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[ profile] kat_lair tagged me, and I obey. Well. I eventually obey. ;)

"If you’ve been tagged, you must write your answers in your own LJ and replace any question that you dislike with a new question. Tag eleven people. Don’t refuse to do that. Don’t tag who tagged you."some random stuff about me under the cut )
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Five things I should not do before dealing with my deadline, even though I really really really want to:

5. Finish the damn tattoo fic I've had on hold for a couple of months.

4. Play with the some of the memes that have been going around.

3. Make a reclist that's been banging around my brain for a few weeks -- one (or two, or three) fics from each fandom I've read in the last year. Even if I don't include Yuletide, that's a lot of fandoms.

2. Write the Adam Rippon/Brian Joubert Team Toronto fic I've been pondering, and incorporating all the shit that went down the past few days re: Yuna('s mom) firing Brian Orser as her coach. :( :( :(

1. Read Mockingjay.



Hell with it, I can't wait a whole week to read Mockingjay. It will just distract me. So clearly I should just read it all in one go so that I can get it out of my head. Yeah. :D? :D? /o\
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Mostly for my own reference, but again, if you have any thoughts or suggestions, please let me know! :D

[ profile] au_bingo: card )

[ profile] schmoop_bingo: card )

It is lucky that the deadlines for these are so far away. What is sad is that out of all of these prompts, however, is that the tattoo fic my brain insisted on spinning out after seeing this incredibly intriguing post about Deputy Marshal Tim Gutterson's tattoos (oh, Justified, how I love thee) doesn't manage to fulfill any of them. (I never did write anything for [ profile] kink_bingo last year, which means no card for me this year; bad writer, no biscuit.) And somehow I absolutely must make myself stop halfway through Tim's tattoo-acquiring adventures (he's currently driving around Florida because that's where the last stage of Ranger School is) because I desperately need to work on other projects that have more looming deadlines. Ack!

Also I am way behind on replying to people. Conversation failure. /o\
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Story in beta, I am so worried that it's terrible. Why is writing in new fandoms so hard? And why do I constantly choose to write in different fandoms? I am contemplating a backup story, maybe that will make me feel better.

Okay, make that, I'm going to go work on that now instead of writing a long rambling post mostly about figure skaters and figure skating fandom. All these ideas!

In news unrelated to figure skating, you should all come play with us at [ profile] ysosrsfandom! I did not participate in the previous round (which was bandom-centric; there's a little summary of what went down here), but I have every confidence that it will be a rollicking good time, mostly involving puzzles and fandom related challenges. I'm in the Black Dragon Fighting Society gang because I simply could not resist the name, and I know that there are a couple of awesome people on my flist in The Church of Hot Addiction. But I'm sure all the gangs have their merits. Anyway, sign up here if this sounds like something you might enjoy. It's going to be epic!
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Well, at least the first draft. Which may or may not require someone fluent in French for some of the dialogue, unless I dispense with that idea. And which definitely requires a beta or two to send it to when I'm done. Ack.

1. Make posts for Children's Book Week. There are so many Children's and YA books I'd like to gush about!

2. Make posts regarding the recent conversation about sexual violence and rape culture (thanks, [ profile] thexpuzzler for the latter link) that's been happening lately. I'd been meaning to make a post about harassment even before this, but for now I'll just say this: safe spaces are important, and support is important, and I am incredibly impressed by and grateful to the many, many, many smart, brave, wonderful women who have addressed this issue and talked about their own experiences.

3. Make posts about television shows or movies or plays I've been watching.

4. Make posts about figure skaters. (Oh, how I wish I could gush about figure skaters.)

5. Watch nearly as many figure skating related videos as I would like to, unless they are [ profile] holiday_on_ice research.

6. And they must be research for the first story, not the one that I accidentally started planning out and writing for a different prompt. I'm not allowed to write that story until the first one is done, damn it.

7. Write any other stories. Really, no.

8. See as much of my family and friends as I would like to... I still haven't called most people to even tell them I'm in town, argh. I still have a couple of weeks, though, so hopefully there will be plenty of time after I finish the fic.

9. Play games. No card games with my family, no board games with my friends, no poking at my tabletop rpg characters, no Sims, nothing.

10. Read other people's stories. Well, at least not more than a tiny handful. I am bad at cutting things out entirely, but cutting down should be possible...

I also really need to stop reading other people's posts about figure skaters or fandoms not related to the story I'm supposed to be writing, but it is very difficult. So I'm not making it a rule. But I should probably buckle down and concentrate! It's much easier to daydream about the story than it is to write it, though. At least I'm above the word count minimum? /o\
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I am so thrilled about my [ profile] holiday_on_ice assignment, I can't even explain it properly. Put it this way -- I just got it this afternoon, and already I have 276 words and a general outline of the rest despite the fact that really, I'm supposed to be packing for a trip and making yet another mix cd. The idea of doing research for it fills me full of glee! Oh, this is going to be so fun!
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I keep meaning to do a 2008 fandom retrospective, but I just skimmed the stuff I wrote for mini-nano and realized that what I really want to do is talk about writing, both what I did last year and my plans for this year.

A brief summary of last year )

Plans for 2009 )

Incidentally, I would love more first kiss prompts. Here's the original meme:

Comment with two characters I'm familiar with, and I'll tell you how they kissed (the first time).

Fandom list here; right after I post this I'll update it, though there will still probably be plenty of stuff not on the list -- feel free to ask for anything at all.
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My story is in. My betas did an amazing job. I am so relieved. I'm sad that I have to go write my research paper instead of hanging out on the irc channel offering to beta pinch-hits, but hey, can't have everything. This is enough.
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If anyone would be up for betaing a little <1300 words sequel/continuation to this little Bob/Patrick ficlet, please let me know?

There will also eventually be the long bandom college AU (Brendon pov) I've been working on for [ profile] mini_nano, but that will be forever and ever from now, most likely. But if you're interested in following along, cheerleading, or eventual betaing, that could be quite helpful and I would love to hear from you.

There's also my [ profile] yuletide fic that will probably need a beta in mid-December, unless I miraculously get it done sooner -- if you might be willing, please contact me? I'll either put details under my yuletide filter or send you email about the fandom and probable story so you can decide whether or not you feel comfortable betaing it (or what type of beta you'd be up for doing).
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I figure I had better post about all the successful fic-related things I did this weekend before it falls too far in the past. Besides, I could really use a brief distraction from my current academically and bodily pathetic state (not a good combination, damn it). I'm going to pretend bad things do not exist for a little bit, okay?

Fic and fandom things accomplished this weekend:
Finished re-reading the source for the Yuletide New Year Resolution story I'm planning to write.
Read and left comments on seven Yuletide stories.
Hung out a bit in the Yuletide IRC room for the Hug 'n' Write weekend.
Bid on Sweet Charity items.
Wrote a second Porn Battle V piece, hooray! It's quite a bit longer, too, though it still fits within a comment. Death's matter-of-factness turned out to be rather easier to write than Delirium's randomness, at least for me, though I enjoyed both.

Other fandomy goodness:
I'm absurdly pleased by the existence of [ profile] cunnilingusfic. *grin* I guess I know where to post the Dean/Faith/Sam pwp in which Dean (with Faith's help) teaches Sam how to go down on a girl that's been sitting sketched out on my hard drive for the last few months... whenever I get around to finishing it. But it's practically half-written, so I'm sure it'll happen at some point.
I have apparently reached the delightful-but-ridiculous point of bandomness where I am completely unable to stop myself from smiling like a madwoman upon hearing "Helena" in the bookstore cafe.
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I have a 10-page Chinese history paper due Monday and a 12-15 page Japanese history paper due Thursday and 4 dense history books to read by Friday and after that ~60 finals to grade.

I just scrapped the 1400 words of yuletide fic that I had written and have started on a completely new idea. The fic treatment/outline for it is already over 1000 words long. And I think I want to pull a Wonderfalls quote for the title, but I can't figure out for sure if I got around to buying it yet or not! I thought I had, but I can't find it... and it's not in the box of DVDs, but maybe I put it somewhere else? Wah.

Plus, I can't stop listening to Cobra Starship. Especially "Guilty Pleasures," but also the other 4 songs I've acquired from various places. I'm going to have to buy an album or two in self-defense, just to have a larger variety of stuff stuck in my head! The temptation to go see them at Soma on Valentine's Day is growing exponentially. They're just so insanely, charmingly, over-the-top ridiculous, I kind of have to love it. *facepalm* It's sort of similar to how I seem mostly to be in the mood for bandom fic right now, even though I don't really have time to do anything but mainline it without really interacting much -- hopefully over winter break I can manage to be slightly less neglectful, both in terms of doing things like actually leaving feedback and in terms of managing to read other stuff too!

On the plus side of life, the prof for the class I'm TAing just took the 5 of us TAs out to a really delicious lunch. Raising Sand, the new album by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, is fucking gorgeous. [ profile] marinarusalka was kind enough to volunteer to beta the Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic I worked on during [ profile] mini_nanowrimo. And earlier this week I watched the movie Brick and really loved it. Film noir + high school angst and intrigue = unique, stylized awesome. Then I sent it back, and in return Netflix sent me another disc of Entourage season 3, yay! Only two left, though. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself once I'm done. Maybe re-watch season 1 of Psych! It was on sale at Amazon and I just couldn't resist. But for Netflix... maybe Veronica Mars season 3. Or start on the new Doctor Who. Or Bones season 1. [Or Lost season 2. Or Dead Like Me season 1. Or Battlestar Galactica season 1. God, so much television, so little time.] Anyway, getting ahead of myself, here. First I have to get through this week...
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Wow. I've definitely written more fiction in the last 5 weeks than I had for basically forever before that. [ profile] mini_nanowrimo turned out to be completely awesome. There were 2 days in which I completely forgot to write, and 2 others where I fell asleep in the middle of writing such that I wrote some, but didn't quite make my 100 word daily goal. But I wrote 5111 words total in the month of November, 5011 of that all in one fic. There's at least one bit that I need to go back in and add, and perhaps a couple of others, and early feedback suggests I might want to add a little to the front as well, but it's got a beginning and middle and end and there are some things about it I quite like.

So if anyone feels in the mood to beta a little over 5000 words of Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic that includes a fair chunk of explicit porn, please let me know? No hurry at all, as I probably won't get to revisions until the quarter ends in a couple of weeks, but it would be nice to get some constructive feedback on it, especially as it was written in such small chunks that I have to worry at least a little about how well it hangs together as a whole coherent fic.

In other writing news, over the weekend I finally brainstormed a bit about yuletide, and apparently something about the long, exhausting day I spent at school today was inspiring, because tonight I cranked out nearly 1300 words. I'm not totally sure how I feel about those words in relation to my recipient's request and letter, but I think I might sleep on it and take another look tomorrow. And maybe post it to the yuletide filter and solicit opinions, if I'm still waffling then. And well, at least it's something, right?

In addition, over the weekend I beta'd two fics! Hopefully even usefully! So that was exciting, too. I haven't been really reading/interacting/feedbacking consistently recently, alas, but at least I've been productive on some other fronts. Whee.
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Had a ridiculously busy week and a kind of sucky afternoon, which meant that I felt completely disinclined to do schoolwork this evening. So instead, I watched disc 1 of Entourage S3 and followed bandom links all over the place while writing over 850 words of porn while waiting for pages to load. I feel so much better now. It's hard not to feel happy about successfully following [ profile] mini_nanowrimo so far and therefore having over 2800 words and counting of Sam Winchester/OFC high school library fic. And bandom? Totally = really good drugs.

Now, I had a thing for Frank Iero before ever reading any bandom fics or listening to any MCR. He's still one of my favorites within bandom, and I don't think that'll ever change. But I've been surprised recently by the strength of my growing love for Mikey Way. I think [ profile] harriet_vane's absolutely amazing kid!au is at least partially responsible for the initial push, but it just keeps growing.

It is very very possible that the fact of him having worn at one time a U2 War t-shirt (as seen in this exceedingly gorgeous MCR picspam by [ profile] stereomer) has shifted this slow growth into me falling head over heels. My favorite album by my first favorite band. I could just feel my insides turn to goo as soon as I saw that picture.

Note: I am enjoying my first tentative forays into bandom, but I have no intention of abandoning any of the other fandoms I'm into. I've always been happily multifandom, and bandom is just getting slotted into the mix. Whee!
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Taking a break from studying, I have finally gotten around to comparing the Supernatural and Heroes timelines for working out the best time for the Sam/Isaac first kiss that [ profile] redradioflyer suggested here. (Which is, incidentally, already 800+ words... not very good words, perhaps, but I'm trying not to be all type-A about it because if I let myself give in to my latent perfectionist I'd never post anything, ever. On the other hand, a beta would probably be a good idea. Though I'm not sure giving myself more hurdles to jump is the way to go, as I have no idea how I'd even go about finding a beta. I guess just asking? But it's hard not to feel ridiculously shy and anxious about it. Gah. Time to stop rambling.)

I am terribly pleased to find that there's a perfect window: some spoilers for Supernatural S1 and Heroes S1 ) Basically, it's pretty stable downtime for both of them. Yatta! \o/
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