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After dragging my feet for years, I have finally migrated over my old lj entries to the dreamwidth journal I'd set up long ago. I went through my lj friendslist and tried to find as many people on dw as I could off of it; it was incredibly nostalgic. It was also sad at times to realize how many of them don't seem to be around anymore (so many empty journals...). Makes me grateful for those of you who are still active on these platforms! I'll be trying to read both friendslists and crossposting from here on out -- not that I've been posting much, admittedly, but when I do.

Maybe I'll even take another step and attempt to actually use my tumblr account, too. Maybe.
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When one of your main sources of one fandom's news seems to be accelerating its likely-inevitable devolution into wank, it can occur to you that if you just remember to check bits of the rest of your flist, multiple awesome people will be having weekly discussions about one of your other fandoms! Whew.

(Reason #1: more fandoms = more pretty; reason #2: more fandoms = soothing your brain's annoying need for variety... at least if your brain is like my brain.)

(Mostly unrelated note: the number of things I ought to post about keeps growing, but somehow everything that's not strictly on deadline keeps getting put off... but someday!)
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1. I am woefully behind on everything in my life, including reading LJ. Hopefully someday I'll catch up, but it won't be this week. Please feel free to point me at interesting things you've posted that I might otherwise miss! I'm behind on reading Yuletide stories, too. Busy being social, mostly, but also feeling just a little awkward about the whole thing this year. The politics of being in fandom keeps clouding my thought processes. But I might rally before the reveal! We will see.

2. Speaking of Yuletide stories, I'll write a prompt ficlet for anyone who manages to guess one of the ones I wrote without having inside knowledge of that particular story. I kind of doubt any of them are obvious, but I guess you never know. :)

3. Incidentally, I'm curious. Is there a reasonable rundown somewhere of why people dislike OTW/AO3? Preferably as fair and balanced as possible, but I'm interested in all the perspectives. I don't want huge flaming discussion (please don't link to communities), but it feels like something I perhaps ought to have a deeper understanding of.

4. Sherlock Holmes was spoilers! Non-spoilery: Highly enjoyable. )

5. Besides Sherlock Holmes, I've been jotting down some other notes for next year's Yuletide fandoms. I am inclined to keep The Obnoxious Jerks, Athena, and Mysterious Skin, and I'm thinking about resurrecting A Tale of Time City and Initial D. There's a lot of other stuff discussed previously, but the things that keep occurring to me lately: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants really needs more Carmen-centric fic, the Old Kingdom Trilogy by Garth Nix needs more Sabriel-centric fic, and I'm highly tempted to nominate the School Daze series by Jerry Spinelli, which just might be even more obscure than The Obnoxious Jerks, for all the more people probably know the name Spinelli than Manes. Castle will probably be too big next year for Yuletide, which is good in a lot of ways, but I feel like there needs to be way more Ryan/Esposito (slash or gen, either way!) fic out there. I'm not against the Castles and Beckett (and more Beckett/Parish wouldn't go amiss), I like them a lot, but I think my love of Poke from Generation Kill has sort of adhered itself to Esposito, too -- I just have a thing for Jon Huertas now, no way around it. I am also still kind of attached to the weird cross-season Project Runway pairing I've been considering; it's one of those things I kind of doubt will ever occur to anyone else, so I should probably just write it or request it. *ponders*
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In which I flail a little about the race discussion and about how deeply disappointed I am in some of the people involved, primarily one particular beloved author )

(Note: Please don't metafandom. I just... couldn't not say this. This is a response to reading through some interesting and well worth reading accounts of what happened and following some of the links back -- admittedly coming from a particular set of perspectives, but ones that I'm trying to learn more about -- that kind of astonished me given how intelligent and insightful I found one of the catalyst posts, [ profile] deepad's I Didn't Dream of Dragons.)

In other race-related news, if you haven't watched [ profile] kita0610's Photo Essay No, She Will Not Love You Long Time, do. My thoughts (and her response) are here. It's loosely about the portrayal of Asians in the media, and seriously, it made me cry. Watch it. Please.

ETA: [ profile] coffeeem/Emma Bull's apology. It is appreciated.
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