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2014-10-26 11:17 am

welcome to yet another hilariously long yuletide letter

Dear Yuletide Writer )

The Dresden Files - Jim Butcher [Note: spoilers through Cold Days] )

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire [Note: spoilers through Chimes at Midnight] )

Gosford Park (2001) )

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (2008) )

New York Rangers RPF )

Lost Coastlines - Okkervil River (Song) )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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2014-09-27 03:03 am
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Time is moving too quickly

I can't believe it was April the last time I posted. /o\ We've been so busy and traveling so much that on Wednesday my SO forgot what month it was. It was only, you know, three and a half weeks into September, no big deal. That's almost like it's still August, right? Ahahahaha.

Apparently Yuletide nominations close Monday. That is... really soon. My thoughts are all scattered, but here's where I am right now ("already nominated" notes for the "probable" and "tempting" categories are from the spreadsheet here):

The List! )
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2013-12-24 01:04 am

so i was all grumpy tonight

And then I watched the Dallas Stars' holiday greetings video. And now I can't stop smiling!

Highlights include Jordie Benn (Jamie Benn's older brother, a defenseman) and Cody Eakin (whose shockingly orange-red hair is sadly hidden under his santa hat) pretending to be each other, Maxime Fortunus's gorgeous arms and shoulders and face and total failure to help Brenden Dillon and Kevin Connauton (defensemen being adorable goofballs!) sing "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer," the way Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin's arms are pressed together the whole time they're on screen (see my tags for more gushing about them, particularly this post), and absolutely everything about Valeri Nichushkin (ridiculously talented 18-year-old Russian phenom winger). So much giggling and laughter! It's so obvious how much they all actually really enjoy being around each other. Ah, this made me so happy. And so I share it with you! :D

In other news, [ profile] mini_wrimo went well, though I still need to polish up the thing I finished and actually post it at some point (anyone want to beta ~4k of ridiculously filthy pure porn? Hockey RPF; it probably wouldn't be until sometime in January). And I uploaded my [ profile] yuletide story by the deadline! I wasn't sure that was going to happen, but it did! And I quite like how it turned out and so did my betas, whew. So that is pleasing. There's a treat that I am very tempted to try writing, but I am basically stuck getting up super early tomorrow for travel and then doing family stuff all day and I don't know if I'll be able to get away, and it's harder than it used to be to run on very little sleep (ah, getting older), so I proooooooooobably shouldn't stay up late to write it. And it's already midnight. But oh, it's tempting.

On the media front, I just watched Pitch Perfect and really enjoyed it. Ensemble movies about women and involving lots of female friendship and camaraderie make me happy. It reminded me a little of Whip It in that way. Not a perfect movie, of course, but delightful nonetheless. Television-wise, we're behind on most things because my SO's family is super intense about the holidays and so that's been cutting into keeping up with our shows. I'm happy about the winners of The Voice and The Sing-Off, though! I've also been watching my SO play through the Mass Effect games again, which has been really entertaining. We're playing a female Shepard and I made her at least somewhat Chinese-looking; the port of her from the first game to the second game changed her coloring a little and made me realize that she actually kind of looks like one of my aunts, so that's nifty. And the character and character interactions are so great. We're midway through Mass Effect 2 and I'm all torn about who I want her to romance. I just like so many of the characters!

So... I didn't really mean for this to be a mini-update when I started it, but I guess now it is. Life overall is pretty good. Started a new part-time job and am liking it a lot. Fantasy hockey is up and down, sometimes frustrating, sometimes vindicating, but always fun. Still don't have the energy levels and ability to get things done I wish I had, but I do think it's slowly getting better with time, which is at least better than the alternative.

Happy holidays, everyone. May they be everything you want them to be!
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2013-10-15 02:10 pm
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the annual filter post!

A little earlier than usual. I'm trying to be more on the ball about these things!

I only have two filters, one for [ profile] yuletide and one for [ profile] mini_wrimo. If you were on them in previous years, you are still on them. If you'd like to be added to one or both (or if you'd like to be taken off), please comment here! The Yuletide one is not usually very high-traffic, just the occasional process or brainstorming or flailing post. The Mini-Nanowrimo one is meant to get daily snippets, though sometimes I end up compiling them rather than posting every day.

Incidentally, sign-ups for [ profile] mini_wrimo are still open! It has been one of the best things to ever happen to my writing functionality. I've only written four fics longer than five thousand words; three of those were written in part during [ profile] mini_wrimo, and I don't know that they would've turned out as extensive and complete as they did if I hadn't had that as structure and motivation. The minimum commitment is 100 words, every day, for the 30 days of November (but you can commit to more, if you like; I'm sticking with 100 this year). It's completely up to the writer what counts for them in those words, and how they want to define their writing day (I usually do midnight-to-midnight, but I think plenty of people go with sleep-to-sleep). If that sounds at all interesting to you, I highly encourage you to check out the info on the community's profile page, join the community, and then take a look around! The sign-up post is here, locked to community members.

I love that fall has essentially become my season of writing. I love autumn anyway, but this just adds to the reasons!
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2013-10-14 04:29 pm

a letter of yuletide

Dear Yuletide Writer )

Lost Coastlines (Song) )

莊子 | Zhuāngzǐ - 莊周 | Zhuāng Zhōu )

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch [Note: I have tried to avoid any specific spoilers for Broken Homes] )

Gosford Park (2001) )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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2013-09-19 02:50 am

five things that made me happy today

Today has been a very grumpy day, but there were a few bright spots, and I feel it would be good for me to make a concerted effort for forget the crap and highlight the good stuff.

1. [ profile] oxoniensis is one of my very favorite enablers, and it's really great to see her around and posting again.

2. It's been delightful perusing what people have nominated for Yuletide so far. I haven't quite completely decided, but I'm pretty sure I'll be nominating Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch, Zhuangzi - Zhuang Zhou, Lost Coastlines (Song), and prooooooooooobably Gosford Park (2001), though some part of me is tempted to nominate Sentinels of the Multiverse, which might still win out over Gosford Park or Lost Coastlines. Rivers of London and Zhuangzi are just about definite, though.

3. Ulta was having a sale on Butter London nail polishes, and while I like to keep my fingernails natural, I've been thinking a lot recently about how I wear flip flops essentially year-round because it's so warm here, and so I've been wanting to experiment with some toenail polishes. This was inspired in part by getting the occasional nail polish in my Birchbox subscription (which I have been really enjoying), as well as by the people on my flist who seem to have fun with their polishes. I ended up picking out Keks, Blagger, Champers, Shag, and British Racing Green, and I'm really looking forward to trying them.

4. Hockey is being played!! Sure, it's just the preseason, but... HOCKEY! With all the changes the Dallas Stars made in the offseason, I have been really curious to see how training camp would play out, and so far, it's been both interesting and promising. Obviously a work in progress, but lots of good things and excitement!

5. One of those good things, this quote from Tyler Seguin after an intrasquad scrimmage in which he and Jamie Benn played together for the first time (on a line with Erik Cole) and seemed to click pretty darn well: “For Day 1 playing together, it was nice,” said Seguin. “Away from the rink, the Benn boys and me have been together pretty much 24/7, so the chemistry on the ice is just going to come.” (The Benn boys = Jamie and his older brother Jordie, who's a defenseman with the organization.) They're living in the same building and it sounds like they're hanging out a lot, they've been really complimentary about each other's talent and play style, they've keyed into the importance of on-ice communication as they both get back to playing their natural positions, they've already started using each others' nicknames, and apparently Segs spent the summer studying clips of Jamie to start figuring out how to adjust to his play. They've both sounded really positive in quotes, and that makes me super, super happy (and honestly, kind of relieved). I'll miss Loui Eriksson terribly (and I liked Reilly Smith, too), but I'm pleased that the Stars got Seguin (and also Peverley!) and am very, very glad to see some early signs of potential good things to come.
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2013-09-06 01:20 pm
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holy hell, I haven't posted since March?

I... didn't realize it had been that long. This year has been seriously, overwhelmingly Full Of Things -- tons of travel, tons of drama, tons of events and organizational crap that had to get done. But hopefully things have calmed down, just in time for my favorite fannish things to commence! Those being, of course, hockey season and Yuletide. :D I could go on and on about how giddy finding the Hockey News Yearbook in the mail made me, and how I plan to play way too much fantasy hockey this year, and how many thoughts I have about the Dallas Stars (actually more like how many thoughts I have about the entire league and the coming Olympics and hockey in general), but I'll spare you for now. Soon to come, a post compiling all the Women's Hockey fic that I can find on AO3, as people seem to be excited about that right now (as evidenced by this fantastic primer). There is sadly little of it, but it does exist! Maybe there will be more for Yuletide!

Speaking of Yuletide, a preliminary list of potential requests/nominations! Shorter than my usual, as I've been distracted this year and failed to keep a running list, and I don't feel like going back through previous years quite as comprehensively as in the past. But unless something else smacks me in the face (always a possibility!), my nominations (and likely also requests) will be drawn from this list.

That is to say, this list )
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2012-11-01 01:35 pm
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filters PSA

I only have two filters, one for [ profile] mini_nanowrimo and one for [ profile] yuletide. They will both be active this year! Mini-nano will start out with my long-overdue [ profile] sixteenwins fic, but will probably get snippets of various other things as well over the course of the month. Yuletide will probably just be me rambling as I work on my assignment (and possibly some treats). If you were on them before, you're still on them. If anyone else wants on them (or if you were on them and want off), please let me know!
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2012-10-30 11:29 pm

one of these years I might manage to ruthlessly edit my Yuletide letter; this year is not that year

Dear Yuletide Writer )

Lost Coastlines (Song) )

The Tricksters - Margaret Mahy )

Sports Night )

Gosford Park (2001) )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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2012-09-26 03:13 am
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Things have been pretty hectic and stressful, so I've been piling up posts I've been wanting to make… and then not actually writing up and posting any of them.

And let's not even discuss how very, very stuck I am on my [ profile] sixteenwins fic. (Er. Unless troubleshooting/cheerleading a Weber/Suter fic about this summer sounds like a good time to you, in which case, please drop me a note!)

But Yuletide! Yuletide is coming! Nominations are open! (They close on October 3rd.) So even though I still want to post about, among other things, [ profile] kink_bingo, the Olympics, Teen Wolf, Grimm, SYTYCD, The Great Food Truck Race, Project Runway, You're Beautiful (the K-drama), Savages, Alphas, Community, The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (does Lizzie remind anyone else of Wendy Watson?), and hockey (So many hockey posts I want to make. So many!), instead it is time for the annual nominations & requests musing. My requests are pretty up in the air this year, more so than usual.

Read more... )
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2011-11-20 03:02 pm

rambling Yuletide letter of doom

Dear Yuletide Writer )

Athena (A.M.Works) )

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Song) )

A Tale of Time City - Diana Wynne Jones )

Gosford Park (2001) )

The bottom line is: I like a huge variety of stuff (and am all in favor of experiments, creativity, and unusual things), I'm harder than usual to squick, and I'm willing to try almost anything. Please just enjoy the writing, and I know I'll have fun reading it. :)

much love,
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2011-11-11 10:22 pm
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Yuletide nominations are open! :D

So excited! I can't wait to see what the fandom & character lists look like this year, what with all the changes (and also so I can start deciding what to offer -- I'm thinking I might need to restrict the list a bit more than usual just 'cause the writing period is on the shorter side this year).

discussion of probable nominations (Athena (A.M.Works), Lungs (Album), Gosford Park, Askewniverse, A Tale of Time City, a few runners-up) )

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2011-09-28 07:46 pm
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Yuletide is coming! :D

There are so many things I should be doing instead of this, but fuck it. Yuletide brainstorming! Only 3 nominations this year, which makes a lot of sense to me, but augh.

These are my most likely nominations:

Diana Wynne Jones - A Tale of Time City (Jonathan/Vivian)
Athena (A.M.Works) (any)
Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Song) (Narrator)

Because I couldn't not nominate DWJ this year and have wanted Jonathan/Vivian for forever, because I am probably the only person who will ever nominate Athena so if I want it to exist I have to be the one to make it happen, and because I have been listening to Florence + the Machine a lot and "Rabbit Heart" has lodged in my consciousness and it hints at some really amazing stories.

These are some alternatives: )
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2010-12-31 11:29 pm

Yuletide reveal!

My three wonderful writers (please see my previous post for the long form of these recs, including warnings) turned out to be [ profile] curiouslyfic (who wrote the kickass, amazing (and amazingly long), brilliantly characterized, prickly and hilarious Kitchen Confidential fic), eudaimon (who wrote really lovely Will/Tunny/Extraordinary Girl), and [ profile] oxoniensis (who wrote gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous Will/Tunny/Extraordinary Girl -- I have to admit that I suspected it was [ profile] oxoniensis, which only made me love the story even more ♥) -- thank you all SO MUCH, I loved the stories ridiculous amounts and adore you all! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

At least a handful of people seem to have enjoyed the three stories I wrote, including the recipients, so I'm happy about that. :) Here they are, in case you're curious:

The Intentional Walk to First (2783 words) by faviconathenejen
Fandom: Princess Diaries - Meg Cabot
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Michael Moscovitz/Mia Thermopolis, Boris Pelkowski/Tina Hakim Baba, Boris/Michael/Mia/Tina
Characters: Mia Thermopolis, Tina Hakim Baba, Michael Moscovitz, Boris Pelkowski, Lana Weinberger
Summary: In which Mia has a very distressing thought, Tina is optimistic, Lana wants Mia to come shopping with her, and Michael and Boris are game.

This was for my originally-assigned recipient and I had lots and lots of fun writing it. I actually wish I'd had time to write a few more of the many story ideas juleshadwords had suggested, because they all sounded like fun, but by the time I had re-read all the books I knew that this was the story I just had to write. I just couldn't turn down an opportunity to write some happy poly! And it was highly, highly amusing trying to write in the style of the books.

At the End of Another Lost Highway (1487 words) by faviconathenejen
Fandom: American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Heather/Will, Heather/Miguel
Characters: Heather (American Idiot), Will (American Idiot), Miguel (American Idiot)
Summary: If Heather were a different kind of girl, she'd call the situation ironic.

I fell head over heels for American Idiot this year, and while a lot of that had to do with the music, a good chunk of it also had to do with the potential of the characters, the way we only see a certain glimpse of them in the musical but it's so obvious that there's a lot more under the surface. When I saw fivefootnothing's request, Heather kind of sprang into my head fully formed, and I was inexorably compelled to write her story. I really, really loved writing her.

Six examples of wood-pulp and ink detritus found crumpled at the bottom of a typical schoolboy's backpack, circa late 20th century: (209 words) by faviconathenejen
Fandom: Andy You're a Star (Song)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Andy/Narrator
Characters: Narrator (Andy You're a Star), Andy (Andy You're a Star)
Summary: Notes, lists, and not-so-idle thoughts.

One of the shortest things I've ever written, but I was attempting give tiny glimpses into a character's world to imply a lot more than in explicitly said. Who knows if it worked, but I had a lot of fun trying. :) Exterlinden's prompt was really inspiring!

And there you have it, my Yuletide in a nutshell. All three stories I wrote had Teen and Up ratings, which isn't toooooo surprising considering they all had something to do with high school. :)

I had hoped to make a rec post before the reveal occurred, but the less online part of my life was super busy this month, so it didn't happen. Hopefully I'll put something together in the coming week. Also maybe a year-end roundup and/or fandom meme or two? We shall see.

Happy New Year, everyone! May your 2011 be everything you want it to be! ♥
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2010-12-25 03:41 pm

omg Yuletide!

I have no idea how I always get so lucky, Yuletide-wise. This year, I got three fabulous stories! And I'm going to try out AO3's "share" function.

desert island, gun to your head (15221 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Kitchen Confidential
Rating: Mature
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply (Potentially triggery for slight dubcon, unspecified mental health concerns, and canon kitchen violence.)
Relationships: Steven Daedalus/Teddy Wong
Characters: Teddy Wong, Seth Richman, Steven Daedalus
Summary: Sane is relative in every kitchen Teddy's ever worked but never more so than now.

Basically, some amazing, brilliant person wrote me 15k of Teddy being complex and messed up and in denial and awesome, plus Steven being perceptive and meddling, plus Seth being Seth, plus everyone else at Nolita being very, very themselves -- and I do mean everyone. I love this fic SO MUCH. It made me laugh out loud multiple times and made my heart ache intensely, and then the resolution made me so happy, and the pacing is perfect, and there are so many smart details and canon references, and seriously, everyone should read this fic! It is incredibly entertaining and full of wacky hijinks and people having feelings they don't want to have. And hilarity! :D

In addition to my ridiculously long and satisfying and brilliant main story, I was lucky enough to also receive two wonderful treats, both for my American Idiot prompt.

so there's no mistakes (1347 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Rating: Explicit
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings (nothing specific I can think of besides perhaps mentions of canon war-related disability (amputation))
Relationships: Tunny/Will, Tunny/Will/Extraordinary Girl
Characters: Tunny (American Idiot), Will, Extraordinary Girl
Summary: When the extraordinary girl came back to Jingletown to stay, Will and Tunny found a way to make it work.

This story is super adorable and sweet and healing, and the last scene is just lovely.

in the end it's right (1381 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: American Idiot - Green Day/Armstrong
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply (brief mentions of drug addiction and canon war-related disability (amputation))
Relationships: Tunny/Will/Extraordinary Girl
Characters: Tunny (American Idiot), Extraordinary Girl, Will (American Idiot)
Summary: Sometimes he thinks he's scared of getting hooked on air, which is fucking crazy because everyone's hooked on air unless they have a motherfucking death wish.

Isn't that the best summary ever? Doesn't it make you want to read the fic? Well, you should totally give into that impulse, because this story is gorgeous, delicate, warm, quiet, matter-of-fact, deftly characterized, and perfect. I love this story so much just thinking about it makes my heart feel three sizes bigger.

So yes, three amazing stories. Thank you so, so, so much, dear anonymous authors. I adore you all! ♥ ♥ ♥

Meanwhile, my two recipients both seem to have liked the fics I wrote them, so I am pleased! One of the stories even has a comment from someone else, which is very exciting! :D I also wrote a little Madness treat (they go live tomorrow), so that's three stories in all. If anyone wants to play the guessing game, if you get one right without insider knowledge I'll write you a little something! :)

It has been a kickass Yuletide -- I also betaed ten fics for other people and hippoed at a busy time, and did quite a bit of tag wrangling as well, so I feel pretty happy with it all around. Yay, Yuletide! :D

Happy holidays, everyone! ♥
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2010-12-21 10:14 pm

Reposted fairy tales ficlet: The Cyborg and the Engineer (Meili/Jiqi (Beauty/Beast), G)

Title: The Cyborg and the Engineer
Fandom: fairy tales - Beauty and the Beast
Pairing: Meili/Jiqi (Beauty/Beast)
Rating: G
Words: 336
Disclaimer: Pure fiction; inspired by the classic fairy tale.
Warnings: None.
Summary: Maybe she could fix him. (Cyberpunk space opera AU.)
Notes: Written for Carnadine in the Yuletide 2009 fic exchange, first posted here. Meili means "beautiful" in Mandarin Chinese; jiqi means "machine." Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, welcome and cherished.

Meili ran her hand over the dull metal rectangular plate that protected the mechanics of his left arm, then got to work at carefully taking it off. )
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2010-12-21 10:03 pm

Reposted She Wants Revenge fic: I wanna fucking tear you apart (Girl/Boy, NC-17)

Title: I wanna fucking tear you apart
Fandom: She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
Pairing: Girl/Boy
Rating: NC-17
Words: 593
Disclaimer: Pure fiction; inspired by the song "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge.
Warnings: Breathplay, kink, consent issues, underage (high school students).
Summary: His hand is warm, almost hot, and she thinks that after this is all over, she'll have a burn mark in the shape of his hand.
Notes: Written for [ profile] spoke in the Yuletide 2009 fic exchange, first posted here. T, thank you for the fast, thorough beta! The title is, unsurprisingly, a line from "Tear You Apart" by She Wants Revenge. Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, welcome and cherished.

He leans in, sinks his teeth into the soft skin above her collarbone. )
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2010-12-21 09:45 pm

Reposted Who Killed Amanda Palmer fic: I have saved all my ribbons for thee (Girl/Boy, R)

Title: I have saved all my ribbons for thee
Fandom: Who Killed Amanda Palmer - Ampersand
Pairing: Girl/Boy
Rating: R
Words: 1011
Disclaimer: Pure fiction; inspired by the song "Ampersand" by Amanda Palmer.
Warnings: Suicide attempt, mental illness, bad breakup.
Summary: She loved him.
Notes: Written for [ profile] knitmeapony in the Yuletide 2009 fic exchange, first posted here. Many thanks to C for the super-speedy, super-encouraging beta! Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, welcome and cherished.

In tenth grade, he sat next to her in English class. They never spoke. )
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2010-12-21 08:35 pm

Reposted Betsy-Tacy fic: A selection of letters... (Betsy Ray/Joe Willard, G)

Title: A selection of letters found in the estate of Mrs. Bettina Anastacia Willard Kirchner upon her death.
Fandom: Betsy-Tacy series - Maud Hart Lovelace
Pairing: Betsy Ray/Joe Willard
Rating: G
Words: 1635
Disclaimer: Not mine, alas.
Warnings: Set during WWI; implied death of a minor original character.
Summary: A sampling of letters sent back and forth across the Atlantic between Mrs. Betsy Ray Willard of Minneapolis, Minnesota, and her husband, Lt. Joseph Willard of the 339th Machine Gun Battalion, 88th Division, as he fought on the Western Front during the Great War.
Notes: Written for [ profile] dashakay in the Yuletide 2009 fic exchange, first posted here. Many, many thanks to G and F for their excellent (and fast!) beta work. Two of the lines are quotes from Elizabeth Barrett (I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach) and Robert Browning (I love your verses with all my heart). Feedback and constructive criticism is, as always, welcome and cherished!

Dearest Joe, I'm sitting on the porch of 909, and it seems impossible that this next time I see you will be our last until peace comes again. )
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2010-11-22 01:19 am
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return of the Yuletide filter!

My assignment is ace! I am so excited! I will talk about it more in the Yuletide filter! This is way too many exclamation points!

If you want to be on the filter, please let me know. :) If you were on it last year, you still are. (If you want off, please let me know that, too.)

Yay, Yuletide! :D