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I did a report on him in fifth grade; I think I picked him because he was the one people almost never talked about (I was pretty obsessed with the Continental Congress around that time -- I had a Scholastic book about it and also one about the US presidents that I read over and over). And I discovered that he was kind of a dick (well, I probably wouldn't have put it in exactly those terms at the time, but the fact remains), but an effective dick, the kind of dick a fledgling government needs if it's going to survive, because someone has to do the practical dirty work and deal with the overwhelming, necessary bureaucratic crap of it all. I wasn't sure if I liked him, exactly. I have mixed feelings about his legacies, even more so now that I understand more about the world, and obviously he had some personal flaws. But I couldn't help having a soft spot.

Which probably contributed to me crying my eyes out multiple times today, these huge wracking sobs, as I finally got around to listening to Hamilton for the first time. So many different emotions. (It's been a while since I had a good cry. I probably needed it.)

Governing is harder. Living is harder. He did his best, and he paid the price (so many different kinds of prices, for both the successes and the mistakes), and he kept going, and he got things out of it, and so did the people (and nation) around him, for better or for worse. What's more human than that? (Plus, I'm the daughter of immigrants. Immigrant stories are close to my heart.) And I am basically in love with the Schuyler sisters, because yes.

My mom (who is full of awesome; this is but one small example) decided that what she wanted for her 70th birthday was a trip to NYC to see Hamilton. We managed to snag some tickets, and it's not for months yet, but I'm so excited. ... I need to remember to bring tissues. A lot of tissues.

(ETA: Also, hello everyone! It has been far, far too long since my last post. I am still reading. I hope to get back to posting and interacting more. I have no idea if I'll manage it.)
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Just to say that I'll be incommunicado for the next couple of weeks. But I'll be back! :)

Five Things I'm currently in love with:

1. American Idiot (the musical -- I've been listening to the Broadway cast recording pretty much non-stop ever since seeing it this past weekend). Stark Sands was somehow even more amazing than I'd expected, and I have brand new crushes on Michael Esper and Rebecca Naomi Jones.

2. Doctor Who Season 5. Amy/Rory/Eleven(/River)(/Liz) ftw!

3. Inception fic.

4. Brian Joubert going to Toronto to train for a little while. I'm seeing some Brian Joubert/Adam Rippon in my future!

5. California. ♥
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On Nov 10, I will be watching Stark Sands sing and dance as Clyde Barrow with only one row of people between us, for the world premiere of the musical Bonnie & Clyde at the La Jolla Playhouse. Yes, that would be Lt. Nate Fick, for those of you from Generation Kill fandom (GK is amazing, both the 7-hour miniseries and the fandom). I am so excited. I almost just deleted the email, because I had vaguely planned to have moved a few states away by then. But then in their little cast profile my eyes caught on his name and by the time I had all of my senses again I had bought a 2nd row ticket to the first show. It only requires me holding on here for a few more days, and I haven't bought my plane ticket yet anyway! And gosh, people, Stark Sands. As a bank robber and lover! *glee*

I also finally bought a ticket for The Airborne Toxic Event at the House of Blues on the 3rd. Sure, it cost about twice as much as the ticket price itself because of all the fees, but last time they were here the show sold out and I couldn't get in even without paying 4 times as much. And I know it'll be worth it, they were a really fun show at SXSW. And I'm curious to see if they've fixed their are-we-following-the-drummer-or-the-frontman rhythm issue. I wonder if The Henry Clay People and Red Cortez are going to be any good. I do like hearing new music, regardless, so.

It would probably be good to force myself to get out of the house more, too. I need to be more inspired to pack and staying in is definitely not working. Ahahahahaha.
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There was a [ profile] spnstoryfinders query regarding Dean/Impala fics, which of course led me to search back through my list of read fics to try to find a few that hadn't already been mentioned.

Suddenly, a batch of Impala-based recs seemed like a good idea. So, 6 fics: 1 human!Impala and 1 transformer!Impala, with the rest taking place inside the Impala. Of those, 1 gen, 2 Wincest, 1 wanking.

Relevance by [ profile] marinarusalka. Gen, PG, references to Dean/OFC. This fic starts out amusing and slides smoothly into poignant, somehow allowing Dean to quote poetry and talk about their father's past with Sam while staying entirely in character. The most serious and gorgeous story on this list. Truly lovely.

I Could Tell You Why by [ profile] nutkin. Sam/Dean, NC-17. Spectacularly dirty and hot post-Scarecrow cranky reunion sex, full of snarky banter and demanding Sam. In the Impala, with all the physical awkwardness and potential for exhibitionism that implies.

Like a Hurricane by [ profile] mona1347 and [ profile] poisontaster. Sam/Dean, probably NC-17. More demanding Sam, calm and intense. If I were Dean I wouldn't've been able to keep driving either. Gloriously fun and hot and good.

Nine Lives by [ profile] annella. Dean, almost Dean/Impala due to his anthropomorphization of her, NC-17. Impala-related spoilers for early Season 2. Sweet, hot little wankfic.

Stick Shifts and Safety Belts by [ profile] silverkit. Dean/human!Impala, PG-13. Totally cracktastic and adorable. Short and sweet and funny. (Haven't yet read the sequel, which had been added after my initial reading of this, so I didn't notice it until going back to re-read for writing-up purposes.)

Look What My Baby Can Do by [ profile] dramaphile. Supernatural/Transformers, featuring transformer!Impala. Gen here, but the sequel, Manual Override, consists mainly of scorching hot Wincest in the Impala propelled by Sam's jealousy. Hilarious, sparkling, pure bite-sized crack.

And speaking of crack, don't forget the Metallicar/Truckzilla fic by [ profile] derryderrydown that I previously rec'd. Just to be complete.

Edited to add: and, of course, right after posting this I read How to Get Your Car Waxed by [ profile] __tiana__, which really should have been on this list. So I wrote up an addendum. Enjoy!
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