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A little earlier than usual. I'm trying to be more on the ball about these things!

I only have two filters, one for [ profile] yuletide and one for [ profile] mini_wrimo. If you were on them in previous years, you are still on them. If you'd like to be added to one or both (or if you'd like to be taken off), please comment here! The Yuletide one is not usually very high-traffic, just the occasional process or brainstorming or flailing post. The Mini-Nanowrimo one is meant to get daily snippets, though sometimes I end up compiling them rather than posting every day.

Incidentally, sign-ups for [ profile] mini_wrimo are still open! It has been one of the best things to ever happen to my writing functionality. I've only written four fics longer than five thousand words; three of those were written in part during [ profile] mini_wrimo, and I don't know that they would've turned out as extensive and complete as they did if I hadn't had that as structure and motivation. The minimum commitment is 100 words, every day, for the 30 days of November (but you can commit to more, if you like; I'm sticking with 100 this year). It's completely up to the writer what counts for them in those words, and how they want to define their writing day (I usually do midnight-to-midnight, but I think plenty of people go with sleep-to-sleep). If that sounds at all interesting to you, I highly encourage you to check out the info on the community's profile page, join the community, and then take a look around! The sign-up post is here, locked to community members.

I love that fall has essentially become my season of writing. I love autumn anyway, but this just adds to the reasons!
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I only have two filters, one for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and one for [ profile] yuletide. They will both be active this year! Mini-nano will start out with my long-overdue [ profile] sixteenwins fic, but will probably get snippets of various other things as well over the course of the month. Yuletide will probably just be me rambling as I work on my assignment (and possibly some treats). If you were on them before, you're still on them. If anyone else wants on them (or if you were on them and want off), please let me know!
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I only have two filters, one for yuletide and one that was for mini-nano. Between being behind on packing and my computer dying a slow and exceedingly annoying death, I have totally failed at [ profile] wrisomifu, so I don't know that the nano filter will be used this year. However, we're definitely getting to the time where the Yuletide one will be. So if you would like to be on my Yuletide filter (and aren't already, or if you just want to make sure), please let me know. Thanks!
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If anyone would be up for betaing a little <1300 words sequel/continuation to this little Bob/Patrick ficlet, please let me know?

There will also eventually be the long bandom college AU (Brendon pov) I've been working on for [ profile] mini_nano, but that will be forever and ever from now, most likely. But if you're interested in following along, cheerleading, or eventual betaing, that could be quite helpful and I would love to hear from you.

There's also my [ profile] yuletide fic that will probably need a beta in mid-December, unless I miraculously get it done sooner -- if you might be willing, please contact me? I'll either put details under my yuletide filter or send you email about the fandom and probable story so you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable betaing it (or what type of beta you'd be up for doing).
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I've signed up for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo again, 100 words a day. Last year was wonderful, producing one of my favorites of the stories I've written, Unclassifiable (SPN, Sam/ofc, high school library sex ftw!) and a Remus/Sirius drabble I never got around to posting outside of lock. I should fix that at some point.

This year, I think I'm going to be mostly working on the long-ass bandom college AU I started awhile back (Brendon pov, to include Panic, FOB, and MCR for sure, and quite possibly others, like TAI and Cobra), based on one of my favorite fantasy novels. There might be other stuff sprinkled in there, too, including whatever my [ profile] yuletide assignment ends up being. To avoid everyone having to read my daily nano posts, and to preserve Yuletide anonymity, I'll be resurrecting my mini-nano and yuletide opt-in filters. Please let me know if you want in!
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Wow. I've definitely written more fiction in the last 5 weeks than I had for basically forever before that. [ profile] mini_nanowrimo turned out to be completely awesome. There were 2 days in which I completely forgot to write, and 2 others where I fell asleep in the middle of writing such that I wrote some, but didn't quite make my 100 word daily goal. But I wrote 5111 words total in the month of November, 5011 of that all in one fic. There's at least one bit that I need to go back in and add, and perhaps a couple of others, and early feedback suggests I might want to add a little to the front as well, but it's got a beginning and middle and end and there are some things about it I quite like.

So if anyone feels in the mood to beta a little over 5000 words of Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic that includes a fair chunk of explicit porn, please let me know? No hurry at all, as I probably won't get to revisions until the quarter ends in a couple of weeks, but it would be nice to get some constructive feedback on it, especially as it was written in such small chunks that I have to worry at least a little about how well it hangs together as a whole coherent fic.

In other writing news, over the weekend I finally brainstormed a bit about yuletide, and apparently something about the long, exhausting day I spent at school today was inspiring, because tonight I cranked out nearly 1300 words. I'm not totally sure how I feel about those words in relation to my recipient's request and letter, but I think I might sleep on it and take another look tomorrow. And maybe post it to the yuletide filter and solicit opinions, if I'm still waffling then. And well, at least it's something, right?

In addition, over the weekend I beta'd two fics! Hopefully even usefully! So that was exciting, too. I haven't been really reading/interacting/feedbacking consistently recently, alas, but at least I've been productive on some other fronts. Whee.
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Had a ridiculously busy week and a kind of sucky afternoon, which meant that I felt completely disinclined to do schoolwork this evening. So instead, I watched disc 1 of Entourage S3 and followed bandom links all over the place while writing over 850 words of porn while waiting for pages to load. I feel so much better now. It's hard not to feel happy about successfully following [ profile] mini_nanowrimo so far and therefore having over 2800 words and counting of Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic. And bandom? Totally = really good drugs.

Now, I had a thing for Frank Iero before ever reading any bandom fics or listening to any MCR. He's still one of my favorites within bandom, and I don't think that'll ever change. But I've been surprised recently by the strength of my growing love for Mikey Way. I think [ profile] harriet_vane's absolutely amazing kid!au is at least partially responsible for the initial push, but it just keeps growing.

It is very very possible that the fact of him having worn at one time a U2 War t-shirt (as seen in this exceedingly gorgeous MCR picspam by [ profile] stereomer) has shifted this slow growth into me falling head over heels. My favorite album by my first favorite band. I could just feel my insides turn to goo as soon as I saw that picture.

Note: I am enjoying my first tentative forays into bandom, but I have no intention of abandoning any of the other fandoms I'm into. I've always been happily multifandom, and bandom is just getting slotted into the mix. Whee!
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Everything in my normal life is a mess right now, to the point where I'm having a serious existential crisis about grad school. I have a ten-page paper due Monday and no fucking clue what I'm going to say in it and less than no motivation to actually work on it, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. I've had a hollow heartsick burning feeling in my chest for the last two days straight, ever since dropping my laptop at 3 am and opening it up to a cracked screen. I'm just glad that it still seems to be functional, but I've spent hours on end backing everything us just in case. And I love this computer. It was a the best gift I ever got. So I hate that I'm probably going to have to get a new one, especially because none of the current line of PowerBooks is nearly as cute as this one. Not that I have any idea how I'm going to afford it, either. But I'm scared to carry my baby around with the screen all messed up like this. I don't want to make it worse.

But! Three days into [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and I've written over 950 words! \o/ 100 words of Remus getting kissed, the rest the beginning of the Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic that I've been contemplating for forever. And I'm happy with it. It's got quite a ways to go before it's done, and I'm sure it'll need some revision, but it's closer to what I'd been hoping it might be than I ever thought I'd get. And I finally sat down and re-consumed my Yuletide source material! Haven't decided on a plan for the fic yet, but I have some fun ideas.

Also sucked down another disc of Entourage, which means I just have one season left on Netflix. Which is bad, because it's quickly become my favorite guilty-pleasure show. I'm totally going to be in withdrawal once I'm done -- I wish the seasons weren't so darn short! Season 2 was only 14 half-hour eps. Weirdly, I think I've developed a thing for E's shoulders. It's like they were all I could look at all through the season 2 finale, Kevin Connolly in that slightly shiny light blue button-down, mmm. And is it wrong that I sometimes I think live for glimpses of Adam Davies/Jordan Belfi? He's really kind of an asshole on the show. But... pretty! In a dark-haired clean-cut fratboy-esque way that isn't really normally my thing... but somehow... I don't know, I don't know. Funny how I'd go for most of the agents and managers before I'd go for any of the actors and actresses.

casting/cameo talk, probably not actually spoilers but it seems safer to cut, anyway ) And they used my favorite Citizen Cope song in episode 11. There really needs to be more Entourage fic in this world. How can you not love the adorable dysfunctional co-dependency that is Eric and Vince? Or Eric and Vince and Turtle and Drama? Or Ari and Eric and Vince? Or Lloyd and Ari? Or Ari and Mrs. Ari? But especially Eric and Vince. Maybe I'll go re-read [ profile] astolat's Home Sweet Home. Again.
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Today was a day of Fail, schoolwise. But apparently I've been so wound up that I actually immediately felt a whole lot better after I fucked up, more relaxed and sort of calmly determined to do better in the future. It was... strange. But possibly good for me.

Apparently, part of that doing better is going to be participating in [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. If I can't find the time to jot down 100 words/day, I'm doing something very wrong. Thing is, I want to post the snippets mostly to have a record of them, but I don't want to clutter people's LJs unnecessarily, and besides that there's a very good chance that some of the snippets will be Yuletide-related. So I'm thinking I might make a couple of opt-in filters, one for mini-nano and the other for Yuletide talk. If you want in for either of those, please let me know (comment or email, it's all good). If you want in for mini-nano but would specifically like to avoid the Yuletide snippets, please let me know that, too. There may well be the occasional public mini-nano post... just not, you know, daily.

I am all excited because I reacquired my Yuletide source material last week. Haven't had a chance to re-consume it yet, but hopefully soon. I'm still super-eager to get started, and I'm really psyched for [ profile] mini_nanowrmo just in general. I think it'll be fun! *grin* But ask me again in a week or two, I guess. This is the first time I've done anything at all like this -- it's only thanks to [ profile] technosage mentioning in her LJ that she was doing it that it occurred to me at all.


And now, back to reading Edward Said's Orientalism for class tomorrow...
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