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To flail about the fact that Hockey RPF is a qualifying fandom for Remix Redux this year, and I've written enough Hockey RPF stories to qualify! I'm kind of really incredibly excited about this, as I've wanted to participate in Remix for years but I've never had enough stories in a single fandom to qualify before. I'm looking forward to the challenge!

In the meantime, I'm still hockey obsessed. Got to watch the Blackhawks beat down the Blues at United Center last week while visiting family in Chicago, which was pretty amazing -- the atmosphere there is really something else -- and am now the proud owner of a small teddy bear Tazer. He was almost a teddy bear Kaner or teddy bear Duncs instead, but I just couldn't resist his adorable little supercilious expression. I fall a little more in love with my Dallas and Texas Stars every day, it's completely ridiculous. Also ridiculous are my many affectionate feelings about so many players on so many teams. Mostly based on their actual hockey playing, these days (but not solely, I must admit). For example, I've had a thing for Ryan McDonagh since I snagged him for my fantasy hockey team in 2011-12 partway through the year because of injuries and then couldn't ever bring myself to switch him back out because he was always so consistent and steady; watching the Flyers @ Rangers game tonight gave me super embarrassingly proud feelings I probably shouldn't admit to. Only things like that happen basically all the time. It's just a fact of my life now. Another day, another hockey enthusiasm. ♥

I have all sorts of Olympics things to say (especially about the figure skating! That Russian ice dancing team that did the Swan Lake made me swoon), and also things about such diverse topics as Community, Elementary (Joan Watson ♥_♥), Lone Survivor (which gave me such a craving for GK fic), the Lego Movie, the Voice, Dancing with the Stars (Meryl & Maks forever!!), Grimm, the October Daye books, and I'm sure tons of other things not coming to mind right now. And I should probably make a Yuletide post covering the past couple of years at some point...
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1. Dim sum! And they even had chrysanthemum tea! Served, exactly as it should be, with a little dish of rock sugar. *swoon* (It is strangely difficult to find in the US, so it is very, very exciting to know that there is a place nearby that has it!) Deliciousness. ) Definitely going back there.

2. [ profile] antumbral's Hockey RPF (Blackhawks)/Generation Kill fusion-crossover ficlet (also here), in which Duncan Keith is a spotter, Patrick Sharp is his sniper, Patrick Kane is their driver/communications guy, and Jonathan Toews is (of course) their fearless leader. It is just so ridiculously pleasing. ♥

3. Yes, I'm still basically in the process of falling in love with hockey. I watched half of 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic (only half because the Housemate twice (twice!) deleted the first two episodes before I had the chance to watch them) and it was awesome. I have had to start actively preventing myself from spending all my time reading articles and blogs (and re-reading fic), because there are a lot of things that actually need to get done this month (we're moving, among other things; there is a lot in my life to be stressed out about, at the moment), but it's fun to know it's all out there for me to absorb when I have the chance.

4. Porn Battle XI is coming! :D Prompting will start tomorrow and run through Friday, January 21st, and the dates of the actual battle are Sunday, January 23rd to Thursday, February 3rd. [ profile] oxoniensis has more information up here and here. All fandoms welcome! Come post some prompts! (See the FAQ for info on how to format them correctly and all that jazz.) I have started my brainstorming list for prompts, but got a little distracted by a fic idea, so I still have much to do. Possibly I ought to make sure to prompt something that the fic idea would fill, because my desire to write the scene that's been on repeat in my head for the past few days has gotten pretty strong. Two hockey players, one figure skater, 2010 Winter Olympics, happy shiny super-porny ménage à trois featuring oral sex and instructional dirty talk -- should be fun, if I can make it work!

5. Shearwater is still one of the best live shows I have ever seen or ever will see. Never fancy, just them and their many, many instruments (all of them played between 3 to 6 instruments over the course of the show), but breathtaking, engrossing, charming, intense, and so, so gorgeous. They performed The Island Arc (Palo Santo, Rook, and The Golden Archipelago) all the way through (with 10 minute breaks between albums), seven people on stage (if I remember correctly the previous two times I saw them they usually had five people) all playing with total commitment. I am a little bit in love with Jonathan Meiburg, I think, and his voice. I am definitely in love with his band. Just incredible.

Um. *cough* That was a lot of hockey, wasn't it. I might be a little obsessed. But it's not the only thing I'm thinking about! I have been also contemplating a lot of other fandomy things! )
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