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Title: just become a word
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Zach Parise/Ryan Suter, mentions of their relationships with their wives
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~2750
Disclaimer: So very, very fictional.
Warnings/Content Notes: Involves polyamory/open relationships and real life wives (though in conversation only). Also light bondage and D/s, only partially negotiated but very, very consensual.
Summary: "You need to tell him what to do." Her mouth quirked up in a tiny smile. "He likes that."
Notes: Set after the Wild @ Predators game on March 9th, 2013. Written for round 4 of [ profile] pass_shoot_porn, for the prompt "Low is a height." Indirectly inspired by the song of that name by Great Northern, as well as the video for it. Title (and cut-text) is from the song. Also on AO3 here.

Still like the sun around you )
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Title: even the weight of our voices not speaking
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Relationship(s): Ryan Suter/Shea Weber, mentions of Mike Fisher/Carrie Underwood, lots of ensemble friendships
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: ~10k
Disclaimer: So very, very fictional.
Warnings: None as far as I can tell.
Summary: Summer 2012 is not a good summer for Shea Weber. The several months that follow aren't exactly an improvement. (AKA: All the badly-suppressed pining. ALL OF IT. And some resolution, too.)
Notes: This was written for [ profile] littlesignsof as part of her [ profile] sixteenwins prize. It deals with some of the major canonical events of 2012 as known through the end of October (but diverges after that), and is AU in that some girlfriends/wives have been handwaved away for various reasons. It follows a modified version of the original schedule rather than the actual post-lockout schedule. The title is from the poem A Hunger So Honed by Tracy K Smith. I am so very grateful to [ profile] angelsaves for the lovely, fast beta (and for attempting to impose some much-needed order on my commas!), to the mods of mini_wrimo for providing a terrific, motivational writing forum that helped this fic get written, and to [ profile] nordicwrites for her wonderfully supportive comments as an early reader of a fair chunk of snippets through the [ profile] mini_wrimo process. I also a debt of thanks to [ profile] littlesignsof for requesting the pairing! It gave me an excuse to try writing it and ended up inspiring my longest fic yet. Also posted on AO3 here.

Shea is not calling him. He's not calling him because Ryan deserves as much space as he can get to make this decision, and that's that. )
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I feel super freaking lucky to have an AHL team so nearby. Went to see the Texas Stars host the Houston Aeros tonight and had a really really ridiculously good time, even though the Stars lost. Damn you Mikael Granlund! *shakes tiny fist* The kid had 2G & 2A tonight (to go with his 2A against the Stars last night in Houston) and looked dangerous every time he was on the ice. Which is super promising for the Wild, if the #$*%$&^ NHL season ever starts, but between him and Nick Palmieri (rocking the mountain man look) and Scandella (who I really like! just... not when they're playing the Stars!), among others, the Stars just didn't seem to have the skill level to catch the Aeros. They had some bad luck, too, and definitely spent too much tie in the penalty box, but the chemistry overall just felt kind of off for the Stars tonight. Alas. Though the Eakin line got a couple of goals, including one very nice passing play w/ Dillon on the PK in the 3rd period, so it wasn't all bad.

But oh, just watching hockey again made me so happy. I've missed it so much. And we got seats in row D, close enough to the glass that every time a puck or body hit it, it elicited an almost visceral reaction, and close enough to the ice that it felt like the players could actually hear us shouting. Our section was pretty loud and into it, too, which was pleasing. Even the lone loud guy at the end of our row who was cheering for the Aeros was entertaining.

I'm seeing them again tomorrow (there was a Living Social deal, so tickets were cheap!), maybe they'll have better luck against the bb Avs (Lake Erie Monsters).

Sidenote: I might be shipping Brett Bulmer and Brenden Dillon just a little bit. They had an extended taunting session across center ice in the 2nd period, as the game got progressively chippier (more chippy?). Bulmer cocked his head to the side and had this little smirk on his face, and just kept talking, looking right at Dillon the whole time. It was... intriguing. Because what I really needed was yet another obscure prospect ship. I was already having a lot of thoughts about Nathan MacKinnon and Seth Jones because of the extensive article about them in The Hockey News, and I am hoping that more evidence of Jamie Oleksiak and Jack Campbell's bromance will surface now that they're both rookies with the Texas Stars this year. And there's always Nick Bjugstad & Kyle Rau tearing it up for the Gophers again at the U of M. Minnesota boys! ♥

... I've lived in too many places and like too many teams. It gets confusing. I'll always be a Minnesota girl at heart, and the Blackhawks will always been my first hockey love, but I have to say that I can't be sad that I accidentally Stockholmed myself into following the Stars. It almost makes me feel like a normal sports fan. Novel!

And now back to staring at the Yuletide tagset and trying to figure out what I'm going to request and offer. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Two of my requests are set, but the other two... I just don't know. (Also I promise I have not forgotten about [ profile] sixteenwins! /o\ Hopefully actually getting to watch hockey again, despite the lockout (GRRRRRRRRR), will inspire me!)
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