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Dear Yuletide Writer )

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The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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This is meant to be a very brief introduction to Brian Joubert and Patrick Chan and their interactions. Which is why there are no pictures (though that's Patrick in my icon, and Brian will be in the icon I use for my next post) and very few video links, as otherwise this would have taken forever and been incredibly long. Still, I hope it's useful. If you have any further information about their interactions that I've missed (or messed up), please let me know! I would love to make this as complete as possible.

two paragraphs about Brian Joubert, two paragraphs about Patrick Chan, and a rough timeline of their rather fractious interactions )
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I'm six episodes in to Queer as Folk and I have one main reaction )

I had no idea I would enjoy this so much. I mean, I thought it would be worth watching. But I think I'm getting kind attached.

*wry smile* Like I need another new fandom. In my "hiatus," I've kind of fallen hard for two new ones already -- the brand-spanking-new Star Trek reboot and the gorgeous, rockin' season 8 of American Idol. Well, okay, I don't really care much about American Idol in the general case. Pop music is not so much my thing. But I do care about Adam Lambert (and his ability to actually rock on a pop show, not to mention his insane talent and utter conviction of fabulous self) and Kris Allen (and his pure adorability and goodness), and also Allison Iraheta and her total awesomeness. (For a taste of the delight that is Adam and Kris, check out their interview with US Magazine (note: spoiler for the end of the season, and disregard the silly question about the result)). Star Trek, well, let's just say it was still thoroughly enjoyable the third time through tiny sort-of-not-quite spoiler here ), and I have an unexpectedly enormous crush on one Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy, in Karl Urban form. I love pretty much everyone else, too, of course. (I dare you to watch [ profile] giandujakiss's adorable Kirk/Spock/Uhura vid and not find it appealing and fun and charming, I dare you.) One more tiny not-quite-spoiler ). But if that's the biggest quibble I have about something, then that's saying a lot. Anyway, I see recs posts in my future for those two.

Which is not to say I'm jumping ship. I'm still happily reading lots of bandom (I'm halfway through writing up a Believers Never Die Part Deux concert report and eagerly awaiting the start of [ profile] bandombigbang posting), and will be getting back into Supernatural as soon as I manage to watch the final two episodes (I keep being stupid about scheduling so that's two Thursday nights spent on airplanes, oops; plus I'm so annoyed that the CW took the second to last episode off the website so quickly that I don't really want to give them the satisfaction of paying for it by downloading it from iTunes), and will certainly always be hanging out for many other fandoms (for example, I'm on a Leverage kick thanks in part to [ profile] norah's fantastic recs post). Anyway, I've been betaing a lot but writing rather little (I always feel like I should be working on my resume instead), but I feel like I should try to fix that -- possibly by scoping prompts at Porn Battle VIII, which is looking to be stellar as always. Prompt-leaving is open 'til 7 pm UK time (that's 1 pm for me on US Central), whee!
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Well! That was fun! And difficult. I am very bad at narrowing down choices.

[ profile] misspamela is running a Fandom Hot 20 poll (link goes to Poll 1 out of 3 -- you get 20 over all three polls, so calculate before voting; poll closes at 12:00 PM EST on Thursday, May 29th). I failed to get around to submitting nominations in time, but perhaps that's all for the best, given that it was hard enough narrowing it down to 20 even with some of my key favorites missing. (Personal number one out of those missing? Logan Echolls from Veronica Mars, with Robert Parks from Gosford Park coming in a very close second. Third choice is a bit of a toss-up between Eli "Weevil" Navarro from Veronica Mars, James "Sawyer" Ford from Lost, and John Bender from The Breakfast Club)

My list of choices and a bit of commentary. )
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There's been a lot of less-than-awesome going around fandom recently. So here are some of the awesome things I have come across lately:

So, we all know I loved Iron Man. I also enjoy comics, but have woefully neglected my education in them. Therefore, I found A Newbie's Guide to Iron Man, Parts 1 and 2 by [ profile] likeadeuce to be highly informative and [ profile] musesfool's little Tony/Pepper ficlet, Foundation, delightful. Plus, This One Time at Band Camp by [ profile] hackthis, featuring Ari Gold/Robert Downey, Jr. (Entourage/RPS, PG-13), is pure unadulterated joy.

Speaking of RPS, I'm still utterly enjoying my time in bandom. This entertaining and completely random MCR picspam by [ profile] pearl_o does a pretty darn good job of showing why. Bandom is also enormous, which means that in addition to the many standard pairings, many of which I adore, there are also exist fics featuring a grand diversity of rare but wonderful pairings, such as skeptics and true believers, a wonderful early Chicago Patrick/William fic by [ profile] iphignia939, and welcomed back by the lights, an adorable, fluffy little Frank/Ian (MCR/The Cab) fic by [ profile] lordessrenegade. There are also impossibly awesome crossovers! [ profile] iphignia939 has written not just one, but two incredible War for the Oaks crossovers. (The first one, and the moon in their net, is a gloriously long Pete/Patrick fic. And the second one, man sell not such, features Hedge/William! My love for Hedge knows no bounds.) [ profile] ethrosdemon's Gerard will most certainly hurt you series, which has some charmingly snarky characterizations and endearingly complicated interactions, and appears to be going in a Gerard/Frank/Jamia polyamorous triad direction to boot (a combination of so many things that I fucking adore), started out as a bandom/Being Human crossover. And [ profile] ignipes's most recent bandom/SPN crossover, forty thousand men and women every day, in which Dean & Brendon face the Minnesota zombie apocalypse, might just be the definition of awesome.

There have been plenty of other awesome things going on in SPN fandom, too. Fic-wise, I loved [ profile] marinarusalka's [ profile] lgbtfest fic, Learn as you go, which features a thoughtful John POV, Dean with an OMC I would love to see again, and wee!Sam being awesome. [ profile] marinarusalka also committed fantastic meta about women in SPN season 3 that manages to be perceptive, articulate, detailed, and balanced while expressing some important and critical thoughts about how SPN's portrayal of women has changed for the worse this season. [ profile] trollprincess's Bitchwatch pulls together some statistical data about language-use along similar lines. I love data! *happy sigh* Meanwhile, for something just plain fun, [ profile] keepaofthecheez compiled a whole bunch of mp3 soundbyte clips from the season finale. (Spoiler warning for everything but the fic.)

*grin* And to prove that I'm still as multi-fandom as ever, Matchmaker by [ profile] fox1013 is a completely adorable Heroes Matt/Mohinder story with a terrific Molly POV voice. I have lots of love for all the House, MD season 2 my housemate and I have been watching, but I think I'd better save blathering on about that for future posts. I also just started watching My So-Called Life for the first time and am quite liking it. I finally understand the crack about Jared Leto in 10 Things I Hate About You! And season 2 of Friday Night Lights just arrived in the mail. I am looking forward to finding out whether or not the second half managed to dig itself out the bear-traps tripped by the first half. (And I plan to enjoy my time with all those wonderful characters, regardless!)
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Dear Yuletide Writer:

First off, thank you for being so awesome as to have offered a story in one of the rather odd fandoms I listed! lots of rambling -- please feel free to ignore, especially if you're already sure of what you want to do )

God, this got ridiculously long, and for that I am sorry. In the end, I guess the most important part of what I've been trying to say is, I like a huge variety of stuff, am harder than most to squick, and am willing to try almost anything. So please, just write something you'll have fun writing, and I'm sure I'll love it!

much love,
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posted by [personal profile] athenejen at 06:40pm on 18/05/2007 under , , ,
I was going to write this up yesterday, but ended up dropping from exhaustion at nearly 5 am after skimming the last week's worth of livejournal (sticking to personal journals and skipping all the communities (as I'll probably be doing until end of quarter) because otherwise it would have been impossible -- it was still 260+ entries). Not that I've actually recovered yet or anything.

0. I am so glad that I waited to watch last week's episode. So glad! And it fills me with immeasurable glee that this is a season finale and not a series finale.

spoilers for Supernatural 2x21 and 2x22, All Hell Breaks Loose Parts One and Two, and previous episodes )
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