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Stressed out and anti-social, that's me. But rather than rant about all the shit that's been happening, I am attempting to celebrate the positive.

1. There have been a lot of good things said re: the travesty of The Last Airbender movie. This has already been linked to all over the place, but I don't care, I feel the need to say it again: These Are My Colors by [ profile] ssj10. Relatedly, the extremely white, extremely Texan friends of my SO have been making me proud on this subject -- the expression of absolute horror and disbelief on the face of the one I talked to yesterday as soon as I mentioned that the three heroic leads were all cast white...! And more than one of them has told me that he (all guys in this case -- my SO's group of friends is kind of a sausage-fest... I blame Community for my use of that phrase) would probably have unwittingly gone to see it if I hadn't said something. So hooray for awareness. And hooray for standing up.

2. Wife. I can only hope that the world becomes more like the last part of [ profile] thefourthvine's incredibly poignant story.

3. I can only hope that the world becomes more like this, too. Christianity and I have had a very rocky relationship, because growing up an agnostic (and, as I eventually figured out, bisexual) in a sea of Lutherans and Evangelicals and Baptists was profoundly irritating. I have mixed feelings about organized religion in general, it's just that with Christianity, it was personal. It has taken me many, many, many of the years since high school to come to terms with and really understand and respect the positive sides of faith and spirituality and religion. It took me even longer to fully feel forgiveness for and acceptance of Christianity in particular, because I had such a hard time trying to evaluate the balance of good and bad that it did in the world. But I think -- I hope, and I'll keep working on it -- that reading this was the last nail in the coffin of my subconscious intolerance. A couple of years into college, an Evangelical friend of mine from high school who had persistently attempted to convert me actually -- sincerely and explicitly and without excuses -- apologized for his self-righteous, judgmental actions. A few years later, well, I'm pretty sure faith saved the life of a really dear friend of mine. And now, seeing this full-fledged movement of acceptance and apology and reconciliation... It brought me to tears. Maybe I can finally let all of those old feelings and kneejerk reactions go. Maybe I can remember, at the most emotional level, that some Christians =/= all Christians. And maybe, hopefully, I'll keep having reasons to feel this way.

4. I finally acquired tickets for American Idiot on Broadway! :D Still within the original planned run, even, so hopefully that means STARK! *dances* Speaking of dancing...

5. ALEX FUCKING WONG. this week in SYTYCD ) It wouldn't surprise me if it got taken down soon, but here's a link to his performance with Twitch that currently works: watch this, for lo, it is hilarious and brilliant!
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(not that I even believe in god, being happily agnostic and all, and I have distinctly mixed feelings about both patriotism and America, but nonetheless)

It's late, or at least, late for the hours I've been keeping. I've been reading both too much and not enough fic, and can't seem to get my head together enough to comment, or to reply to comments properly and/or consistently, or to make the letter meme lists I owe, or to do any number of other useful things, mostly because I have a huge pile of grading that I've been procrastinating on for the last couple of days, and that's going to bite me in the ass real damn soon. It's looming. Looming, I tell you. And yet! I keep not fucking doing it. Gah.

I just fell in love with the documentary-style and character-driven utter gorgeousness that is Friday Night Lights (even though it's so very much about the people I thought I despised in high school, given the proud, defiant, non-normative nerd/geek that I was and still am), and I'm pretty sure I also fell in love with the absurd adorable clever snarky delightfulness that is Psych when I wasn't looking. Netflix is dangerous, I tell you. If I actually manage to make even half the posts I've been thinking about making, there will be more gushing about both of those someday. Because man, so much awesome.

Which is not to say I'm giving up on any of my current shows or fandoms anytime soon. I cannot wait for Supernatural and Heroes to come back on. And I've been indulging in CWRPS fic, getting comfy in my guaranteed circle of hell. And I still wish there were more Sports Night in the world. Plus! There has been much comics-reading during recent plane flights, which has been both fun and educational. (Batman and Nightwing and Runaways and Fables and...) Is it weird to be so multi-fandom that I worry about the ones I haven't listed here, in case they feel left out? I love more than just these. Especially cracked-out but somehow perfect crossovers.

In an attempt to acknowledge a wider existence outside my own head and what it thinks about the media I consume, I feel the need to note that sometimes, despite all the wankery and weirdness, fandom kicks ass. Like when it organizes itself to create awesome things for charity, and when it actually talks, thoughtfully, articulately, and with a lot of insight, about difficult but important topics like anti-Semitism.

Apropos of nothing, I think Christian Kane's voice is going to kill me with longing. But what else is new.
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