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Five things I should not do before dealing with my deadline, even though I really really really want to:

5. Finish the damn tattoo fic I've had on hold for a couple of months.

4. Play with the some of the memes that have been going around.

3. Make a reclist that's been banging around my brain for a few weeks -- one (or two, or three) fics from each fandom I've read in the last year. Even if I don't include Yuletide, that's a lot of fandoms.

2. Write the Adam Rippon/Brian Joubert Team Toronto fic I've been pondering, and incorporating all the shit that went down the past few days re: Yuna('s mom) firing Brian Orser as her coach. :( :( :(

1. Read Mockingjay.



Hell with it, I can't wait a whole week to read Mockingjay. It will just distract me. So clearly I should just read it all in one go so that I can get it out of my head. Yeah. :D? :D? /o\
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Title: Unexpected
Fandom: Justified
Pairings/Characters: Rachel Brooks/Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~2700
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine, but the story is.
Warnings: None of the standard warnings apply, as far as I can tell.
Summary: In which they go to a conference and end up playing a little game.
Notes: Written for the prompts "Rachel/Raylan/Tim: strip poker" as part of Porn Battle X, originally posted here. Feedback and constructive criticism is welcomed and cherished; please feel free to comment in either location, or on AO3 here. I wrote this very quickly (for me, anyway) and while I read it over quite a number of times before the deadline, I have a feeling I didn't manage to catch everything, so if you catch a typo or whatnot (or any larger issues, for that matter!) please do mention it, if you like.

Unexpected )
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Because apparently I am compelled to sign up for them. I am pretty much in love with some of these prompts, though, so I guess it paid off.

I'm thinking How to Ditch Your Fairy fic (possibly a figure skating rpf AU, or possibly just, you know, fic for the book) for the "sports tryouts" prompt. I'm fairly certain figure skating rpf is going to happen somewhere in there, anyway, and the idea of mundane Justified fic amuses me. And there are so many other possible fandoms...

mundane bingo: card )

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Incidentally! Lots of nifty things happening in the multi-fandom world of fic:

Porn Battle X is on! Because [ profile] oxoniensis is awesome. :) Leave prompts here by Thursday at 7 pm UK time.

Also, [ profile] realwomenfest exists! Women-centered rpf ficathon and celebration. Prompt away!

Less multi-fandom, but still fabulous: [ profile] skategreat's Texts from Last Night figure skating rpf fic challenge (sign-ups close Saturday). Terrific, often hilarious prompts. Only downside, all the plot bunnies I've come up with so far are for other fandoms! Oops.
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Mostly for my own reference, but again, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know! :D

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It is lucky that the deadlines for these are so far away. What is sad is that out of all of these prompts, however, is that the tattoo fic my brain insisted on spinning out after seeing this incredibly intriguing post about Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson's tattoos (oh, Justified, how I love thee) doesn't manage to fulfill any of them. (I never did write anything for [ profile] kink_bingo last year, which means no card for me this year; bad writer, no biscuit.) And somehow I absolutely must make myself stop halfway through Tim's tattoo-acquiring adventures (he's currently driving around Florida because that's where the last stage of Ranger School is) because I desperately need to work on other projects that have more looming deadlines. Ack!

Also I am way behind on replying to people. Conversation failure. /o\
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I really, really, really adore you. I'm still two episodes behind, but the last couple seriously hit it out of the park for me. Especially 1.11, which was almost everything I ever wanted in a Justified episode and plenty of things I didn't even know I wanted to boot.

spoilers up to Episode 1.11: Veterans )

I am so looking forward to the last two episodes of the season. And then, I will be looking for fic. Surely there must be some good Justified fic out there somewhere. I hope!
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It was kind of an accident. We (me, the SO, and... we'll call him H1 for Housemate #1) had just watched the last two parts of The Pacific, which were not really spoilery, just talking about the mini-series in general terms, but just in case. ) I turned to the boys and said "I need to watch something frivolous now." I was hoping for Justified (we're about 4 episodes behind, and I had a hankering to watch Hoosier from The Pacific become Justified's Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson), but the SO insisted that he needed to play a video game for a couple of hours, so that was out. (The boys have a fairly strict code about tv show watching. They're from Texas, okay, they were raised polite. It's inconvenient, but cute.) H1 said, "I don't know if this fits the bill, but H2 and I have an episode of True Blood to watch." I had a feeling that whatever else you could say about True Blood, it probably counts as frivolous! So H1 and H2 spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to fill me in on the general outlines of the plots and who everyone is (and they still had to pause during the show a few times to explain various people and subplots they'd forgotten to tell me about, and also to help me tell all the scruffy medium-brown-haired guys apart), and then we watched episode 3.1.

Note: this is the only episode of the show that I have ever seen. I did read the first book of the series, years ago, and it did not impress me. So, um, take all opinions with a grain of salt. Who knows how I'll feel about everyone a few episodes from now.

spoilers for 3.1 (and probably previous seasons) here )

I suspect that I'm going to keep watching this show. And not just because of Eric! Though he might be a significant part of it. :)
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