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But I just need to say that I have never been happier that I accidentally Stockholm Syndromed myself into becoming a Dallas Stars fan. Jamie Benn has grown into the C so fast, and so strong... His little spontaneous speech at center ice tonight after they clinched their first playoff spot since 2008 was perfect, and it's something I would've had a hard time imagining him doing a year ago. It's been pretty incredible to watch both him and Tyler Seguin blossom into leaders this year, both on and off the ice. I've always had a thing for a good coming-of-age story, after all.

Also, Captain America: The Winter Soldier was amazing. My favorite of them all, I think. Not perfect, not that anything is ever perfect. But truly awesome and incredibly fun to watch.
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And then I watched the Dallas Stars' holiday greetings video. And now I can't stop smiling!

Highlights include Jordie Benn (Jamie Benn's older brother, a defenseman) and Cody Eakin (whose shockingly orange-red hair is sadly hidden under his santa hat) pretending to be each other, Maxime Fortunus's gorgeous arms and shoulders and face and total failure to help Brenden Dillon and Kevin Connauton (defensemen being adorable goofballs!) sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," the way Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin's arms are pressed together the whole time they're on screen (see my tags for more gushing about them, particularly this post), and absolutely everything about Valeri Nichushkin (ridiculously talented 18-year-old Russian phenom winger). So much giggling and laughter! It's so obvious how much they all actually really enjoy being around each other. Ah, this made me so happy. And so I share it with you! :D

In other news, [ profile] mini_wrimo went well, though I still need to polish up the thing I finished and actually post it at some point (anyone want to beta ~4k of ridiculously filthy pure porn? Hockey RPF; it probably wouldn't be until sometime in January). And I uploaded my [ profile] yuletide story by the deadline! I wasn't sure that was going to happen, but it did! And I quite like how it turned out and so did my betas, whew. So that is pleasing. There's a treat that I am very tempted to try writing, but I am basically stuck getting up super early tomorrow for travel and then doing family stuff all day and I don't know if I'll be able to get away, and it's harder than it used to be to run on very little sleep (ah, getting older), so I proooooooooobably shouldn't stay up late to write it. And it's already midnight. But oh, it's tempting.

On the media front, I just watched Pitch Perfect and really enjoyed it. Ensemble movies about women and involving lots of female friendship and camaraderie make me happy. It reminded me a little of Whip It in that way. Not a perfect movie, of course, but delightful nonetheless. Television-wise, we're behind on most things because my SO's family is super intense about the holidays and so that's been cutting into keeping up with our shows. I'm happy about the winners of The Voice and The Sing-Off, though! I've also been watching my SO play through the Mass Effect games again, which has been really entertaining. We're playing a female Shepard and I made her at least somewhat Chinese-looking; the port of her from the first game to the second game changed her coloring a little and made me realize that she actually kind of looks like one of my aunts, so that's nifty. And the character and character interactions are so great. We're midway through Mass Effect 2 and I'm all torn about who I want her to romance. I just like so many of the characters!

So... I didn't really mean for this to be a mini-update when I started it, but I guess now it is. Life overall is pretty good. Started a new part-time job and am liking it a lot. Fantasy hockey is up and down, sometimes frustrating, sometimes vindicating, but always fun. Still don't have the energy levels and ability to get things done I wish I had, but I do think it's slowly getting better with time, which is at least better than the alternative.

Happy holidays, everyone. May they be everything you want them to be!
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From here, after Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin combined for 11 points in a single game:
When the two were combined this season, Benn was moved back to left wing and Seguin was moved back to center. And in a normal relationship, that means Seguin carries the puck and Benn shoots it. But this pair might not be so normal — and that’s a good thing.

“We’re definitely learning each other’s game,” Benn said. “It just takes awhile to find out where the other one is going to be and what the other one likes, but we’re learning.”

Ruff said he’s seeing the development of the kind of chemistry that can create a special line.

"They like playing with each other, they feed off of each other, there’s great communication there,” Ruff said. “As a coach, you can see if a relationship is working, and that one has pretty much worked right from training camp. They like playing with each other, they hang around with each other, they’re good friends now.”

When Benn was getting interviewed by the Canadian media Saturday, Seguin was trying to distract him. When the question was broached whether the two were close, Benn laughed and said: “We’re closer than you think.”

Jamie's gotten so much better at dealing with the press just in the last year. It's clear he came into camp this year with a new confidence and determination to be a real leader, and he has quietly taken the captaincy and run with it. It helps that Seguin has turned out to be the perfect running mate.

Who knows if they'll make the playoffs, despite all this, because the West and the East are both hilarious this season, just in completely opposite directions. Why yes, as of the standings right now, the top team in the East wouldn't even make the playoffs in the West, why do you ask? And every single team in the Central division would slot in at ninth or higher in the standings in the East.

But at least the Stars seem to have collectively confirmed on these two back-to-back road trips that they do, in fact, kinda like each other. Western Canada is now especially aware of this. :D

Actually, it occurs to me, the Stars basically had two days off in between games in Vancouver, and the Benn brothers are from Victoria. Wonder if they took Tyler home with them...
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Holy shit, apparently the rapidly developing bromance (which I talked about a bit a couple of weeks back) between Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn is so visible from outer space that there's even an entire story about it linked on the front page sidebar of Given how little the Stars tend to get covered in the national media, that's kind of seriously astonishing.

Here be quotes! )

Even before the trade I had more Tyler Seguin feelings than I really wanted to admit to myself, but now that they've collided with my Dallas Stars and Jamie Benn feelings... it turns out that's almost too many feelings to be able to write about them. But the good news is, it doesn't matter if I manage to beat those feelings into submission long enough to shape a fic out of them or not, for [ profile] hapakitsune has provided:

settle down, it'll all be clear (2002 words) by hapakitsune
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Tyler Seguin/Jamie Benn
Characters: Jamie Benn, Tyler Seguin
Additional Tags: Power Dynamics, Plot What Plot/Porn Without Plot
Summary: It just felt right, going up to Tyler's place instead of his own.

Bookmarker's Notes: A perfect balance of hot and sweet, with really lovely, deft characterization -- somehow intense and understated and full of nearly-unspoken context all at once, which is exactly, exactly right for the pairing.

Seriously, I loved this fic SO MUCH. I've been falling down on the job lately in terms of reccing (or even commenting, sometimes, which I feel bad about, but well, I'm kind of in a mental state where either things happen or they don't and I don't seem to have much direct control over it), but with all the Benn/Seguin feelings I've been having, I just had to call this one out. It made me so happy! I bet you will enjoy it, too.

A few pictures for reference, because why not! )
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Today has been a very grumpy day, but there were a few bright spots, and I feel it would be good for me to make a concerted effort for forget the crap and highlight the good stuff.

1. [ profile] oxoniensis is one of my very favorite enablers, and it's really great to see her around and posting again.

2. It's been delightful perusing what people have nominated for Yuletide so far. I haven't quite completely decided, but I'm pretty sure I'll be nominating Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, Zhuangzi - Zhuang Zhou, Lost Coastlines (Song), and prooooooooooobably Gosford Park (2001), though some part of me is tempted to nominate Sentinels of the Multiverse, which might still win out over Gosford Park or Lost Coastlines. Rivers of London and Zhuangzi are just about definite, though.

3. Ulta was having a sale on Butter London nail polishes, and while I like to keep my fingernails natural, I've been thinking a lot recently about how I wear flip flops essentially year-round because it's so warm here, and so I've been wanting to experiment with some toenail polishes. This was inspired in part by getting the occasional nail polish in my Birchbox subscription (which I have been really enjoying), as well as by the people on my flist who seem to have fun with their polishes. I ended up picking out Keks, Blagger, Champers, Shag, and British Racing Green, and I'm really looking forward to trying them.

4. Hockey is being played!! Sure, it's just the preseason, but... HOCKEY! With all the changes the Dallas Stars made in the offseason, I have been really curious to see how training camp would play out, and so far, it's been both interesting and promising. Obviously a work in progress, but lots of good things and excitement!

5. One of those good things, this quote from Tyler Seguin after an intrasquad scrimmage in which he and Jamie Benn played together for the first time (on a line with Erik Cole) and seemed to click pretty darn well: “For Day 1 playing together, it was nice,” said Seguin. “Away from the rink, the Benn boys and me have been together pretty much 24/7, so the chemistry on the ice is just going to come.” (The Benn boys = Jamie and his older brother Jordie, who's a defenseman with the organization.) They're living in the same building and it sounds like they're hanging out a lot, they've been really complimentary about each other's talent and play style, they've keyed into the importance of on-ice communication as they both get back to playing their natural positions, they've already started using each others' nicknames, and apparently Segs spent the summer studying clips of Jamie to start figuring out how to adjust to his play. They've both sounded really positive in quotes, and that makes me super, super happy (and honestly, kind of relieved). I'll miss Loui Eriksson terribly (and I liked Reilly Smith, too), but I'm pleased that the Stars got Seguin (and also Peverley!) and am very, very glad to see some early signs of potential good things to come.
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When everything happens all at once, all the good and all the bad and all the stress and all the related failure to keep up with all the things and just, ARGH.

On a mostly unrelated note, I'm doing something I had hoped to avoid ever doing, but hopefully it's only temporary -- locking some of my fic on AO3 to registered users only. (Out of curiosity, anyone know how to edit works that are in a closed collection? Is it just me having this problem?) (Apparently it's a bug, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon enough.) It'll still all be publicly posted here (and possibly I'll even start cross-posting to Dreamwidth like I've been meaning to do for forever) unless shit really hits the fan, because LJ has the "minimize in search engine results" options and AO3 does not. (Apparently I was wrong about that! Woot! Which makes it much more likely that I'll unlock it again later, once the attention-on-Hockey-RPF storm has hopefully blown past.) I allow anonymous comments (screened at first, but I'll unscreen them unless asked not to) and don't log IP addresses or use My Guests or anything like that, so you can comment anonymously without fear if you like. Feel free to ping me if you want pdfs or whatnot.

Also I think I have an AO3 invite kicking around, if anyone wants it.

Not-so-brief fannish update, because why not: under here )
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I feel super freaking lucky to have an AHL team so nearby. Went to see the Texas Stars host the Houston Aeros tonight and had a really really ridiculously good time, even though the Stars lost. Damn you Mikael Granlund! *shakes tiny fist* The kid had 2G & 2A tonight (to go with his 2A against the Stars last night in Houston) and looked dangerous every time he was on the ice. Which is super promising for the Wild, if the #$*%$&^ NHL season ever starts, but between him and Nick Palmieri (rocking the mountain man look) and Scandella (who I really like! just... not when they're playing the Stars!), among others, the Stars just didn't seem to have the skill level to catch the Aeros. They had some bad luck, too, and definitely spent too much tie in the penalty box, but the chemistry overall just felt kind of off for the Stars tonight. Alas. Though the Eakin line got a couple of goals, including one very nice passing play w/ Dillon on the PK in the 3rd period, so it wasn't all bad.

But oh, just watching hockey again made me so happy. I've missed it so much. And we got seats in row D, close enough to the glass that every time a puck or body hit it, it elicited an almost visceral reaction, and close enough to the ice that it felt like the players could actually hear us shouting. Our section was pretty loud and into it, too, which was pleasing. Even the lone loud guy at the end of our row who was cheering for the Aeros was entertaining.

I'm seeing them again tomorrow (there was a Living Social deal, so tickets were cheap!), maybe they'll have better luck against the bb Avs (Lake Erie Monsters).

Sidenote: I might be shipping Brett Bulmer and Brenden Dillon just a little bit. They had an extended taunting session across center ice in the 2nd period, as the game got progressively chippier (more chippy?). Bulmer cocked his head to the side and had this little smirk on his face, and just kept talking, looking right at Dillon the whole time. It was... intriguing. Because what I really needed was yet another obscure prospect ship. I was already having a lot of thoughts about Nathan MacKinnon and Seth Jones because of the extensive article about them in The Hockey News, and I am hoping that more evidence of Jamie Oleksiak and Jack Campbell's bromance will surface now that they're both rookies with the Texas Stars this year. And there's always Nick Bjugstad & Kyle Rau tearing it up for the Gophers again at the U of M. Minnesota boys! ♥

... I've lived in too many places and like too many teams. It gets confusing. I'll always be a Minnesota girl at heart, and the Blackhawks will always been my first hockey love, but I have to say that I can't be sad that I accidentally Stockholmed myself into following the Stars. It almost makes me feel like a normal sports fan. Novel!

And now back to staring at the Yuletide tagset and trying to figure out what I'm going to request and offer. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Two of my requests are set, but the other two... I just don't know. (Also I promise I have not forgotten about [ profile] sixteenwins! /o\ Hopefully actually getting to watch hockey again, despite the lockout (GRRRRRRRRR), will inspire me!)
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Title: come so close that I might see
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationships: Jamie Benn/Jordan Eberle
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~1150 words
Disclaimer: So very, very fictional.
Warnings: None as far as I can tell.
Summary: Jordan gets an unexpected reward for being woken up in the middle of the night.
Notes: Written for prompt #33 of [ profile] hockeyrarepairs. Details that I couldn't find (like their Team Canada roommates) have been fudged. The title is from Mazzy Star's "So Tonight That I Might See." Also posted on AO3 here.

Jordan blinks awake to find his arm outstretched to the nightstand, phone buzzing under his hand and face still half mashed into the pillow. )
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EDITED 9/4/2015: So. There are apparently extremely distressing things I did not know about Sheldon Souray. See the entry for him at this compiled list of various acts of violence against women and misogyny hockey players have been accused of, though please, please, be careful when deciding to read -- there are descriptions of a lot of incredibly upsetting things in that list. Please feel free to contact me for specific trigger warnings if you want/need.

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