which I have been savoring slowly. The only bigbang fic I've read so far, Your Grievance by the brilliant [ profile] iphignia939, made a huge impression on me. Gorgeous, fraught, and a worthy conclusion to the two fics that began her Hellgirl AU (linked at the beginning of the fic). Main pairing is Pete/Patrick, with an absolutely kickass William and several other bandomy people floating around.

3. These terrifically fun Cobra Starship text icons by [ profile] katierawr.

4. Up. Seriously in the running for my favorite Pixar film, and given how much I adore basically everything Pixar's ever done, that's saying a lot. Though, if you're anywhere near as susceptible to on-screen emotion as I am, bring tissues! Lots of them! Not that it's not uplifting, of course.

5. Knowing that I get to see my SO for my birthday. Long-distance is not my favorite thing in the world, not by a long shot.
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I'm six episodes in to Queer as Folk and I have one main reaction )

I had no idea I would enjoy this so much. I mean, I thought it would be worth watching. But I think I'm getting kind attached.

*wry smile* Like I need another new fandom. In my "hiatus," I've kind of fallen hard for two new ones already -- the brand-spanking-new Star Trek reboot and the gorgeous, rockin' season 8 of American Idol. Well, okay, I don't really care much about American Idol in the general case. Pop music is not so much my thing. But I do care about Adam Lambert (and his ability to actually rock on a pop show, not to mention his insane talent and utter conviction of fabulous self) and Kris Allen (and his pure adorability and goodness), and also Allison Iraheta and her total awesomeness. (For a taste of the delight that is Adam and Kris, check out their interview with US Magazine (note: spoiler for the end of the season, and disregard the silly question about the result)). Star Trek, well, let's just say it was still thoroughly enjoyable the third time through tiny sort-of-not-quite spoiler here ), and I have an unexpectedly enormous crush on one Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, in Karl Urban form. I love pretty much everyone else, too, of course. (I dare you to watch [ profile] giandujakiss's adorable Kirk/Spock/Uhura vid and not find it appealing and fun and charming, I dare you.) One more tiny not-quite-spoiler ). But if that's the biggest quibble I have about something, then that's saying a lot. Anyway, I see recs posts in my future for those two.

Which is not to say I'm jumping ship. I'm still happily reading lots of bandom (I'm halfway through writing up a Believers Never Die Part Deux concert report and eagerly awaiting the start of [ profile] bandombigbang posting), and will be getting back into Supernatural as soon as I manage to watch the final two episodes (I keep being stupid about scheduling so that's two Thursday nights spent on airplanes, oops; plus I'm so annoyed that the CW took the second to last episode off the website so quickly that I don't really want to give them the satisfaction of paying for it by downloading it from iTunes), and will certainly always be hanging out for many other fandoms (for example, I'm on a Leverage kick thanks in part to [ profile] norah's fantastic recs post). Anyway, I've been betaing a lot but writing rather little (I always feel like I should be working on my resume instead), but I feel like I should try to fix that -- possibly by scoping prompts at Porn Battle VIII, which is looking to be stellar as always. Prompt-leaving is open 'til 7 pm UK time (that's 1 pm for me on US Central), whee!
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As has probably been clear from my complete lack of recent posts, I'm kind of on hiatus from fandom as I attempt to deal with the fact that I've decided to stop going to grad school, which means I need to find a job and also I get to rejoice in therefore getting to move away from San Diego. Somehow, this has led me to wander about the country; since my last post I have been to Austin, Chicago, the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Hawaii, and now I'm in Minnesota. I have gotten to see Leonard Cohen, Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship, and a stupid number of bands at South by Southwest, including such highlights as Amanda Palmer, Shearwater, The Duke Spirit, and The Airborne Toxic Event. I also saw the new Star Trek movie with my family this past Friday, and enjoyed it immensely. Embarrassingly enough, I'm two episodes behind on Supernatural but hope to catch up soon. Tomorrow I get to see Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship (and the rest of the Believers Never Die Part Deux tour) again. Maybe this time I'll actually write up a detailed concert review. Maybe.
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Title: Tech Support
Fandom: Crossover, Chuck/Bandom-RPF
Pairing: Chuck Bartowski/Ray Toro
Rating: R
Words: 768
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Warnings: Uh. Rampant cliches? First time writing either character? Fluffy fun?
Summary: Chuck is sent to fix Ray Toro's computer.
Notes: Written for Porn Battle VII, prompt "Ray Toro/Chuck, tech support," original thread here. This version has been copyedited a small amount, as I was writing pretty much down to the wire and there were more typos that I'd like to admit in the original. Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, cherished.

The guy who opened the hotel room door had the most amazing hair ever. )
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Okay, then. I guess I'll just have to make sure my trip to MN overlaps with May 17th, because I apparently had to have a ticket. Because the combined power of Fall Out Boy and Cobra Starship (the top two bandom bands I'd like to see besides My Chem, which will always be at the very top of that list) was just too great for me.

I had to fast-talk myself out of buying tickets for two of the other shows -- the 4/7 San Jose show and the 4/28 MA show. The 4/28 show is just too up in the air, because while I do have one other reason for being in MA the first weekend in May, I also have a reason for being in MN that very same weekend, plus if I'm somehow not in either of those places, I'd probably go see Death Cab here on the 29th. But the 4/7 show is actually right in the window of me thinking about taking a trip up to the Bay Area. I just don't know for sure if I'm going to do it... But the redundancy of having a ticket to two different shows would be very comforting! Plus, it would be kind of cool to see one early show (it's the 3rd show of the tour) and one late show (the last show, even!).

Oops. I think I just convinced myself to buy a 4/7 ticket, too. *facepalm*
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Apparently, despite having only listened to maybe a half-dozen Panic at the Disco songs, I have Brendon Urie's voice fixed in my brain enough that every time "20 Dollar Nosebleed" comes up whenever I'm listening to Folie à Deux (Fall Out Boy's new album, for those of you who haven't (yet) embraced the sublime insanity of bandom), I have this moment of total confusion, as my ears keep trying to tell my brain that this just has to be a Panic song. But it's not! Bwah! It probably doesn't help that it kind of has a "Nine in the Afternoon" sort of feel, being squarely on the bouncy-pop end of FOB's range.

On the bright side, maybe this bodes well for the Brendon-centric fic I'm writing. Maybe.
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Stray plot bunnies and ficwritingish thoughts:

1. I should remember to take a copy of The Obnoxious Jerks with me on vacation. I'm pretty sure it could make for a seriously adorable bandom AU.

2. I am also pretty sure it is now my responsibility to write a love letter to my time at Stanford in the form of a Chuck/Bryce pre-series story. (Did I mention that I enjoyed the first disc of Chuck a whole lot? Because I really, really did.)

3. Having an epic college AU work-in-progress is kind of insane-ifying. Also having another WIPish thing in tandem with it, no matter how casual.

4. Recently I've been wanting to go back to the SPN fics I was working on, but who knows if that's ever actually going to happen.

5. My yuletide status is totally OH SHIT BEARS and will be until I get enough schoolwork done that I can actually work on it, gah.

Speaking of, back to work! *flail*
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 12:18pm on 22/11/2008 under , , ,
If anyone would be up for betaing a little <1300 words sequel/continuation to this little Bob/Patrick ficlet, please let me know?

There will also eventually be the long bandom college AU (Brendon pov) I've been working on for [ profile] mini_nano, but that will be forever and ever from now, most likely. But if you're interested in following along, cheerleading, or eventual betaing, that could be quite helpful and I would love to hear from you.

There's also my [ profile] yuletide fic that will probably need a beta in mid-December, unless I miraculously get it done sooner -- if you might be willing, please contact me? I'll either put details under my yuletide filter or send you email about the fandom and probable story so you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable betaing it (or what type of beta you'd be up for doing).
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