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I'm in the middle of the most recent October Daye book by Seanan McGuire and enjoying it ridiculous amounts. Over the past month or two I've read the most recent Dresden Files book by Jim Butcher (which was awesome and heist-y and delightful), the most recent Iron Druid book by Kevin Hearne (which was overall entertaining but a bit disjointed), Among Others by Jo Walton (which was haunting and distinctive and basically tailor-made for people who were the kind of bookworm I was growing up; unsurprisingly I loved it), Necromancing the Stone by Lish McBride (which is the sequel to Hold Me Closer, Necromancer; both were pretty hilarious and fun, as you might guess from the titles), and the first three books of Marissa Meyer's Lunar Chronicles (which were full of fascinating world-building and endearing characters, and I'm eagerly awaiting the concluding book(s) of the series).

I have chilled coffee with agave and milk that my partner made for me this morning and stuck in the fridge for drinking in the afternoon. I have a part-time job that I like and sporadic freelance work. The Yuletide tagset is open for perusal -- there are so many awesome fandoms I want to write for, and I have eight nominations in mind that I must whittle down to six, which is hard because I love all of them, but that is the best kind of problem to have. Soon it will be writing season, which means [ profile] mini_wrimo is taking signups for daily writing in November, woot!

And hockey is back! I stayed up late watching the two games NBCSN showed last night, the Dallas Stars & Chicago Blackhawks will be on my television tonight, and I'll be at the Texas Stars season opener (and Calder Cup banner raising!) on Saturday. I wish sometimes that Hockey RPF fandom hadn't essentially jumped ship wholesale to Tumblr, which I don't keep up with, but it's okay, because the best thing it gave me was the opportunity to discover a love of the game, and that I get to keep regardless.

Life has been kind of mixed recently. But today, today is a good day.
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And then I watched the Dallas Stars' holiday greetings video. And now I can't stop smiling!

Highlights include Jordie Benn (Jamie Benn's older brother, a defenseman) and Cody Eakin (whose shockingly orange-red hair is sadly hidden under his santa hat) pretending to be each other, Maxime Fortunus's gorgeous arms and shoulders and face and total failure to help Brenden Dillon and Kevin Connauton (defensemen being adorable goofballs!) sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," the way Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin's arms are pressed together the whole time they're on screen (see my tags for more gushing about them, particularly this post), and absolutely everything about Valeri Nichushkin (ridiculously talented 18-year-old Russian phenom winger). So much giggling and laughter! It's so obvious how much they all actually really enjoy being around each other. Ah, this made me so happy. And so I share it with you! :D

In other news, [ profile] mini_wrimo went well, though I still need to polish up the thing I finished and actually post it at some point (anyone want to beta ~4k of ridiculously filthy pure porn? Hockey RPF; it probably wouldn't be until sometime in January). And I uploaded my [ profile] yuletide story by the deadline! I wasn't sure that was going to happen, but it did! And I quite like how it turned out and so did my betas, whew. So that is pleasing. There's a treat that I am very tempted to try writing, but I am basically stuck getting up super early tomorrow for travel and then doing family stuff all day and I don't know if I'll be able to get away, and it's harder than it used to be to run on very little sleep (ah, getting older), so I proooooooooobably shouldn't stay up late to write it. And it's already midnight. But oh, it's tempting.

On the media front, I just watched Pitch Perfect and really enjoyed it. Ensemble movies about women and involving lots of female friendship and camaraderie make me happy. It reminded me a little of Whip It in that way. Not a perfect movie, of course, but delightful nonetheless. Television-wise, we're behind on most things because my SO's family is super intense about the holidays and so that's been cutting into keeping up with our shows. I'm happy about the winners of The Voice and The Sing-Off, though! I've also been watching my SO play through the Mass Effect games again, which has been really entertaining. We're playing a female Shepard and I made her at least somewhat Chinese-looking; the port of her from the first game to the second game changed her coloring a little and made me realize that she actually kind of looks like one of my aunts, so that's nifty. And the character and character interactions are so great. We're midway through Mass Effect 2 and I'm all torn about who I want her to romance. I just like so many of the characters!

So... I didn't really mean for this to be a mini-update when I started it, but I guess now it is. Life overall is pretty good. Started a new part-time job and am liking it a lot. Fantasy hockey is up and down, sometimes frustrating, sometimes vindicating, but always fun. Still don't have the energy levels and ability to get things done I wish I had, but I do think it's slowly getting better with time, which is at least better than the alternative.

Happy holidays, everyone. May they be everything you want them to be!
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Today has been a very grumpy day, but there were a few bright spots, and I feel it would be good for me to make a concerted effort for forget the crap and highlight the good stuff.

1. [ profile] oxoniensis is one of my very favorite enablers, and it's really great to see her around and posting again.

2. It's been delightful perusing what people have nominated for Yuletide so far. I haven't quite completely decided, but I'm pretty sure I'll be nominating Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, Zhuangzi - Zhuang Zhou, Lost Coastlines (Song), and prooooooooooobably Gosford Park (2001), though some part of me is tempted to nominate Sentinels of the Multiverse, which might still win out over Gosford Park or Lost Coastlines. Rivers of London and Zhuangzi are just about definite, though.

3. Ulta was having a sale on Butter London nail polishes, and while I like to keep my fingernails natural, I've been thinking a lot recently about how I wear flip flops essentially year-round because it's so warm here, and so I've been wanting to experiment with some toenail polishes. This was inspired in part by getting the occasional nail polish in my Birchbox subscription (which I have been really enjoying), as well as by the people on my flist who seem to have fun with their polishes. I ended up picking out Keks, Blagger, Champers, Shag, and British Racing Green, and I'm really looking forward to trying them.

4. Hockey is being played!! Sure, it's just the preseason, but... HOCKEY! With all the changes the Dallas Stars made in the offseason, I have been really curious to see how training camp would play out, and so far, it's been both interesting and promising. Obviously a work in progress, but lots of good things and excitement!

5. One of those good things, this quote from Tyler Seguin after an intrasquad scrimmage in which he and Jamie Benn played together for the first time (on a line with Erik Cole) and seemed to click pretty darn well: “For Day 1 playing together, it was nice,” said Seguin. “Away from the rink, the Benn boys and me have been together pretty much 24/7, so the chemistry on the ice is just going to come.” (The Benn boys = Jamie and his older brother Jordie, who's a defenseman with the organization.) They're living in the same building and it sounds like they're hanging out a lot, they've been really complimentary about each other's talent and play style, they've keyed into the importance of on-ice communication as they both get back to playing their natural positions, they've already started using each others' nicknames, and apparently Segs spent the summer studying clips of Jamie to start figuring out how to adjust to his play. They've both sounded really positive in quotes, and that makes me super, super happy (and honestly, kind of relieved). I'll miss Loui Eriksson terribly (and I liked Reilly Smith, too), but I'm pleased that the Stars got Seguin (and also Peverley!) and am very, very glad to see some early signs of potential good things to come.
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I... didn't realize it had been that long. This year has been seriously, overwhelmingly Full Of Things -- tons of travel, tons of drama, tons of events and organizational crap that had to get done. But hopefully things have calmed down, just in time for my favorite fannish things to commence! Those being, of course, hockey season and Yuletide. :D I could go on and on about how giddy finding the Hockey News Yearbook in the mail made me, and how I plan to play way too much fantasy hockey this year, and how many thoughts I have about the Dallas Stars (actually more like how many thoughts I have about the entire league and the coming Olympics and hockey in general), but I'll spare you for now. Soon to come, a post compiling all the Women's Hockey fic that I can find on AO3, as people seem to be excited about that right now (as evidenced by this fantastic primer). There is sadly little of it, but it does exist! Maybe there will be more for Yuletide!

Speaking of Yuletide, a preliminary list of potential requests/nominations! Shorter than my usual, as I've been distracted this year and failed to keep a running list, and I don't feel like going back through previous years quite as comprehensively as in the past. But unless something else smacks me in the face (always a possibility!), my nominations (and likely also requests) will be drawn from this list.

That is to say, this list )
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1. Yuletide was lovely and there will be a post forthcoming about it, but things have been hilariously busy and also I've been sick for three weeks, so! I'm finally almost better, but that just means I have to catch up on everything I was supposed to be doing all this time. Ahahahahaha.

2. The wonderful [ profile] oxoniensis is running Porn Battle again! Prompts can be left here or here until 21:00 GMT today (Thursday). All fandoms welcome, so go forth and prompt!

3. HOCKEY. ♥_♥ I've been enjoying following the AHL and World Jrs and all, but I'm still ridiculously excited the NHL is back.

4. Speaking of hockey, would anyone be up for betaing ~10k of Shea Weber/Ryan Suter sometime in the next couple of days? Please? ... Bueller? I've been working on this darn thing for what seems like forever, and I'm allllllllmost done and I'd love to post it this weekend to celebrate the start of the season. (Or if you're up for betaing but would like a longer time frame, please let me know that, too? It's mostly a self-imposed deadline, at this point, so it's malleable.)

5. There are too many options for a fifth thing! Cannot decide. So I will just hit post.
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When everything happens all at once, all the good and all the bad and all the stress and all the related failure to keep up with all the things and just, ARGH.

On a mostly unrelated note, I'm doing something I had hoped to avoid ever doing, but hopefully it's only temporary -- locking some of my fic on AO3 to registered users only. (Out of curiosity, anyone know how to edit works that are in a closed collection? Is it just me having this problem?) (Apparently it's a bug, so hopefully it'll be fixed soon enough.) It'll still all be publicly posted here (and possibly I'll even start cross-posting to Dreamwidth like I've been meaning to do for forever) unless shit really hits the fan, because LJ has the "minimize in search engine results" options and AO3 does not. (Apparently I was wrong about that! Woot! Which makes it much more likely that I'll unlock it again later, once the attention-on-Hockey-RPF storm has hopefully blown past.) I allow anonymous comments (screened at first, but I'll unscreen them unless asked not to) and don't log IP addresses or use My Guests or anything like that, so you can comment anonymously without fear if you like. Feel free to ping me if you want pdfs or whatnot.

Also I think I have an AO3 invite kicking around, if anyone wants it.

Not-so-brief fannish update, because why not: under here )
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I'd somehow forgotten how deeply satisfying it is to peer into the pantry and spontaneously throw together tasty food and then devour it. Even if it's just something as simple as tuna salad made with TONS of dill and tarragon and black pepper (along with more normal amounts of smoked paprika, garlic power, onion powder, onion salt, cayenne pepper, a dollop of whole-grain dijon mustard, and a dash of grated parmesan cheese), piled onto roasted garlic Triscuits.

Hockey season went out with a bang last night. I enjoyed these Cup Finals a lot; there's something to be said for watching two teams that I have mildly positive feelings about play some really good, hard-fought hockey. One of the things I really like about the playoffs is getting to know teams and players I didn't start out that familiar with, and this year has been quite rewarding on that level. Now I'm looking forward to the Draft! :D And the summer trade season and free agent frenzy, of course. Should be a very interesting off-season.

Also yesterday, we finally moved my stuff from the storage unit into the garage here. So for the first time in over fifteen years, all of my stuff is actually in one place. I have been living half out of suitcases and without access to most of my books and such for going on four years. Unpacking and organizing it all is going to be a huge, protracted task, but still. It's all here. This almost makes up for the multiple months of 100+ degree weather and having to drive everywhere, which are perhaps my two least favorite things about Texas. Well, besides the prevailing conservative mindset in most of the state, but hey, at least I live in Austin. It could be so much worse!

Tonight we're planning to watch the last episode of Game of Thrones, season 2. Tomorrow there's another So You Think You Can Dance. I have acquired a copy of Goon to watch sometime later this week when the hockey withdrawal symptoms start to set in.

Life is not always good, and it's definitely not always functional, but right now, this moment? I'll take it.
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= one of the better nights I've had in a while.

Things are really kind of unhinged right now, lots of stuff up in the air, lots of packing to do and administrative and logistical crap going on, both here in Austin and at my parents' in MN. But theoretically, by this summer I might actually get to have (nearly) all my books in one place, unpacked and organized and everything. I've been living out of boxes to one extent or another for years upon years; the idea that I get to settle into one house for the foreseeable future sounds like almost unimaginable luxury to me.

I have lots of feelings about all of that and everything that comes with it, but I also have a lot of feelings about hockey these days. SO MANY FEELINGS. AND SO MUCH BABBLING ABOUT HOCKEY. )

It is nearly dawn, so I stop this entry here. I have a lot of feelings about many other things, too, both fannish and non-fannish, but they are just going to have to wait.
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Pleasures, yes; guilt, no. Lucky bastard.

Went to see Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert tonight at the Paramount Theatre in Austin. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so much in the space of a few hours. I can feel my lungs expanding just that little bit extra, like I used to feel after a really good yoga session or voice lesson. It was satisfying on an intellectual level, too -- I think our relationship with food on both an individual and societal level is super complex, full of instincts and feelings and logistics and contradictions and absurdities and joys, and they didn't shy away from any part of that, which I appreciated. But right now, I've got this extra little kick of oxygen or adrenaline or whatever zipping through my veins as the physical side effect of all that laughter, and it feels... god, it feels like being alive.
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1. I still have not made my Yuletide wrap-up post, because I am terrible.

2. I'll probably be spending the next week and a half cleaning the apartment in preparation for a parental visit, oh god. Of course, they are visiting over NHL All-Star Weekend, because parents are inconvenient like that. Hopefully my DVR will deign to actually record everything, and maybe even let me watch it.

3. I have too many thoughts and opinions and feelings about hockey. Also too many thoughts about the NFL playoffs, which is to say, any thoughts at all, but I guess that's what I get for buying Sports Illustrated at the airport and reading it on the plane. My high school self would be appalled (she was kind of the Anti-Jock, and proud of it... oh, how the mighty judgmental hath fallen).

4. Speaking of falling, I seem to have accidentally developed a thing for the NY Rangers. It was already happening earlier this season, but 24/7 was the last nail in that coffin. I'm into way too many teams and players as it is, but I seem to just keep adding more.

5. Which brings me to the true, and truly frivolous point of this post -- I suddenly realized today that being into hockey has irreparably warped my sense of attractiveness. I mean, I knew that to an extent already, because, well, Kaner. This is a new level for me, though. Because finding the gap in someone's teeth endearing, sure, that's fine, that's not completely out of the ordinary, I feel. But seeing a picture of someone playing with his false tooth (like, having removed it, holding it on his tongue, and grinning wildly) and still finding him ridiculously hot? *facepalm* There's no going back from this. I might be stuck in this fandom forever. (Though! I'm still multi-fannish! I am! I just have hockey on the brain the most, these days.)

P.S. [ profile] raggedy_edge is running the Sex Is Not the Enemy ficathon again -- go forth and sign up! My prompt is this this lovely photo, feel free to suggest things I could write for it. :) Also, [ profile] pass_shoot_porn is happening again (24 hours to write 500+ words of hockey RPF, essentially), because [ profile] cathybites is awesome; signups for this round are here. AND! The wonderful [ profile] oxoniensis has announced the dates for Porn Battle XIII: Lucky Thirteen! Time to start thinking of prompts. :D
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Things have been... chaotic. Really chaotic. I owe lots of people comments and replies and discussion about things (especially hockey, but not just that), and I just had to drop out of a fic exchange I was really excited about (damn it), and I'm about to be in the Land of Unreliable Internet for a couple of weeks, and basically I have fallen behind on everything and I'm going to be even more behind after this month (argh). I'm so sorry if I owe you responses, I promise I want to keep talking and I'll try my best to catch up when I can.

For now, working on remembering how to breathe. Fandom is kind of lifesaving, even when I'm not doing so great at interacting with it.
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Sadly, I think the DVR is winning. I do not think it approves of my recent obsession with hockey.

Two days ago, it inexplicably recorded only half of the Wild @ Stars game. Possibly it got fed up on behalf of MN or something, because it quit when the score had just reached 2 to 0 in favor of the Stars. But it wasn't even recording anything else!

And then today, it had only one task, record the Blackhawks @ Capitals game. But no, apparently that was too strenuous for it. It didn't even bother to provide an explanation, though at least it didn't just pretend that I never set it to record, which honestly, I wouldn't put past it at this point.

All I wanted to do was watch my teams play. Is that so much to ask? :(

I do find it kind of amusing that my DVR is judging me.

(Frivolity = me, yes.)
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1. Dim sum! And they even had chrysanthemum tea! Served, exactly as it should be, with a little dish of rock sugar. *swoon* (It is strangely difficult to find in the US, so it is very, very exciting to know that there is a place nearby that has it!) Deliciousness. ) Definitely going back there.

2. [ profile] antumbral's Hockey RPF (Blackhawks)/Generation Kill fusion-crossover ficlet (also here), in which Duncan Keith is a spotter, Patrick Sharp is his sniper, Patrick Kane is their driver/communications guy, and Jonathan Toews is (of course) their fearless leader. It is just so ridiculously pleasing. ♥

3. Yes, I'm still basically in the process of falling in love with hockey. I watched half of 24/7 Penguins/Capitals: Road to the NHL Winter Classic (only half because the Housemate twice (twice!) deleted the first two episodes before I had the chance to watch them) and it was awesome. I have had to start actively preventing myself from spending all my time reading articles and blogs (and re-reading fic), because there are a lot of things that actually need to get done this month (we're moving, among other things; there is a lot in my life to be stressed out about, at the moment), but it's fun to know it's all out there for me to absorb when I have the chance.

4. Porn Battle XI is coming! :D Prompting will start tomorrow and run through Friday, January 21st, and the dates of the actual battle are Sunday, January 23rd to Thursday, February 3rd. [ profile] oxoniensis has more information up here and here. All fandoms welcome! Come post some prompts! (See the FAQ for info on how to format them correctly and all that jazz.) I have started my brainstorming list for prompts, but got a little distracted by a fic idea, so I still have much to do. Possibly I ought to make sure to prompt something that the fic idea would fill, because my desire to write the scene that's been on repeat in my head for the past few days has gotten pretty strong. Two hockey players, one figure skater, 2010 Winter Olympics, happy shiny super-porny ménage à trois featuring oral sex and instructional dirty talk -- should be fun, if I can make it work!

5. Shearwater is still one of the best live shows I have ever seen or ever will see. Never fancy, just them and their many, many instruments (all of them played between 3 to 6 instruments over the course of the show), but breathtaking, engrossing, charming, intense, and so, so gorgeous. They performed The Island Arc (Palo Santo, Rook, and The Golden Archipelago) all the way through (with 10 minute breaks between albums), seven people on stage (if I remember correctly the previous two times I saw them they usually had five people) all playing with total commitment. I am a little bit in love with Jonathan Meiburg, I think, and his voice. I am definitely in love with his band. Just incredible.

Um. *cough* That was a lot of hockey, wasn't it. I might be a little obsessed. But it's not the only thing I'm thinking about! I have been also contemplating a lot of other fandomy things! )
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There was a story rec on my friendslist for a story I would dearly love to read right now but can't because I am in Determined mode re: Yuletide, but seriously, even just reading the title made my heart ache and my tear ducts itch, because I love that song, it's one of the ones I sing, and that particular line is one of my favorites and has so much wistful sweetness in it. Plus I've been feeling kind of homesick for the places I no longer live, anyway, and most especially the people in those places, and that line ("when all of New York City misses you") tapped right into that. *facepalm* I have to get it together! Though at least being emotional oughtn't hurt my Yuletide story.

Incidentally, I don't usually put myself into these things, but I figured if there's any time I could use a little love, now might be it. So here's my thread at the Holiday Love Meme. I feel a bit weird even mentioning it (though I like seeing other people mention it!), but there it is.

And now I need to get back to work (and also get more sleep, damn it). *buckles down*
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1. Spent hours reading wikipedia's articles on Cockney rhyming slang, racial slurs, masturbation, and various Belle Époque lesbians and bisexual women, among many other random things on the internet.
2. Played Dominion (the card game).
3. Played in a Star Wars tabletop RPG.
4. Went to dinner with friends. Also lunch with friends. Also watched last week's Bones. And an episode of South Park. (Those go in the "social" category because it was with the housemates. Though so was Dominion.)
5. Betaed a couple of short, utterly delightful things. (Well, a little before the weekend. But close enough for government work. :))
6. Read and re-read (and re-read and re-read and re-read) a handful of Hockey RPF stories (Blackhawks, mostly). Will probably make a reclist soon (I just have to get off my ass and leave some comments -- I have been tragically bad about that recently). Wish there were more, but at least some of what exists is both satisfying and re-readable. Possibly too satisfying and re-readable, because I keep trying to stop (because hell, I have to work on Yuletide!), but I just can't seem to... I am kind of in love with Duncan Keith and Jonathan Toews, see, and am also fond of Brent Seabrook and Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp and basically all of the last few years of Blackhawks (some of them I don't know much about yet, but that doesn't stop me from being fond of them... I mean, have you seen a picture of Niklas Hjalmarsson? *fans self* Though I think I would choose Duncs over anyone else, even Tazer -- mostly I just want to feed Tazer a lot of cookies). I'm from Minnesota, okay, it's not my fault if some hindbrain part of me thinks that hockey is inherently hot (and oddly adorable).

I did actually work on Yuletide a little, mostly by reviewing some source material and taking copious (far, far too copious -- I still have SO MUCH source material to get through, ack) notes. I have a long way to go, though.

So far, I have found myself even more in love with the side characters than ever.
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1. Respond to all the comments from last year, gosh darn it. It is a travesty that it's taken me this long.
2. Finish the damn fic I've been working on (off and on) for months.
3. Repost both last year's Yuletide fics and the fs_exchange fics from earlier this year, as I don't think I've posted them here yet.
4. Write Dear Yuletide Author letter and put together requests & offers and sign up for Yuletide.
5. Consolidate all bingo cards into a single post for easier reference (and add the last one I picked up) and note all the dates involved.

I also feel like I owe the world a ton of comments and feedback and rec posts. And I have half a mind to make a few Yuletide fandom appreciation posts...
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[ profile] kat_lair tagged me, and I obey. Well. I eventually obey. ;)

"If you’ve been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag eleven people. Don’t refuse to do that. Don’t tag who tagged you."some random stuff about me under the cut )
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Just to say that I'll be incommunicado for the next couple of weeks. But I'll be back! :)

Five Things I'm currently in love with:

1. American Idiot (the musical -- I've been listening to the Broadway cast recording pretty much non-stop ever since seeing it this past weekend). Stark Sands was somehow even more amazing than I'd expected, and I have brand new crushes on Michael Esper and Rebecca Naomi Jones.

2. Doctor Who Season 5. Amy/Rory/Eleven(/River)(/Liz) ftw!

3. Inception fic.

4. Brian Joubert going to Toronto to train for a little while. I'm seeing some Brian Joubert/Adam Rippon in my future!

5. California. ♥
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Stressed out and anti-social, that's me. But rather than rant about all the shit that's been happening, I am attempting to celebrate the positive.

1. There have been a lot of good things said re: the travesty of The Last Airbender movie. This has already been linked to all over the place, but I don't care, I feel the need to say it again: These Are My Colors by [ profile] ssj10. Relatedly, the extremely white, extremely Texan friends of my SO have been making me proud on this subject -- the expression of absolute horror and disbelief on the face of the one I talked to yesterday as soon as I mentioned that the three heroic leads were all cast white...! And more than one of them has told me that he (all guys in this case -- my SO's group of friends is kind of a sausage-fest... I blame Community for my use of that phrase) would probably have unwittingly gone to see it if I hadn't said something. So hooray for awareness. And hooray for standing up.

2. Wife. I can only hope that the world becomes more like the last part of [ profile] thefourthvine's incredibly poignant story.

3. I can only hope that the world becomes more like this, too. Christianity and I have had a very rocky relationship, because growing up an agnostic (and, as I eventually figured out, bisexual) in a sea of Lutherans and Evangelicals and Baptists was profoundly irritating. I have mixed feelings about organized religion in general, it's just that with Christianity, it was personal. It has taken me many, many, many of the years since high school to come to terms with and really understand and respect the positive sides of faith and spirituality and religion. It took me even longer to fully feel forgiveness for and acceptance of Christianity in particular, because I had such a hard time trying to evaluate the balance of good and bad that it did in the world. But I think -- I hope, and I'll keep working on it -- that reading this was the last nail in the coffin of my subconscious intolerance. A couple of years into college, an Evangelical friend of mine from high school who had persistently attempted to convert me actually -- sincerely and explicitly and without excuses -- apologized for his self-righteous, judgmental actions. A few years later, well, I'm pretty sure faith saved the life of a really dear friend of mine. And now, seeing this full-fledged movement of acceptance and apology and reconciliation... It brought me to tears. Maybe I can finally let all of those old feelings and kneejerk reactions go. Maybe I can remember, at the most emotional level, that some Christians =/= all Christians. And maybe, hopefully, I'll keep having reasons to feel this way.

4. I finally acquired tickets for American Idiot on Broadway! :D Still within the original planned run, even, so hopefully that means STARK! *dances* Speaking of dancing...

5. ALEX FUCKING WONG. this week in SYTYCD ) It wouldn't surprise me if it got taken down soon, but here's a link to his performance with Twitch that currently works: watch this, for lo, it is hilarious and brilliant!
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It was kind of an accident. We (me, the SO, and... we'll call him H1 for Housemate #1) had just watched the last two parts of The Pacific, which were not really spoilery, just talking about the mini-series in general terms, but just in case. ) I turned to the boys and said "I need to watch something frivolous now." I was hoping for Justified (we're about 4 episodes behind, and I had a hankering to watch Hoosier from The Pacific become Justified's Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson), but the SO insisted that he needed to play a video game for a couple of hours, so that was out. (The boys have a fairly strict code about tv show watching. They're from Texas, okay, they were raised polite. It's inconvenient, but cute.) H1 said, "I don't know if this fits the bill, but H2 and I have an episode of True Blood to watch." I had a feeling that whatever else you could say about True Blood, it probably counts as frivolous! So H1 and H2 spent a good 10-15 minutes trying to fill me in on the general outlines of the plots and who everyone is (and they still had to pause during the show a few times to explain various people and subplots they'd forgotten to tell me about, and also to help me tell all the scruffy medium-brown-haired guys apart), and then we watched episode 3.1.

Note: this is the only episode of the show that I have ever seen. I did read the first book of the series, years ago, and it did not impress me. So, um, take all opinions with a grain of salt. Who knows how I'll feel about everyone a few episodes from now.

spoilers for 3.1 (and probably previous seasons) here )

I suspect that I'm going to keep watching this show. And not just because of Eric! Though he might be a significant part of it. :)
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