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1. Dim sum! And they even had chrysanthemum tea! Served, exactly as it should be, with a little dish of rock sugar. *swoon* (It is strangely difficult to find in the US, so it is very, very exciting to know that there is a place nearby that has it!) Deliciousness. ) Definitely going back there.

2. [ profile] antumbral's Hockey RPF (Blackhawks)/Generation Kill fusion-crossover ficlet (also here), in which Duncan Keith is a spotter, Patrick Sharp is his sniper, Patrick Kane is their driver/communications guy, and Jonathan Toews is (of course) their fearless leader. It is just so ridiculously pleasing. ♥

3. Yes, I'm still basically in the process of falling in love with hockey. I watched half of 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic (only half because the Housemate twice (twice!) deleted the first two episodes before I had the chance to watch them) and it was awesome. I have had to start actively preventing myself from spending all my time reading articles and blogs (and re-reading fic), because there are a lot of things that actually need to get done this month (we're moving, among other things; there is a lot in my life to be stressed out about, at the moment), but it's fun to know it's all out there for me to absorb when I have the chance.

4. Porn Battle XI is coming! :D Prompting will start tomorrow and run through Friday, January 21st, and the dates of the actual battle are Sunday, January 23rd to Thursday, February 3rd. [ profile] oxoniensis has more information up here and here. All fandoms welcome! Come post some prompts! (See the FAQ for info on how to format them correctly and all that jazz.) I have started my brainstorming list for prompts, but got a little distracted by a fic idea, so I still have much to do. Possibly I ought to make sure to prompt something that the fic idea would fill, because my desire to write the scene that's been on repeat in my head for the past few days has gotten pretty strong. Two hockey players, one figure skater, 2010 Winter Olympics, happy shiny super-porny ménage à trois featuring oral sex and instructional dirty talk -- should be fun, if I can make it work!

5. Shearwater is still one of the best live shows I have ever seen or ever will see. Never fancy, just them and their many, many instruments (all of them played between 3 to 6 instruments over the course of the show), but breathtaking, engrossing, charming, intense, and so, so gorgeous. They performed The Island Arc (Palo Santo, Rook, and The Golden Archipelago) all the way through (with 10 minute breaks between albums), seven people on stage (if I remember correctly the previous two times I saw them they usually had five people) all playing with total commitment. I am a little bit in love with Jonathan Meiburg, I think, and his voice. I am definitely in love with his band. Just incredible.

Um. *cough* That was a lot of hockey, wasn't it. I might be a little obsessed. But it's not the only thing I'm thinking about! I have been also contemplating a lot of other fandomy things! )
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I have been lax this year in noting some of the fics I wrote for fic exchanges, so now that my Yuletide story has been revised and uploaded, I'm going to fix that. First, here are pointers to two fics I wrote for [ profile] fs_exchange this past summer, and after that I'll be reposting the fic I wrote for Yuletide last year (sorry in advance for the mini-flood of posts).

Apparently I was in the mood for het fluff this summer. I really enjoyed writing both of these! They might give you sugar shock if you read them one right after the other, though. :)

Title: A Princess and Her Prince Go on a Picnic
Skaters/Pairings: Meryl Davis/Ryan Bradley, Charlie White
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~2000
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The events portrayed in this story are fictional and do not reflect on the actual people written about.
A/N: Written for [ profile] perculious as part of [ profile] fs_exchange 2010. Many thanks to my wonderful betas! This story is set in the summer of 2008, and is also posted on AO3 here.
Summary: She let her heart decide.

A Princess and Her Prince Go on a Picnic; link goes to the fs_exchange post

The above was my original assignment; below is the pinch hit I picked up later:

Title: Meant To Be More Than Just Friends
Skaters/Pairings: Adam Rippon/Yuna Kim, Brian Joubert
Rating: G
Wordcount: ~2100
Warnings: None.
Disclaimer: The events portrayed in this story are fictional and do not reflect on the actual people written about.
A/N: Written for [ profile] short_program as part of [ profile] fs_exchange 2010. I love my betas -- thank you both! Title is from "Oh My Lover," written by Ronald Mack, originally performed by The Chiffons, and more recently covered by The Detroit Cobras. I have opted to spell Yuna's name as she does on her twitter account. This story is also posted on AO3 here.
Summary: In which Adam likes Yuna, and may or may not manage to tell her so in words. Set approximately now.

Meant To Be More Than Just Friends; link goes to the fs_exchange post

As always, feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed and cherished, anywhere you wish to leave it. :)
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Five things I should not do before dealing with my deadline, even though I really really really want to:

5. Finish the damn tattoo fic I've had on hold for a couple of months.

4. Play with the some of the memes that have been going around.

3. Make a reclist that's been banging around my brain for a few weeks -- one (or two, or three) fics from each fandom I've read in the last year. Even if I don't include Yuletide, that's a lot of fandoms.

2. Write the Adam Rippon/Brian Joubert Team Toronto fic I've been pondering, and incorporating all the shit that went down the past few days re: Yuna('s mom) firing Brian Orser as her coach. :( :( :(

1. Read Mockingjay.



Hell with it, I can't wait a whole week to read Mockingjay. It will just distract me. So clearly I should just read it all in one go so that I can get it out of my head. Yeah. :D? :D? /o\
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Just to say that I'll be incommunicado for the next couple of weeks. But I'll be back! :)

Five Things I'm currently in love with:

1. American Idiot (the musical -- I've been listening to the Broadway cast recording pretty much non-stop ever since seeing it this past weekend). Stark Sands was somehow even more amazing than I'd expected, and I have brand new crushes on Michael Esper and Rebecca Naomi Jones.

2. Doctor Who Season 5. Amy/Rory/Eleven(/River)(/Liz) ftw!

3. Inception fic.

4. Brian Joubert going to Toronto to train for a little while. I'm seeing some Brian Joubert/Adam Rippon in my future!

5. California. ♥
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Because apparently I am compelled to sign up for them. I am pretty much in love with some of these prompts, though, so I guess it paid off.

I'm thinking How to Ditch Your Fairy fic (possibly a figure skating rpf AU, or possibly just, you know, fic for the book) for the "sports tryouts" prompt. I'm fairly certain figure skating rpf is going to happen somewhere in there, anyway, and the idea of mundane Justified fic amuses me. And there are so many other possible fandoms...

mundane bingo: card )

[ profile] kiss_bingo: card )

[ profile] hs_bingo: card )

Incidentally! Lots of nifty things happening in the multi-fandom world of fic:

Porn Battle X is on! Because [ profile] oxoniensis is awesome. :) Leave prompts here by Thursday at 7 pm UK time.

Also, [ profile] realwomenfest exists! Women-centered rpf ficathon and celebration. Prompt away!

Less multi-fandom, but still fabulous: [ profile] skategreat's Texts from Last Night figure skating rpf fic challenge (sign-ups close Saturday). Terrific, often hilarious prompts. Only downside, all the plot bunnies I've come up with so far are for other fandoms! Oops.
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If you like joy, you should go read The Dream: Not Working, the amazing Ryan Bradley/Jeremy Abbott story that some wonderful, incredible person wrote me for [ profile] fs_exchange. In which Ryan is mysteriously depressed after Jeremy moves to Detroit, and most of Team Colorado gets involved despite themselves. So many fantastic details, amusing conversations, and very plausible emotions. I love the characterizations and voices and writing style and, really, everything about this story. And it is MINE! *glee* But everyone should go read it and leave feedback and experience the happiness! You won't regret it. :D :D :D :D :D

Also, it occurs to me that I have been remiss and didn't mention the lovely, lyrical Stephane Lambiel/Brian Joubert story that [ profile] glitteratichic wrote for me for [ profile] holiday_on_ice: We Were Princes, which gives the reader glimpses of three past lives together and what happens when they meet again in this one. Really interesting and atmospheric and gorgeous. And MINE! ♥

Speaking of mine, I ended up writing two stories for [ profile] fs_exchange. If anyone (without insider knowledge, of course) manages to guess one, I'll write you a ficlet. And I'll try not to make you regret it. ;)
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Title: Commonly Known Facts
Fandom: Figure Skating RPF
Pairings/Characters: Gen (Patrick Chan/Brian Joubert/Daisuke Takahashi pre-slash, Yuna Kim/Adam Rippon pre-slash, Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir)
Rating: G
Words: ~1600
Disclaimer: So very, very fictional.
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: Hogwarts AU! A tiny vignette from what may someday become a larger universe.
Notes: Written as a secondary gift fic for [ profile] rinfics as part of the [ profile] holiday_on_ice 2010 fic exchange. More than one of the prompts appealed to me, so my brain started generating lots of other ideas... and now this exists. It is more of a snapshot in time than a full-out fic, and it's essentially a somewhat off-the-cuff experiment, but it seemed like it might be fun to post it as a little bonus fic for [ profile] rinfics. Please note that I messed around with everyone's ages a little, but they should still be in approximately the same order, just closer in age. Everyone mentioned in this vignette is in Year 5 or 6. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed and loved, always.

It was a commonly known fact that Brian Joubert and Daisuke Takahashi hated each other. )
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Title: Five Times Patrick Chan Talked to Brian Joubert and One Time Brian Said Something Back
Fandom: Figure Skating RPF
Pairing: Brian Joubert/Patrick Chan
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~6300
Disclaimer: So very, very fictional.
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Summary: In which Brian and Patrick move from conflict to détente to desire, and end up with something even better than that.
Notes: Written for [ profile] rinfics as part of the [ profile] holiday_on_ice 2010 fic exchange. I am incredibly grateful to my wonderful betas, [ profile] greenlily and [ profile] nova33, for their fantastic help and much-needed encouragement. For a brief primer and timeline of the interactions between Brian and Patrick, please go here. Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, cherished.

conflict, détente, desire, affection )
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This is meant to be a very brief introduction to Brian Joubert and Patrick Chan and their interactions. Which is why there are no pictures (though that's Patrick in my icon, and Brian will be in the icon I use for my next post) and very few video links, as otherwise this would have taken forever and been incredibly long. Still, I hope it's useful. If you have any further information about their interactions that I've missed (or messed up), please let me know! I would love to make this as complete as possible.

two paragraphs about Brian Joubert, two paragraphs about Patrick Chan, and a rough timeline of their rather fractious interactions )
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Well, at least the first draft. Which may or may not require someone fluent in French for some of the dialogue, unless I dispense with that idea. And which definitely requires a beta or two to send it to when I'm done. Ack.

1. Make posts for Children's Book Week. There are so many Children's and YA books I'd like to gush about!

2. Make posts regarding the recent conversation about sexual violence and rape culture (thanks, [ profile] thexpuzzler for the latter link) that's been happening lately. I'd been meaning to make a post about harassment even before this, but for now I'll just say this: safe spaces are important, and support is important, and I am incredibly impressed by and grateful to the many, many, many smart, brave, wonderful women who have addressed this issue and talked about their own experiences.

3. Make posts about television shows or movies or plays I've been watching.

4. Make posts about figure skaters. (Oh, how I wish I could gush about figure skaters.)

5. Watch nearly as many figure skating related videos as I would like to, unless they are [ profile] holiday_on_ice research.

6. And they must be research for the first story, not the one that I accidentally started planning out and writing for a different prompt. I'm not allowed to write that story until the first one is done, damn it.

7. Write any other stories. Really, no.

8. See as much of my family and friends as I would like to... I still haven't called most people to even tell them I'm in town, argh. I still have a couple of weeks, though, so hopefully there will be plenty of time after I finish the fic.

9. Play games. No card games with my family, no board games with my friends, no poking at my tabletop rpg characters, no Sims, nothing.

10. Read other people's stories. Well, at least not more than a tiny handful. I am bad at cutting things out entirely, but cutting down should be possible...

I also really need to stop reading other people's posts about figure skaters or fandoms not related to the story I'm supposed to be writing, but it is very difficult. So I'm not making it a rule. But I should probably buckle down and concentrate! It's much easier to daydream about the story than it is to write it, though. At least I'm above the word count minimum? /o\
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I am so thrilled about my [ profile] holiday_on_ice assignment, I can't even explain it properly. Put it this way -- I just got it this afternoon, and already I have 276 words and a general outline of the rest despite the fact that really, I'm supposed to be packing for a trip and making yet another mix cd. The idea of doing research for it fills me full of glee! Oh, this is going to be so fun!
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You are making a mix cd. It is due today. You cannot spend all day watching videos of Brian Joubert. Nor can you watch videos of Stephane Lambiel, Daisuke Takahashi and Mao Asada, Jeremy Abbott, Yu-Na Kim, Adam Rippon, Johnny Weir, or even Evan Lysacek on Dancing with the Stars (one of these things is not like the others). You simply cannot. You can't even watch just one because you know from experience that you'll look up five hours later and still want to watch more. So you can't, damn it. Make your mix cd!
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1. This line from the most recent ~weekly shiplist my favorite comic book shop sends out: "Also, MARVEL has a new "permanent" title: ASTONISHING SPIDER-MAN/WOLVERINE. Honestly, we have no idea who to give this one to, so let us know if you want it." This was especially funny given that the email started out by listing all the complicated shenanigans involving the Avengers titles name changes and what they were gong to do about subscriptions, detailing exactly who, subscribed to what old title(s), would get what new title(s) by default.

2. Mixing and betaing for [ profile] bandombigbang has forced me to realize that I can, indeed, still read and enjoy MCR fic, at least sometimes. Yay! I expect that my bandom consumption will still stay a bit deflated, though.

3. I am totally in love with figure skating fandom right now. If there were more fic for me to devour I would probably be even more solidly in the fandom, but even just all of the resources and squee over at [ profile] ontd_skating is absolutely delighting me. Hell, I even signed up for the [ profile] holiday_on_ice fic exchange. My signup was embarrassingly long-winded as usual, but I enjoyed thinking about prompts and such so much that my brain seems to be stuck in plot bunny mode. It would not surprise me if a figure skating plot bunny post materializes sometime in the near future.

4. I am still in war mode. That sounds strange. I mean, I'm still riding my recent wave of interest in wartime settings and military things that was sparked by Generation Kill and fed by my Yuletide assignment (god, I still have to write up that Yuletide wrapup post, oops), and enjoying it immensely. I'm in the middle of watching Band of Brothers, and while I'm reserving judgment on The Pacific as a whole until they show the rest, I am definitely enjoying watching it. The guy who plays the poet is damn easy on the eyes, and the appearance of a couple of Wonderfalls actors made me so happy! Actually, speaking of Wonderfalls, I saw Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (so adorable!) this past week and fell in love with Lee Pace all over again. And I didn't even realize going in that it was set on the eve of the British getting into WWII! It went well with Connie Willis's new novel, Blackout, which is about time-traveling historians studying the British home front. It was a hands-down amazing read (I devoured it so fast), with the single flaw of actually being only the first half of the story. Luckily the second part will be out in the fall. But I want it now! In the meantime I'll be getting my war fix through the rest of The Pacific and Band of Brothers, and probably re-watching GK and reading more of the book. Hmm. Maybe I'll finally watch Full Metal Jacket to get in some Vietnam. I wonder if I could find something good for the Korean War. Huh. Come to think of it, you could say my interest was actually sparked by that Japanese history class I took in 2008 and all of the fantastic end of WWII and postwar stuff we read and discussed, and then maybe fed by Waltz with Bashir, which is a freaking amazing film, also from 2008, about memory and the 1982 war between Israel and Lebanon. So yeah, I've been on something of a war kick for awhile. So if anyone has any recs for war-related stuff, please hit me with 'em. Any war in any time period, any medium, and any aspect of war. I'm interested in it all!

5. I have added a new reality tv show to my roster of tv shows, bringing the number I follow up to... 2 and a half. I had half a mind to follow Idol after falling for Adam and Kris and Allison toward the end of last year's season, but I'm too lazy to watch it live or commandeer my SO's housemate's dvr, and they don't seem to post full episodes online, so fuck 'em. But that's the half, because at least I tried. I'm keeping up with Project Runway, give or take, and now I seem to be watching Dancing with the Stars. Damn you, figure skating fandom, damn you! It is fun, though. If Netflix had either Dancing with the Stars or So You Think You Can Dance, I'd probably be mainlining old seasons as I type this. It's just... Project Runway and shows of that nature are the perfect mind candy for when I'm interested in characters and talent and ambition and creativity and sometimes beauty without actually having enough brainpower to concentrate on a storyline per se. I think the next on my list is going to be Top Chef. I do love food, after all, and the one ep I saw last year (also the first and only Top Chef ep I've seen) was pretty neat. I did spend one year watching The Amazing Race with an old housemate of mine, but I think it has about an equal chance to annoy me as to entertain me, so it's in the second tier. Plus, I guess I'm just more interested in watching people singing and dancing and making beautiful (and/or delicious or otherwise awesome) things than watching people run around and do arbitrary challenges.

Wow. This list is kind of all over the place. It's sort of... shallow shallow shallow WAR shallow. I guess that pretty much covers my life right now, though. Incredibly fluffy in general, but with these rather prominent (but not usually overwhelming) depressing and difficult bits. But still, hard to complain about mostly fluffy.
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Crazy in love:

1. Stéphane Lambiel and Daisuke Takahashi and the Chinese pairs as ice skaters, and pretty much everyone in the figure skating community as characters written by the tiny corner of figure skating rpf fandom that I have been swimming about in for the last few days. Now I just yearn for more more more more more fic, as I always do when I first fall for a fandom. I've been having to google a lot, though -- it's been upwards of a decade, decade and a half since I last paid even the tiniest bit of attention to figure skating, so there are lots of new participants to get to know. It's been fun remembering how much I used to love watching people skate.

2. Candy making. I've been experimenting with caramels (a lot of work, but worth it), and Baileys balls (like rum balls only not quite) were out of this world easy and delicious, as were cinnamon-sugar almonds. I think there might be toffee in my future. And more Baileys balls, in white and milk and bittersweet chocolate. And possibly some cookies and brownies and rice krispie bars... *rubs hands together gleefully*

Crazy in hate:

1. I've been a totally irresponsible fandom lurker recently -- I haven't even managed to properly thank the people who commented on the stories I wrote for Yuletide! There's a ton of fic fb I still need to leave from the past month at least, and I've been reading lj so sporadically I feel quite out of the loop. I think that I'd probably be in better mental health if I fixed this.

2. I've been totally irresponsible in my non-fandom life, too. I don't really know how to explain the listlessness and lack of direction; I'm happier than I've been in a long time... it's just that that's not enough to be completely healed and actually functional, I guess. But I think I'll get there. Possibly even soon. I hope.
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