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1. PATRICK. I'm not sure I've ever loved a Fall Out Boy video more than I love the one for What a Catch, Donnie. I have to admit, the song wasn't my immediate favorites off the album, it's a little too pop-R&Bish for my natural tendencies. However, after seeing them do it in concert, after hearing Patrick sing it in concert, then I understood. It's amazing because he's amazing, and this video elaborates on that brilliantly. I am spoilers? ) Basically I love everything about this video. And Patrick. It's kind of painful just how much one of my types Patrick is.

2. I owe an apology to all fans of The Middleman, I should've watched this show weeks or months ago and I definitely should have voted for Wendy Watson over Faith in Home Team 2009: Round One (incidentally, Round Two is going until Monday -- some very close races in this one!). I mean, I love Faith, but she's no Wendy Watson! Even if they did spend an entire episode mild spoilers for the general theme of the episode, but mostly just wittering about pronunciation )

3. How I Met Your Mother, you're supposed to be a comedy. cut for very mild, almost non-existent spoilers, purely emotional and actually pretty much orthogonal to the actual content of the episode ) (I love this show.)

4. I have started to re-read The Obnoxious Jerks by Stephen Manes, one of my favorite YA novels from when I was younger. I think I just might have to nominate it for Yuletide this year -- I'm thinking the obvious threesome, for anyone who's read the book. :) Possibly also The Middleman from point 2 above and The Umbrella Academy from point 5 below. I might also be tempted by some HIMYM (point 3 above -- I have an inexplicable craving for Lily/Marshall/Ted) and Heathers (point 7 below)... gah, too many choices!

5. Finally read The Umbrella Academy: Dallas. I meant to try to read it before Gerard's panel at Comic-con, but while I did manage to acquire the issues I was missing beforehand (and bought wayyyyyyyy too much at the Dark Horse booth, whee!), I forgot to bring the other ones, so in the end I had to wait. Someday, I'll be prepared enough to ask him the serious spoilers for both UA series ) I liked Dallas a lot, possibly even more than I liked the first series. I feel like we really got to know the characters and their relationships with each other in a little more depth, and I really like them, so flawed and so awesome. I'm looking forward to both series three and Killjoys.

6. My main thought about He's Just Not That Into You is that it was trying to be Love Actually and pretty much failed. I enjoyed it anyway in places, primarily because it has some actors in it I really like, including the guy from Kitchen Confidential and the guy from Entourage. I like the girl from Big Love, too, and while I have mixed feelings about Scarlett Johansson in general I have to admit she's hot. Also Drew Barrymore being adorable as usual (I'm not the only one who wants to see that movie Diablo Cody wrote about roller derby, right?) and Jennifer Connolly being vulnerable and Jennifer Aniston and what's his name, Chasing Amy guy, being actually cute and sympathetic. So yeah. Not what it could've been, but fun.

7. I made my housemate watch Heathers because she'd inexplicably never seen it. I always forget how fucking hot Christian Slater is in it until I see it again. And it's so '80s, but in this vicious, surreal way. I should really buy my own copy, because there's really nothing like Heathers. brief slightly spoilery thoughts about the ending )

8. Eureka is not a perfect show by a long shot, but I do enjoy what I've seen so far. But man, when Zane showed up in season 2, he upped the hotness quotient by a good 30%. Adorable, life-loving, morally-neutral geniuses are hard to resist. (It's possible he's one of my other types... I have either several or none, it's not exactly clear which.) (I like Stark and Fargo and Jo and Allison, too. Eureka is full of super-hot and/or super-cute and/or super-snarky geniuses.)
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Because slowly, I have come to realize that if ever I think that some other bandom person might be my favorite, I stumble across something like this (Patrick Stump singing and playing the blues; there are four little clips of him -- beginning, end, and two interspersed), and I realize that though FOB is only my second favorite of the bandom bands (MCR being the first, if that's not obvious; I can tell my high school self would've adored them, so that pretty much means I have to adore them, that's just how it works), even Bob Bryar (drummers are fucking hot -- see also: Brian Viglione) cannot overcome Patrick Stump's insane talent and adorability. Seriously, so hot.
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Title: keep spinning, keep spinning, send us off to sleep
Fandom: Bandom – Fall Out Boy/My Chemical Romance
Pairing: Bob Bryar/Patrick Stump
Rating: R
Words: ~640
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Summary: Bob wonders if Patrick knows that he drums in his sleep.
Notes: Written for Porn Battle VI, prompt “Bob/Patrick, drums” (original thread here). Title from the song “P.S.” by James. All feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, much appreciated.

Bob wonders if Patrick knows that he drums in his sleep. )
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There's been a lot of less-than-awesome going around fandom recently. So here are some of the awesome things I have come across lately:

So, we all know I loved Iron Man. I also enjoy comics, but have woefully neglected my education in them. Therefore, I found A Newbie's Guide to Iron Man, Parts 1 and 2 by [ profile] likeadeuce to be highly informative and [ profile] musesfool's little Tony/Pepper ficlet, Foundation, delightful. Plus, This One Time at Band Camp by [ profile] hackthis, featuring Ari Gold/Robert Downey, Jr. (Entourage/RPS, PG-13), is pure unadulterated joy.

Speaking of RPS, I'm still utterly enjoying my time in bandom. This entertaining and completely random MCR picspam by [ profile] pearl_o does a pretty darn good job of showing why. Bandom is also enormous, which means that in addition to the many standard pairings, many of which I adore, there are also exist fics featuring a grand diversity of rare but wonderful pairings, such as skeptics and true believers, a wonderful early Chicago Patrick/William fic by [ profile] iphignia939, and welcomed back by the lights, an adorable, fluffy little Frank/Ian (MCR/The Cab) fic by [ profile] lordessrenegade. There are also impossibly awesome crossovers! [ profile] iphignia939 has written not just one, but two incredible War for the Oaks crossovers. (The first one, and the moon in their net, is a gloriously long Pete/Patrick fic. And the second one, man sell not such, features Hedge/William! My love for Hedge knows no bounds.) [ profile] ethrosdemon's Gerard will most certainly hurt you series, which has some charmingly snarky characterizations and endearingly complicated interactions, and appears to be going in a Gerard/Frank/Jamia polyamorous triad direction to boot (a combination of so many things that I fucking adore), started out as a bandom/Being Human crossover. And [ profile] ignipes's most recent bandom/SPN crossover, forty thousand men and women every day, in which Dean & Brendon face the Minnesota zombie apocalypse, might just be the definition of awesome.

There have been plenty of other awesome things going on in SPN fandom, too. Fic-wise, I loved [ profile] marinarusalka's [ profile] lgbtfest fic, Learn as you go, which features a thoughtful John POV, Dean with an OMC I would love to see again, and wee!Sam being awesome. [ profile] marinarusalka also committed fantastic meta about women in SPN season 3 that manages to be perceptive, articulate, detailed, and balanced while expressing some important and critical thoughts about how SPN's portrayal of women has changed for the worse this season. [ profile] trollprincess's Bitchwatch pulls together some statistical data about language-use along similar lines. I love data! *happy sigh* Meanwhile, for something just plain fun, [ profile] keepaofthecheez compiled a whole bunch of mp3 soundbyte clips from the season finale. (Spoiler warning for everything but the fic.)

*grin* And to prove that I'm still as multi-fandom as ever, Matchmaker by [ profile] fox1013 is a completely adorable Heroes Matt/Mohinder story with a terrific Molly POV voice. I have lots of love for all the House, MD season 2 my housemate and I have been watching, but I think I'd better save blathering on about that for future posts. I also just started watching My So-Called Life for the first time and am quite liking it. I finally understand the crack about Jared Leto in 10 Things I Hate About You! And season 2 of Friday Night Lights just arrived in the mail. I am looking forward to finding out whether or not the second half managed to dig itself out the bear-traps tripped by the first half. (And I plan to enjoy my time with all those wonderful characters, regardless!)
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